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Monday 31 January 2022

What I loved in January


January hasn't been a great month for me, due to ill-health, so I'm pretending that tomorrow (February 1st) is the start of the new year! I was still in Christmas mode until the middle of January anyway, as it's my Dad's birthday then, so it all just keeps blurring, with every family visit being "one last Christmas hurrah" - any excuse really! I spent most of the month on heavy meds and during the second half, more were added in, which made me feel rotten - hence the lack of posting! That said, I'm very much hoping that next month will be better, as I have so much that I want to talk to you about! In the meantime, here's what I've been loving in January....

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation: In case you missed my review, it's here. Ignore all of the jargon and believe me when I say that this foundation is beautiful - it softens the appearance of fine lines, blurs the appearance of pores and gives the skin a healthy, but naturally glowing look. Absolute winner (coming from someone who really didn't like her previous two foundation releases).

Urban Decay All Nighter Ultra Glow Face Primer Dewy Hydration Grip*: I don't think that I've used a face primer from this brand before, but am familiar with how robust the All Nighter range is, which is why I was so curious as to how the "ultra glow" aspect would work out. It has a gel texture that applies evenly, without feeling overly tacky, yet it does allow for foundation to grip to it, which is ideal for under masks, long makeup days, full foundation days, where you want your base to look less flat/matte, and also for days where you want to wear a barely there base. I've noticed minimal transfer on to my mask, or on days where I'm at home (and therefore, not wearing a mask), and wearing just a touch of cream products, they just don't budge. It has really taken me by surprise and I can imagine that I will love it even more in the warmer months (roll on summer!).

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream*: It'll come as no surprise to see something from this brand here, as I generally use it daily, whether a hand cream, shower gel, foot cream, lip balm and more! I spoke before Christmas about their limited edition light whipped body cream here, which has a whipped texture. The original is a rich, creamy texture, which is super nourishing, but still melts into the skin, without it feeling like a workout, and leaves skin feeling silky soft and smooth. What I love most, is that feeling lasts on the skin, which doesn't always happen with body products in these colder months. The real bonus of this product is that it's refillable!

I have some skincare favourites, but they'll be in a future post, so keep your eyes peeled for the budget brand that this skincare snob has been testing.......

Film & TV:

Ozark (Netflix): I'm sure that I have mentioned this series on here before, as this is the 4th season, or more correctly, the first part of season four (I'm unsure when the second part will drop). If you haven't seen this at all, it begins with an accountant being forced to launder millions of dollars for a drug cartel in a sleepy town (well, it appears that way, but it isn't!). This supposedly regular family moves their life to an area called The Ozarks, and once it seems they're winning one battle, another problem turns up - each bigger and more dangerous than the last. It's amazing the boundaries you will go to, not just to save your life, but that of your children. This season should see them preparing to return to their hometown of Chicago, but just as it seems like things might go their way, part one of this season, ends with catastrophic events, which is hard to believe they will get out of (plus the beginning of episode one shows us a glimpse into their future..... or is it?). It's one of our favourite shows on Netflix, which we'd happily watch from the beginning again!

Afterlife (Netflix): We watched all six episodes of this in one evening (they're only 30 minutes each), and now want to watch it from the beginning again!.It focuses on a man who has lost his wife and is so angry at the world, horrible to those around him, is drinking too much, and would probably take his life if he didn't have his beloved dog. He also has videos of his late wife - some candid, of them just having fun and living life, others that she left him to watch after she had passed, as she knew he wouldn't cope. It was the last series and ended beautifully - there was nothing cheesy about it, but I don't think there could have been a better ending. I shed tears throughout all three series, of both sadness and laughter. It's one that sticks with you.

The Sinner (Netflix): Again, the final season of this series (why are all of our shows ending?!). This is a "why done it" rather than a "whodunnit", as we see what the (retired) detective will be trying to get to the bottom of in the opening episode. Bill Pullman plays the detective, who has years of experience, is rarely wrong about his gut instinct. What begins as a suicide of a member of one of the main families on the island, grows arms and legs into so many different tangents and wrongdoings. Just when you think you've sussed what has happened, another twist comes. As with all of the previous series, it's only in the final episode, that the full story unravels. I'm probably not doing it any justice, but it is a great series.

Before I go on to other screen favourites, does anybody know when Sky Glass will arrive in Ireland? I've seen so many people in the UK talk about it and I really want to get it - I love the idea of Sky, Netflix etc, all on one TV, but without boxes/cables etc. We're moving house this year and we'd hold off buying a new TV if we knew this would be in Ireland soon, so if anyone is in the know, please tell me!

Belfast (cinema): I laughed, almost cried, and gasped out loud in the cinema at this film. It's based on Kenneth Brannagh's life as a child, prior to moving to England (I think that most people think he's English). The boy who plays his character is called Buddy, who lived a typical Irish life, where you grow up with grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins, all within a few mile radius. Because of this, you feel secure and safe, however this is set in Belfast during what's known as "the troubles". The street Buddy lives on is one where both Catholics and Protestants inhabit and they live in harmony and friendship, until the paramilitaries bring trouble to the street, targeting all of the Catholic homes. Buddy's father (Jamie Dornan) works in England, returning every second weekend, to see his family. He wants a better life for them and there are options: visas to Canada or Australia for £10, or a permanent job in England, with a house provided. As an Irish person, I could see how his wife was torn - all of that support just gone in an instant & starting where nobody knows you, or could be suspicious of you. This was all at a time when a weekly phonecall would probably equate to the price of a flight nowadays. Yes, every generation wants better for their children, especially when trouble is at every corner. It's so well portrayed that you feel everything that the adults do, and gives a real insight into what life was like then, for those who never really learned about it, or only a version of it.

Australian Open Men's Final: Finally, this was only yesterday, but I had to add it in, because it was a Battle of Titans! It is not to take anything away from the Women's Final, but to see Rafa Nadal battle from 2 sets down, to win, after playing for over 5 hours, against a pretty epic opponent, was a sight to behold. He didn't even know if he'd be able to participate until recently, after surgery on his foot, but he pushed himself to his very limits (and then some), to win a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam Tournament! You might think that this would make him want to take a back seat but he said it gave him the thirst for more. I've always loved watching him play, but his tenacity at this stage in his career, is something I really admire. Roll on Wimbledon.....

So that's everything from me, how about you? What did you love this month? I promise to do my best to be much more consistent going forward.

Thanks for reading!

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