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Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Five current skincare loves...

I'm sorry for the break in posting again - what can I say except that I've been having (and continue to have) a really hard time with my health at the moment, which prevents me from doing things that I want to do and that will distract me, like blogging! I also went on holiday for a week, hoping to get some heat into my bones, but instead we had thunderstorms, lightning, rain and cloudy days for all but two afternoons! Fortunately, we came home to some beautiful summer weather...... at last! Anyway, on with today's post....

I test a lot of skincare products but have recently been keeping it pretty simple because my skin is extra sensitive/reactive at the moment. I developed a rash, which had both my GP & I baffled. I actually only got rid of it by using a special cream that he had made in a chemist especially for me! Here are five current loves that agree with my skin at the moment and that I would recommend to anyone going through a tough time with their skin.

Erborian Centella Cleansing Balm*: A K Beauty brand that truly deserves more hype! This balm has been featured on the blog before and it was love at first use. I apply directly on to dry skin/makeup/SPF etc and massage it in thoroughly, watching everything melt away. I then emulsify with water, massaging again before rinsing. I love that it doesn't sting my eyes, or leave them cloudy, and that it leaves my skin feeling soft, comfortable and bouncy. It's a plain product, but in the best way possible!

Pat McGrath Divine Skin Rose 001™ The Essence: Another product that I have raved about previously on the blog. It's soothing and hydrating - exactly what I've needed over the past number of weeks. This is more than any regular essence as it feels like an essence and serum in one, yet it is very lightweight on the skin. My skin feels so soft and plump after application and I think that if you didn't have Sahara-like skin as I do, this might be enough to replace your moisturiser - perhaps for those with oily skin. I would love to hear in the comments below if you have oily skin and use this. I shake it before application as it'd dual-phased and then pat a few drops into my skin before continuing with my routine.

Omorovicza Rose Lifting Serum: I'll try anything that promises to lift and firm the skin and I think this is my third bottle of this serum. It's gentle, yet effective and instantly soothes and hydrates the skin (spot the running theme here?). I love all products from this brand because they contain its patented Thermal Water™, and this instantly soothes my skin but I really love this serum because with consistent use, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines plus it helps my skin to feel supple. It's perfect for us on the neck if you don't want to use a separate serum there (it drives me mad when I see influencers doing skincare routines on Insta/TikTok/YouTube and ignoring their necks, which is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing. I'm not anti-ageing by any means - it's a privilege denied to many, but why look older if we don't have to?!). Another pricey product but one that you can save 21% on by using my code BEAUTYLYMIN on Look Fantastic.

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Niacinamide Brightening Cream*: There are so many things that I love about this eye cream - the very lightweight texture that literally melts into the skin, the almost golden colour, which brightens the under eye area to make it look more awake but not in a fake way, and the niacinamide it contains, which is both hydrating and calming. Bonus points for not making my eyes water or giving me milia!

LancĂ´me Absolue Soft Cream*: One of the dreamiest moisturisers that I have ever used! This entire Absolue line had me at first use. Yes, it's expensive but if budget allows, you won't regret buying any of the products. This moisturiser contains three rose extracts, which include Centifolia and Damascena. The texture is beautifully soft, as the name suggests, and absorbs quickly, yet the skin feels plump all day, and oh so soft. It helps to gently promote skin renewal, which reveals more luminous and radiant skin. I definitely feel confident going makeup-free when I use this. A real bonus is that it's refillable, as is the serum in the same line.

Do you have any particular standout skincare products at the moment? Have you tried any of the above? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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