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Friday 24 September 2021

New Urban Decay lip product releases and their incredible charity collaboration


Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks and Swatches, The Cybersmile Foundation
All of these lip products were kindly sent to me, without obligation.

Urban Decay have given their Vice lipsticks a makeover, not just in terms of look, but in terms of formula too. They are now vegan, there are 35 shades available in a variety of finishes: matte, cream and shine, all of which are hydrating and comfortable to wear, as they are infused with aloe vera and avocado oil. As you'll see from the swatches, all are very pigmented too, so one swipe and you're good to go. I was kindly sent four lipsticks and one Plumping Lip Shine Balm (I love this type of lip product), which I want to share my thoughts on today, but I also want to tell you about the fantastic charity partnership between Urban Decay and Cybersmile, which is a global Anti-Bullying Campaign, and how you can get involved (it's so easy to show your support).

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks and Swatches, The Cybersmile Foundation
Swatches are completely unedited. From left to right: Horchata, Art Walk, June Gloom, Oatmilk and Secret Menu.

I received two Matte lipsticks (Horchata and Art Walk), one Shine (June Gloom), one Cream ( Oatmilk) and one Plumping Shine Balm ( Secret Menu).  I honestly couldn't say to you that the cream formula is more comfortable than the matte, as they all have a creamy texture, yet it isn't so slippy that you need to worry about it being all over your face!  Art Walk is a stunning pink that will suit most skin tones. As soon as I saw Horchata, I thought of Faye from this year's Love Island, as she loved her brown lipstick. It's got a '90s vibe to it. June Gloom and Oatmilk are quite similar, albeit with different finishes - both are right up my street as a nude lip is my go-to. The scent of the Plumping Shine balm just makes me want to eat it - it's like the fudge that you get in the pick & mix at the cinema, and whilst it doesn't tingle, or have that minty feeling to it, it does feel like a plumping gloss, but without any of the sticky texture that usually accompanies them. It feels so balmy (it contains shea butter, which keeps the lips moisturised) and has a high shine finish - exactly my type of lip product. Available in 9 shades - I have a feeling that I'll be picking another up! I love the packaging of the lipsticks - it almost looks like a battered metal, with a slanted lid and, of course, the Urban Decay logo on the lid and the name on the side of the lipstick. It's different from others on the market.

The lipsticks are priced at €21 and the Plumping Shine Balm is priced at €20. Available exclusively in Arnotts Beauty Hall in Ireland or on www.arnotts.ie.

Now on to the incredible charity partnership. Urban Decay have joined forces with Cybersmile, to highlight the damage that an online nasty comment or full on cyberbullying, can impact upon people in their real lives. 50% of young internet users experience cyberbullying or harassment. Sometimes people don't realise the impact that a negative comment can actually have - some people troll and intend to hurt, others don't, but still hurt a person and that one comment can stay with them. The aim of Cybersmile is to promote kindness, equality and inclusion. This makes it the perfect partnership as Urban Decay itself has always prided itself on individuality and self-expression. The aim is to tackle bullying and make people aware that online bullying doesn't stop when you close your laptop - it hurts in real life and stays with that person. 

This is a 3 year partnership, and has already begun. You can get involved by going to Urban Decay's Instagram page, where some influencers will be sharing their experiences of bullying, and for every heart emoji left under that post, Urban Decay will donate $1, up to $150,000. This will run until September 24th (tonight - my apologies, I would have had this live sooner if I hadn't been so ill), so get those hearts flowing, and please share on your stories - it will cost you nothing, but add up to a lot of money for the charity. Urban Decay are committed to donating $300k over the 3 year partnership, which is incredible! You can go to https://www.urbandecay.com/stoponlinebullying.html to learn more. Also, if you are affected by online bullying, please check out the resources on Cybersmile.

Let's try to end online bullying and please play your part by going to the Instagram page and leaving heart emojis - it's as easy as that to raise funds! 

Thanks for reading!

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