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Friday 27 March 2020

Tati Blendiful - worth the hype?

Tati Blendiful - worth the hype?, Tati Blendiful Review

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At the time of writing this post, the Blendiful from Tati Beauty is marked as being sold out on the website but it's actually just due to the Coronavirus situation and the safety of her staff in the warehouse and it will be back in stock as soon as things get back to normal (the sooner, the better!). At least with my review going live now, it might help you decide whether you want to buy before it comes back into stock.

There seemed to be a lot of controversy about the Blendiful when it was first released. Some people complained that Tati didn't release an accompanying video, showing how to use the product but she had her own personal reasons as to why that didn't happen. When she did release a video, she also addressed many of the issues raised, which in my opinion, were just nit-picking!

I didn't order when it was first released but around 5 weeks ago when I was in bed with the flu, I decided to do some online shopping. I had wanted her palette for ages so I decided that I'd order it and at the same time, decided that I may as well buy the Blendiful too so I'd only have to pay the one postage fee! The reason that I didn't pre-order it was I really didn't know if there was a space in my routine for it.  I mean, I use a Beauty Blender and I have used powder puffs in the past but that was years ago. The only reason I bought it is because I love how Tati is always honest in her reviews and I had faith that if she released a product, it would be pretty special. Now that I've been using it for a few weeks, I'm ready to share my thoughts!

I will say from the outset that I don't find myself reaching for the mini version very often but I do appreciate that it's included in the pack because as time goes on, I may find that I use it more. The smaller one is a little stiffer in the centre but the larger one is soft and very flexible - it can be folded and re-folded to get right into small areas. I have used it with primer, foundation, cream blush, powder blush, powders and both liquid and powder highlighters to really give it a good test. 

I like that there is a "handle" or strip of fabric across the product because it's not just for branding purposes - it really does help you hold the product, which is helpful when using it both large and small areas. I find that sweeping motions are best for my primer, unless I am using a thicker/pore filling primer, such as Cover FX Gripping Primer, I tend to pat it in - almost in a pat and pull motion - patting it in and then pulling rather than just dragging the Blendiful. The result is a smooth layer of primer.

When using foundation, I tend to dot it in to my face and use the Blendiful in sweeping motions to blend it in and if I find that I need some extra coverage, I add some foundation directly to the Blendiful and apply to my face. The product is so soft that it isn't at all irritating and feels like a nice way to apply foundation without the chance of any irritation from stray hairs (as can sometimes happen with brushes). It literally gives the skin a streak-free finish in a very small amount of time. I fold it to get right into the side of my nose and my nasolabial folds to ensure that there is no extra product there that might gather or highlight fine lines. It works perfectly all over the face/jaw/ears - everywhere! Then I apply my foundation directly on to my face and take the tip to make sure I can get right into the inner corner of my eyes and it also doesn't disturb my face underneath. I also love that it doesn't seem to absorb my foundation, which some products do and is wasteful!

Because both sides can be used, I can then switch to powder/ blush and highlighter. I love that I can do my entire face with one product. Obviously it's a mess at the end of it so I wash it by hand after every use because it only takes a few minutes. I use Moo Goo soap to clean it with warm water because I don't know how well it would fare being washed in a machine. It cleans easily and dries quickly. 

I have also used the tip to apply my eyeshadow primer but have yet to use it to apply eyeshadow, although I'm sure it would work well with a cream, I think for powder shadows, brushes would offer more precision and just work better, in general.

I am SO GLAD that I added this to my basket, considering it was an add on and it was the palette that I mainly wanted. It just makes my whole base process so easy - everything seems to just glide on and blend without any tide marks - it just lives up to its name!

It would be perfect for those who are busy, people who are starting out and don't have many brushes, minimalists who don't want to own a lot of brushes and also for travelling as it will save space in your makeup bag!

I have to say that although I didn't expect this to be Tati's second release after a palette (I thought maybe a highlighter), I absolutely love it and think it's definitely worth the hype and not worth the hate that some people gave it but a lot of that negativity was just bandwagon stuff!

If you want to buy one, keep an eye on the site for when they can start taking orders again! At $18, I think it's pretty good value!

Are you interested in the Blendiful? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading! 

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