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Wednesday 26 May 2021

Taking care of my balayaged hair....


Taking care of my balayaged hair

As soon as the hair salons opened, I was booked in for a cut and balayage - my hair hadn't been cut since last July, so it was badly needed. The photo above doesn't really do justice to  the blend and how many tones are in my hair. I'm in love with it. This time last year, it was very dark brown, bordering on black, so it's a huge change and suits my complexion so much better. I had my first session of balayage done last summer, but it needed redoing, so the lift in colour wasn't done in one go, as that would probably be too damaging to my hair. In order to keep it in good condition and to prevent it from going brassy or too warm, I have a good selection of products. It's probably not necessary to have all of these, but I'm happy to invest in my hair - the way I look at it is that I wear it every day, plus I spend a lot getting it done, so I think it makes sense to use good products to maintain it.

Taking care of my balayaged hair.

Olaplex No. 3 - I'm like a broken record at this stage, but this pre-wash treatment does wonders for damaged, frizzy, weakened hair. I would 100% recommend using it, regardless of whether you colour your hair or not. If you have strong, frizz-free locks, that's great for you (and I want to know your secret), but if not, I would highly recommend using this once a week, if you can. You apply to damp hair and leave for a minimum of 10 minutes, but I tend to put my hair in a hair turban and leave for as long as I can, to really reap the benefits! Use the code LYMIN to save 20% on Look Fantastic.

Color Wow Dream Filter Treatment: Again, this is a pre-wash treatment and it only needs to be used every third or fourth wash. It removes a build up of chlorine or minerals, which make your hair dull and brassy. It's particularly great if you live in a hard water area - we have a water softener, but I can still see results from this - it brightens up the blonde in my hair, to make it look more toned and less dull. Use the code LYMIN to save 20% on Look Fantastic.

Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Cicaextreme Shampoo: This is an unusual shampoo, in so far as it's a cream texture and it's rich, which would make you think that it would be heavy (something I really don't like in hair products), but it isn't because it turns into a foam. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, as well as Edelweiss Oil, which nourish and strengthen the hair, so it's left elasticized, but the blonde is protected too. I love the Blond Absolu line from Kérasase and have another shampoo from them too, which I use in rotation.

Osmo Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo: I use this maybe every fourth wash, to tone down any brassiness in my hair, or warmth, as I don't like my hair to be too warm toned and my hairdresser said that Irish hair tends to naturally lean towards being warm. It really lifts the blonde and looks like it has been toned in the salon. I personally wouldn't use it for every wash, as I think there might be a build up and I've seen people with purple hues from their hair from using this type of shampoo too often.

Kérastase Resistance Ciment Ciment Anti-Usure  - Vita Ciment Advance: I've used this conditioner on and off for over 20 years and just adore it! It makes my hair feel silky soft, doesn't weigh it down, makes it less knotty and it smells divine!

Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask: I reviewed this mask in this post. It really strengthens and elasticizes my hair, but also makes it look smoother and glossy. I just love the Olaplex range and think it's really worth the money, particularly if you have any bleach in your hair, which weakens it and can make it frizzy.

Redken One-United Multi-Benefit Treatment: This product claims to have 25 benefits for the hair! I spray some through damp hair, before brushing through and it really does make it so much easy for my Wet Brush or Tangle Teezer to glide through. It conditions (without weighing the hair down), smooths the hair, strengthens and nourishes the hair, controls frizz, as well as protecting against heat damage. It really is a brilliant product and you don't need to use very much, which is a bonus!

Gisou Propolis Infused Polishing Primer: This is not necessarily a product just for balayaged hair, but it's a great heat protectant. I have a few, but this is what I'm using at the moment (I will rotate between this and Color Wow Dream Coat). Only a pea sized amount is required - it's a cream texture, so I run it through my hair with my hands, and then a brush, to ensure even distribution. The reason that I'm mentioning this is that I find that my hair looks better with a wave in it, and this helps it hold the style. It also doesn't feel heavy in my hair. I wanted to try this brand for ages, so eventually bit the bullet and ordered two products.a few months ago and I haven't regretted it!

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil: To finish, I run one or maybe two drops of this oil through my hair, to add some shine and separate the waves. I find this oil works best on dry hair, but it can be used on wet hair too. The texture is light, so it won't make your hair greasy quicker than usual.

Slip Silk Scrunchies and Pillow Case: Finally, I find these silk products have made a huge difference to my hair, in terms of reduction of breakage of my hair, so I'll stick with them forever!

Have you tried any of these products?

Thanks for reading!

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