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Friday 31 July 2020

Review & Swatches: Inglot X Maura

Review & Swatches: Inglot X Maura

Did you watch Love Island last summer? Without Maura Higgins, it would have been the most boring series yet (well, the winter one earlier this year was pretty awful because it needed someone like Maura in it!). I liked her instantly - I'm biased because I'm Irish, but she's straight-talking, up for a laugh and doesn't take herself too seriously, and that's my kind of person. I also loved her makeup and when she came out of the villa, she showed what was in her makeup bag, joking that she didn't really know what she was doing but she always look immaculate - fresh faced, nothing too heavy and well groomed. I'll be honest, I didn't know about this collaboration until I woke to an email confirming my order - I had started new medication and the first night, I slept-shopped! I opened the Boots app and ordered some products without any recollection of doing so - the next morning, I ordered some more. It's hard to find swatches of everything online, which is annoying as I'd like to order some lip liners but haven't seen any swatches. You'll be happy to know that I'm no longer sleep-shopping (although I did some sleep walking!) but my body is used to the meds now - saying that I put my phone in a drawer at night as the damage could have been a lot greater if I'd opened a different app! Sleepy Siobhán chose well though!

I bought three lipsticks, which all look pretty similar in the bullets but the swatches show otherwise. I bought her cheek trio, a brow gel and lip gloss. I was tempted to buy a liner but I really don't need one at the moment (did I actually need any of this?!) and an eyeshadow palette but I honestly have too many of those so I'm pretty happy with what I chose. I think her collection suits her look perfectly - nude, glossy lips, beautiful highlighters and her signature eyeliner flick.

Review & Swatches: Inglot X Maura
Swatches completely unedited. From left to right: Bad Assy, Dream, Queen and Dancefloor (all lipsticks), the final swatch is Peachy Keen Lip Gloss. 

First up are the lipsticks. I bought Bad Assy, Dream Queen and Dancefloor. I think they're pretty reasonably priced at £10/E12 each. The packaging is sleek black with Inglot X Maura logos. The formula is really creamy - not so much that it will smear all over your face and teeth, but not at all stiff. They are extremely comfortable to wear - among the most comfortable of all of the brands I have tried but they last longer than most creamy lipsticks - they're still visible past the 4 hour mark. Although the shades do look very similar, wearing a deeper shade liner all over the lips can alter them, or a gloss over them. This leads me to Peachy Keen - it's everything I love, in a gloss! I love the shade itself but I also love that it's pigmented and the formula doesn't feel too. heavy or sticky on the lips.

Review & Swatches: Inglot X Maura
Swatches are unedited.

Now on to the Glam and Glow Trio Palette, which is available in three shades - Light, Medium and Dark. I chose Medium. Each one contains a contour powder, highlighter and blush. The texture of the powders is soft, which makes them really easy to apply and blend. I would recommend using a light hand as it's easier to build than takeaway, as they are quite pigmented. The bronzer/contour is matte, which gives the skin a very natural look. The highlight is pretty blinding, but with a light hand, is daytime appropriate, and the blush quite reminds me of Nars Orgasm, which is a long-term love of mine. For £18/E20, this is pretty good value and the sturdy and magnetic packaging is perfect for travelling.

Finally, I bought the Bad Ass Brow Liner Gel, which is available in three shades: Blonde, Medium  Brown and Dark Brown. I chose Medium Brown, which is quite cool in tone, which I personally love. It's a while since I used this type of product on my brows as I tend to use pencils or brow gels, rather than pomades these days. I use this with an angled brush after brushing my brows into shape and I draw the general outline of my brows very lightly and then fill them in.You really don't need to use much product so I suggest picking up the tiniest amount on the brush initially and then going back for more, if necessary. This is completely budge-proof and looks very natural, as opposed to some pomade-type products. I love it!

I have my eye on some more products from her collection but am not sure I can justify buying anything else at the moment as I don't need a new mascara or liner at the moment and have enough eyeshadows to last the rest of my life! This is why I need to keep my phone in my drawer while I'm sleeping!

Have you bought anything from the collection? Do you have your eye on anything? I'd love to hear!

Available from Boots.

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