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Monday 10 February 2020

Valentine's Day Fragrance Gift Guide For Him & Her

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Whether you think it's a Hallmark Day or a day to celebrate with the love of your life, Valentine's Day is arriving this Friday! For my husband and I, we don't make a huge fuss although we always exchange cards and flowers or fragrance. My parents are married 50 years and still exchange cards and small gifts so I suppose that's part of why I still like to acknowledge the day. Grand gestures aren't necessary, however a small gift is nice and my husband & I are big fragrance addicts and we tend to mark special occasions with the exchange of perfumes and aftershave. Today, I've compiled a gift guide of some really gorgeous fragrances for both him & her, which I hope will serve as some inspiration if you are planning on buying a gift for your other half!

Anything that was kindly sent to me is marked with * however this post is not sponsored.

Fragrances for her:

Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose Eau De Parfum Review

I, for one, will never say no to products that can be layered to extend the wear time of the scent but some fragranced products can be quite drying. Thankfully, this Molton Brown Jasmine and Sun Rose* trio leaves my skin feeling silky soft but also smelling amazing! What I adore about Molton Brown products is that the fragrance fills the room and the scent really lingers on the skin. The new Jasmine and Sun Rose Eau De Parfum* is the latest addition to the range and is a more intense (yet not overpowering) version of the Eau De Toilette. It also includes a note of davana oil. It's a delicately sweet (thanks to the jasmine), rose fragrance that isn't at all reminiscent of rose scents of the old days when it was associated with older ladies. It also has depth, thanks to the patchouli, musk and tonka bean base notes. I also love that it is housed in a refillable bottle. Molton Brown have the most beautiful gift sets or you can create your own.I have the Eau De Parfum, Bath & Shower Gel and Exquisite Bath Oil for the ultimate indulgent treat. I can't imagine that anyone would be disappointed by this gift set.

Herbae Per L'Occitane L'Eau Eau De Toilette Review

Herbae Per L'Occitane L'Eau Eau De Toilette* is the perfect, feminine Spring scent. It has top notes of lemon essence, bergamot essence and angelica. The middle notes are jasmine absolute, marshmallow absolute and white clover accord. White clover is found grown in Provence. With base notes of holy grass absolute, musk and blond wood, the combination is a fresh, sparkling, feminine scent, which the pale pink bottle with floral detailing reflects. If you like subtle, floral scents, this is the one for you! This smells like the feeling of fresh freedom you get when roaming through the fields of Provence. There are also other products in this line such as a body lotion, soap, shower gel and hand cream.

Tiffany & Love For Her Review

Tiffany & Love For Her is a beautiful Spring fragrance. With notes of basil, neroli, grapefruit, vetiver and cedarwood, it makes me think of sunny days but the hint of woody notes give it some depth. It's a feminine scent that manages to be neither too citrusy nor floral, understated but not too subtle. There is also a matching male scent.

Alien Mirage Review

Every year, Mugler release a limited edition version of Alien and this year is my favourite so far. It's called Alien Mirage*. If you like fresh, airy scents then this is for you! It's both aquatic and spicy with the perfect balance between the two. with notes of pink peppercorns, lotus flower, seringa flower and hinoki wood. When initially sprayed, it smells quite lightly spicy but settles to an almost aquatic, floral scent. It's a pretty unique scent that will be widely appreciated.

Jo Malone Rose & Magnolia Review

Jo Malone Rose & Magnolia was a limited edition festive fragrance, which has been re-released for Valentine's Day. Magnolia and rose work so well together because the former is fresh with a hint of lemon that just seems to balance so well with the latter. It's fresh but also settles to a slightly more musky scent, which makes it unique from other Jo Malone rose scents. It's limited edition so grab it while you can if it sounds up your street!

Omorovicza Bagatelle De Gabrielle Review, Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub Review, Omorovicza Shimmer Oil Review

Omorovicza Bagatelle De Gabrielle* is the only fragrance from my favourite skincare brand. I have yet to visit their spa in Budapest but this is said to be inspired by the dreamy atmosphere of the spa. With notes of bergamot, lily of the valley, freesia, lavender balanced with tonka bean and vanilla, it smells both calming and uplifting and instantly makes me feel happy and sophisticated. I think this would make the perfect Spring/early Summer fragrance. As an alternative gift for those who are not fans of perfume, Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub* is an indulgent treat/gift, which uses oils and sugar to lift away dead skin cells to reveal smooth, soft and radiant limbs. Following this with Gold Shimmer Oil* ensures that skin is nourished and has a subtle glow, which is perfect for a special occasion as the oil is non-greasy but the shimmer ensure skin looks healthy rather than glittery.

