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Monday 8 May 2023

I'm an Olaplex lover but is their new dry shampoo worth the hype?

Is the Olaplex Dry Shampoo Worth The Hype?

Since discovering Olaplex No. 3, I have tried every product that they have ever released so it goes without saying that I bought their recently released No. 4D Clean Volume Detox Dry Shampoo. I wash my hair once weekly so dry shampoo is an essential part of my hair product collection. This one offers a lot in the name but it's also pretty pricey and I have two that I adore so it really did have stiff competition, but I just couldn't not try it!

Let's go through each of the claims:

Clean: This is the main thing I want from a dry shampoo - I want my hair to feel, look and smell cleaner than before I applied it. That being said, I don't want my hair to feel gritty, or like there is a lot of product in it, nor do I want any white residue in my hair. I tend to spray dry shampoo into my hair at night, before it's actually needed, so that it has the chance to absorb any greasy/oily residue before it shows. This is just how I find it to work best for me. I have to say that this claim is definitely achieved. My hair feels clean to touch, and looks and smells clean. I love that it doesn't irritate my scalp at all (and I have a sensitive scalp), plus when I wash my hair, it doesn't feel like there is a lot of product in it.

Volume: I know that a lot of people use dry shampoo to achieve volume in their hair, with some using it immediately after washing and drying their hair, however I personally don't use it for that purpose - I simply use it as a dry shampoo. That being said, it actually does add volume. I've said in previous posts that I have fine hair, but a lot of it. It's also pretty long, so achieving volume isn't always the easiest, especially when worn straight rather than with waves, but this product lives up to its claim and really does add volume, but without the feeling of product. This is a massive bonus for me and I'd recommend it to those who have lost hair through illness, or post-partum hair loss, as the root lift makes a big difference.

Detox: I was unsure what this meant, as it already cleans the hair, however the brand describes that it detoxes the scalp. I'm not sure that it does that specifically as I use scalp scrubs for that (not before every wash), however it definitely doesn't irritate the scalp or add any residue. I'd go as far as to say that it has the edge on other shampoos in that regard because it is weightless. 

Overall, I can't fault the product. It's pricey (but if you use the code BEAUTYLYMIN on Look Fantastic, you'll save 21%) however the can contains 250ml and a little goes a long way with this. The brand can do no wrong in my eyes! Speaking of eyes, I'll let you know how I get on with the new lash serum when I've given it a good trial.

Have you tried this dry shampoo yet? Are you a fan of the brand? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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