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Monday 6 January 2020

Lixirskin Good Skin Mini Trio Set Review

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Happy New Year! I had planned on posting last week but I received some very sad news about a family member of someone very close to me, which took the wind out of my sails and the gloss off the turn of a new year and decade. It also meant that I definitely wasn't in the mood for writing, or even thinking, about beauty or anything other than the people affected by the tragedy. It was a very poignant reminder that life is very short and precious and none of us can be sure what is in store for us so we need to enjoy life as much as possible as tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

I really hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the break (if you had one as I know it's the busiest time of year for those working in retail)?

Today's post is all about French brand, Lixirskin. This brand was founded by Dr Colette Haydon and the ethos is that the products are multi-taskers, suitable for all areas of skin and all ages. This intrigued me as I'm the queen of numerous products for various areas - face, neck, eyes etc. I was kindly sent the Good Skin Trio Mini Set back in November. This set is the perfect introduction to the brand as it contains three 30ml products, which is definitely enough to decide if the products are for you and also the perfect size for travelling. 

Housed in the same beautiful, pastel pink packaging as the products, the set contains Electrogel Cleanser, Vitamin C Paste and Universal Emulsion.  I had previously used the Vitamin C Paste but the other two products were new to me and I was eager to try them.

The cleanser has a creamy texture, which is easily massaged into the skin. It has a very scientific basis, with the founder claiming that things, which are bad for your skin - free radicals, pollution etc, have a positive electric charge. This cleanser claims to have the ability to attract and capture these toxins by using negatively charged electrogel. In addition to this, it dissolves makeup and general dirt that accumulates on the skin. Now, I personally cannot verify the science behind the product, as I don't know how the general consumer can but what I can tell you is that this cleanser leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleansed without feeling at all stripped. I apply it with damp hands and massage all over my face and neck, leave for around a minute before removing with a warm flannel. I personally don't use it to remove makeup as I feel it would be wasted in that regard, I prefer to use it to actually cleanse my skin. It smells quite medicinal as it contains geranium, sage, rosemary and chamomile, which I personally love but others may not - either way, it's not a problem as it disappears once the cleanser is removed. One thing I have to mention is that it contains shea butter, which is a really nourishing ingredient, but my face hates it, however given that the cleanser is rinsed away, I can tolerate it. Overall, this is a cleanser, which is ideal for the colder months as it leaves skin soft, nourished and comfortable.

I have mentioned several times on the blog that Vitamin C is an ingredient that I think everyone will benefit from as it brightens and firms the skin, as well as improving tone and pigmentation, with regular use. but it is a notoriously unstable ingredient. This paste contains a stable form of L-Ascorbic Acid at 10%, which is great news for those who usually find that Vitamin C products oxidise. This is designed to be used on a daily basis, however I personally choose to use maybe twice/three times weekly. A small amount is warmed in the palms of the hand before being applied all over the face, lips and neck and then massaged in with damp hands. It is then left for up to 15 minutes (but even just 1 or 2 minutes, if you're in a hurry, will suffice) before being rinsed and removed with a warm, damp flannel. I find that it heats gently but it isn't at all uncomfortable. This paste gives the skin an instant glow and more luminous look and with consistent use, there is an improvement in the overall tone of the skin.

The moisturiser, Universal Emulsion, is what intrigued me the most because it is described as a moisturiser, night cream and serum in one, suitable for eye area, face, neck, lips, hands and arms for young and old. Now, I have very dry skin but if I use a rich eye cream, I will develop milia so I like a lightweight, yet nourishing eye cream and quite a rich moisturiser so the idea that one product will suit all areas baffles me. Unfortunately, this moisturiser contains shea butter, which I cannot use on my face as it will break out in cystic, boil-like spots so I couldn't use this product on my face, however I did use it in the eye, neck and lip areas. The lightweight texture really surprised me and I found that it absorbed quickly. I think for anyone who has normal or combination skin, this will be a winner but for my dry skin, it is nowhere near nourishing enough - even just on my neck. I have to re-iterate that my skin is very dry so if you have a different skin type, please don't let me deter you from trying it, however if you have Sahara-like skin, I'd skip it. 

Overall, I think this set is good value as the 30ml sizes are definitely ample for you to decide if the products suit your skin and are making a difference. Also, if the moisturiser does suit your skin, this trio would be ideal for travelling as all bases are covered with it. 

Available from Cult Beauty and Lixirskin.

Have you tried anything from this brand?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading! 

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