Nuxe Le Soir des Possibles Eau De Parfum

I adore the purple ombré bottle of Nuxe Le Soir des Possibles Eau De Parfum* just as much as the fragrance inside. It combines notes of Jasmine Sambac with Patchouli and Blackberry Sorbet. It sounds like an unusual combination but the result is quite a fresh scent that is balanced between sweet and woody but it also fresh. Use the code LYMIN to save 20% on Look Fantastic.

For those who favour quite sweet scents, I'd recommend trying MOR Marshmallow Eau De Parfum*, which combines notes of cotton candy, vanilla musk and jasmine flower. It isn't sickly sweet as it has a hint of musk but it is definitely more sweet than floral and isn't airy or aquatic. Sweet fragrance lovers would enjoy it both day and night. Save 20% by using the code LYMIN at checkout on Look Fantastic!

Le Couvent des Minimes' Tinharé Parfum Review

Housed in a sleek black bottle is a fragrance that will surprise you - Le Couvent des Minimes' Tinharé Parfum* transports you to an island with a tranquil white beach. It combines notes of mandarin with vanilla to create a warm yet fresh scent reminiscent of summer nights in an exotic location. It's a sensual scent that is perfect to transport use elsewhere on these cool winter nights. Save 20% by using the code LYMIN at checkout on Look Fantastic!

Clean Reserve Avant Garden Sweetbriar & Moss Eau De Parfum Review

My final fragrance suggestion for her is Clean Reserve Avant Garden Sweetbriar & Moss Eau De Parfum*. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, they use sustainably soured ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and are not tested on animals. This particular scent combines mandarin, lychee rose, sichuan pepper, jasmine, saffron flower, amber moss and vetiver among others to create a fresh, green yet lightly floral scent. It is probably the most unique scent in this post as it is so subtle yet long-lasting. Expensive but worth it if it's within your budget. 

Fragrances for him:

Dior Sauvage Review

Dior Sauvage: I had to include this as it is my absolute favourite male fragrance! It's both fresh and spicy due to notes of bergamot, lavender, vetiver, patchouli and more. It's very long-lasting on the skin, especially for an eau de toilette although there is now an eau de parfum available. For a spicy, sexy (but not too heavy) scent, you cannot go wrong with this fragrance.

Armani Code Homme Review

Armani Code Homme: Another spicy fragrance but, again, it isn't too heavy. It contains notes of lemon, bergamot, star anise, leather, tonka bean and more. It's quite a warm, sexy scent that's perfect for date night but is also suitable for daytime wear. Save 20% by using the code LYMIN at the checkout on Look Fantastic.

Armani Code Profumo: This is a more intense version of the original, slightly sweeter but not cloying. It's a warmer version of the original but it begins as a slightly citrusy scent before settling down to a spicy, sexy scent. Save 20% by using the code LYMIN at the checkout on Look Fantastic.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Review

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male: A classic scent that has stood the test of time. My husband and I met 20 years ago tomorrow and this really reminds me of the early days yet it doesn't feel at all dated. It's built on contrasts - fresh/bold/mild/strong/sensual with notes of mint, lavender, vanilla, bergamot, sandalwood and orange blossom among others. For me, this is a very sensual scent that always makes me want to lean in closer to inhale the scent!

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Now Review

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Now*: This is the latest release from Tommy Hilfiger and I'd describe it as both woody and spicy, with notes of bergamot, mandarin, geranium, ginger, moss and amberwood. It's a modern, more grown up version of the original Tommy scent, which is a bit more sensual an will work both day and night. Save 20% by using the code LYMIN at the checkout.

Mugler Alien Man Mirage EDT*: Like the female version, this is an airy, aquatic fragrance however it's also citrusy with a hint of spice. It's unusual for a fragrance to be both airy and spicy however this manages it and it also lasts really well on the skin. The perfect Spring/Summer fragrance for both day and night.


Of course, not everyone likes to wear fragrance or can wear it so candles or diffusers make a nice alternative fragrant gift. I have tried soooooo many brands over the years but my favourites are Neom, Overose, L'Occitane, This Works, The White Company and Jo Loves. All fill the room with fragrance but not in an overpowering way and they also burn evenly, preventing waste.

I hope this has served as some inspiration if you are buying a gift for a loved one this week or even if you're in the mood to treat yourself! What would be your top pick from all of these products? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading! 

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