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Thursday 5 March 2020

Crown Brushes - quality at affordable prices

Crown Brushes Review,
This brushes were kindly sent to me without any obligation to post.

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Crown recently got in touch with me to see if Id like to try some of their products. I must admit that it's a brand that I have seen over the years on blogs and on Instagram but one that I had never tried for some reason. They have been in business for 35 years so this is not just an Insta-famous brand. I associated the brand with brushes but wasn't aware that they sold makeup, lashes and professional cases/chairs etc. If you are an aspiring makeup artist, I'd recommend checking out their site as the prices are very reasonable. I'm no MUA but I was delighted to be sent a dozen brushes to try and I'm ready to share my thoughts with you.

I was kindly sent four face brushes and eight eye brushes. Like I said, I no MUA so I definitely don't use eight eye brushes on a regular basis but I have tested them all to share my thoughts.

The C519 is a blush brush but at first glance, I thought it might be a very densely packed foundation brush. Of course, we can use brushes however we please and I have often used brushes in ways other than what they are designed to do and that is how I will use this Pro Lush Blush Brush as I personally prefer a bigger head and less dense bristle for blush.The bristles are pretty soft and very densely packed so, for me, it's ideal for cream products.

The C499 Pro Pointed Powder/Contour Brush is ideal for shading the hollows of the cheeks but also for applying powder in the under eye area to set concealer. I also find it works well to apply powder all over the face if you just want a very light application but it also works well with highlighter due to the tapered shape.

The C522 Pro Highlight Contour Brush is angled so it will fit under the cheek bone to help carve them out very easily. It's soft so I find that it helps to create a natural contoured or defined look rather than anything too sharp or muddy. This is my favourite and most used of the three face brushes I have.

The C509 Pro Detail Concealer Brush is flat so it's okay for applying concealer but I personally prefer to buff my concealer in so this could be used to apply and then wither another brush or a sponge would be how I personally finish my application. It's too big for spot concealing on blemishes but could be used as a flat shader brush.

The SS027 Deluxe Crease Brush was the first eye brush I was drawn to because I generally use a fluffy brush like this on a daily basis - whether I'm just using one shadow for a wash of colour or a few shadows as this will blend them seamlessly. It's not the softest crease brush that I have used yet it  fits perfectly into my crease and shadow applies evenly so it's one of the brushes I have been using most regularly.

The SS026 Syntho Angled Shader Brush is one I actually prefer to use for concealer as I find it a little too dense and big for my socket area. Those with bigger eyes or lids than me will probably find it works well for them to add shadow to the outer corner but it just doesn't work well in that way for me. It fits perfectly in my under eye area and I can buff my concealer in with ease.

The SS011 Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush is ideal for using with a cream shadow as it's quite dense but it spreads the shadow very evenly. It's also ideal for loose pigments if dampened first. It's a great brush if you're in a hurry as it can cover the lid very quickly, due to its size.

The C528 Pro Crease Detail Brush is ideal for adding some definition to the outer crease when you want to smoke a look up or add some depth. It fits perfectly into that area and shadow can be built for intensity. This is not a brush I would use on a daily basis but it is one that is very useful to have in your collection for doing evening looks.

The SS020 Syntho Precision Crease Brush is another that I wouldn't use on a daily basis, however if you like to create detailed eye looks, this definitely helps with very precise application of shadow. I have personally found it ideal for gently smudging eyeliner pencils to soften the look.

The SS034 Chisel Fluff Brush is perfect for spot concealing or if you like to carve out your eyebrows with concealer - this is your brush. It could also be used to apply lipstick due to its small size and flat, slightly tapered, head.

The C514 Pro Detail Liner Brush is perfect to use with gel liner. or to create faux freckles on the face. I don't know if I have ever seen a brush so fine - ideal for reaching the very inner corner and for creating a fine flick.

The SS035 Syntho Brow Duo Brush is a double ended brush with a spoolie on one end and stiff angled brush on the other. This brush can be used with powder, gel or cream to add definition and product to the brows.

All of the eye brushes are priced at well under £10/€10 with the face brushes at around the £20 mark, which for the quality is very good value. There are also brush sets available, which offer even better value and are ideal if you are starting your makeup collection

Have you ever tried anything from Crown? Do you always stick to using brushes for what they're designed for or just use them in the way that suits you best? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading! 

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