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Monday 17 January 2022

2021 Hall Of Fame: Bath, Body & Fragrance


2021 Hall Of Fame: Bath, Body & Fragrance

This is the last of my trilogy of hall of fame posts and I was going to include haircare, but regular readers will know all about my favourites already - Olaplex, Kiehl's, Color Wow and Kérastase are my go-to brands to keep my hair in good condition. I've posted about them several times (here and here, for example), so I'm sticking to bath, body and fragrance today. I don't usually include fragrance, but I wear it daily (even if I'm having a duvet day!), so I thought I should include my favourites, and would love to hear yours.....

Bath: Molton Brown Shower Gels*: I know that the one in the photo is full, but I finished several bottles of this last year (and in previous years), and my husband loves it too. The scent fills the room with fragrance, which lingers on the skin, a little goes a long way, and most importantly, it doesn't leave the skin feeling stripped.

An honourable mention goes to L'Occitane Shower Oils, Bath Foams and Shower Gels, as I adore them all, but just don't have any full sized products at the moment. I'm trying to finish more of what I currently own, before buying more products. Regular readers will have seen them featured regularly on the blog since it began!

Body: I exfoliate my body once or twice weekly, depending on how dry it feels. Last year, I was kindly sent Fenty Skin Buff Ryder*, which I have almost finished, but will be repurchasing, as it really does leave the skin very smooth and soft, due to the blend of both physical and enzymatic exfoliants, but also the nourishing ingredients, which balance the exfoliating action: shea butter, coconut oil and Barbados Cherry. I love that it doesn't tear the skin, yet it really does leave it feeling baby soft.

In terms of body lotion, I use Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion* on my upper arms very regularly, as it contains lactic acid, which gently exfoliates, to leave skin feeling super soft and smooth - ideal if you have "chicken skin", and it is also now available in a spray version. Some people don't like the scent, but it's also available in an unscented version, plus limited edition fragrances throughout the year. I also absolutely adore L'Occitane Shea Ultra Light Body Cream* and used a few tubs last year (some kindly gifted, some purchased), and will continue to do so this year.

I'm also a massive fan of body oils to keep my skin feeling soft, supple and elasticized. My two favourites are Omorovicza Firming Body Oil (use the code SIOBHAN to save 15%) and Legology Cellu-Lite Salon Secret for Legs* (which I have both kindly been gifted, but also purchased myself). I tend to use these on my thighs, bum and stomach, to keep the skin supple and firm (I also find that the Legology one, combined with body-brushing, helps my skin to feel tighter and helps to relieve my legs of water retention), but sometimes, I'll use an oil all over, if my skin is feeling particularly dry, to nourish it, but also to banish any itchiness. Use the code LYMIN to save 20% on the latter on Look Fantastic.

For my hands and feet, I used a lot of L'Occitane creams - some kindly gifted, some I purchased myself. I just love how they nourish my skin, without leaving it greasy, and they keep my hands and feet super soft.

I fell in love with Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam last year, and have repurchased it numerous times. There are three shades: medium, dark and ultra dark. I tend to go for Ultra Dark, which gives a deep golden shade, which still looks natural (if I'd spent two weeks in the Caribbean!). It has a guide colour, so it's easy to apply and develops into a streak-free tan that lasts around a week. 

Fragrance: I'm a true fragrance addict and could easily have included 20, but was disciplined and made myself choose only five. I share my fragrances on my Instastories, because even if I'm having a pyjama day, I'll still wear perfume! It really lifts my mood and comforts me. I highly recommend checking out All Beauty, which has a HUGE range of fragrance brands at a reduced price, but they also sell skincare, hair care, gift sets, sun care and lots more and it's hard to beat their prices.

Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning: I bought a few fragrances from this brand last year and this one has really stood out, because it can be worn all year round. It manages to be floral, musky and clean, all at the same time. The perfect soft, lazy Sunday Morning scent! It combines notes of pear, rose, lily of the valley, orange blossom and musk, among others, to create a soft feminine scent - subtle, but noticeable - it really is a beautiful fragrance.

Ralph Lauren Romance*: This fragrance is a classic and reminds me of the time around when my husband proposed to me, so it will always have a special place in my heart. Scents can instantly transport me to a time in my life and if I close my eyes, I'm right there again. This one combines notes of rose, lemon, musk, lily, ginger and chamomile, among others, and it creates a floral, yet powdery and clean fragrance, which is feminine without being overly girly. 

Dior Miss Dior*: I adore everything about this fragrance, from the bottle with the silver bow, to the pink colour of the perfume, and the scent itself. It is so decadent and unapologetically feminine, with a combination of both floral and fruity notes, yet it isn't sickly sweet. It combines oranges, lemon, two types of rose, with pink pepper and patchouli, which make it unique from other floral scents. It's a sparkling fragrance, which I personally don't keep for a special occasion, as every day should be celebrated.

Jo Love White Rose & Lemon Leaves: I adore this brand in general, but this is a fragrance that I have repurchased and also purchased in candle form, because I love it so much! The combination of white rose and lemon is fresh, invigorating and makes me feel like I am in a beautiful garden on a sunny day. It's definitely a fragrance that makes me happy!

Byredo Blanche: I discovered this brand last year and quickly snapped up three fragrances, but know I'll be back for more! Clean, crisp and airy are the words that come to mind when describing this fragrance. The notes are rose, violet, peony and musk, among others. If you like a gentle fragrance that lasts well on the skin, is subtle, yet still noticeable, I'd recommend checking this out. It will be perfect in Spring!

Are any of your favourites here? I'd love to hear what they are!

Thanks for reading!

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