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Friday 18 March 2022

NEW IN: Filorga Skincare


Filorga Creme Universelle review, Filorga The Radiance Booster Fluid Review
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Filorga is a brand that I feel deserves a lot more hype. I have yet to try any product from the brand that I haven't absolutely loved (moisturisers, an essence, and sheet masks are some that I have used every last drop of).  It's a French brand, created by an aesthetic doctor, who wanted to make products that would make a noticeable difference to skin within 7 days. I can tell you that everything I have tried makes my skin look and feel better instantly, but obviously it's with consistent use that best results will be seen. Today, I want to share my thoughts on two of the brand's latest releases: Crème Universelle and Skin-Unify Radiance Illuminating Perfecting Fluid.

Crème Universellle: This is described as a daily multi-purpose cream, suitable for hands, face and body. I'll admit that I thought that I wouldn't be putting it on my face, as the skin there is more sensitive than on my body, however when I read more about the ingredients, I decided to use it on my face and neck. Its aim is to help repair damage caused by external aggressors - hard water (I live in a hard water area, and although we have a water softener, that doesn't completely eliminate it), temperature variations, which we are experiencing as we (slowly) transition into Spring, and aggressive soaps, which I don't use, however my skin is put through a lot with the medications I am on and through illness, and is naturally dry and sensitive. Once I read "soothe and soften" and "strengthening the skin barrier", I was sold on trying it on my face (starting with a small patch, of course), plus I had already used it on my hands, which felt baby soft. It contains Urea, which nourishes and comforts the skin, a polysaccharide, which relieves tightness in the skin, and a collagen booster peptide, which assists in skin strengthening and smoothing. I have to say that this cream totally lives up to all of its claims. It instantly makes my skin feel soft, soothed, smooth and comfortable, and the feeling lasts for hours, unlike with some moisturisers. I would love if this came in large tubs, so I could slather myself from head to toe in it.

Skin-Unify Radiance Illuminating Perfecting Fluid: Makeup or skincare? Hard to decide! It contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, which help to attract moisture into the skin, and promote brighter and more even skin - so in that regard you'd say that this is a skincare product, but because it's slightly pearlescent in finish, I'd describe it more as a primer, or a no makeup day product. I personally wouldn't wear this. all over my face, but added to the high points of the face, it gives the look of a natural highlight, as it isn't glittery, but it does add some lift/glow to the skin. Under foundation, it will make it more luminous, which is ideal for those who don't actually like to use a highlighter over the skin, but want to brighten the complexion. You could also dab a little on over makeup, if you want to add some radiance. I like that the dispenser is small, as not much product is required to achieve the desired look.

Using these two products has just made me eager to try more from the brand. The products are in the mid-budget price bracket, which I think is very fair, given the results. Crème Universelle is a product that would be ideal for those travelling, given that it truly is a multi-purpose product. I will 100% be repurchasing it.

I'd love to hear if you have tried any Filorga products, and if so, what you'd recommend?

Available from Feel Unique, Look Fantastic and Filorga.

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