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Monday 14 September 2020

5 current loves from MAC - 1 old and 4 new!

MAC x Nic Chapman, MAC Spice, MAC, MAC I Like To Watch Eyeshadow, Hushed Tone Blush. Powder Kiss Lipstick - Reverence

When I saw (last year some time) that MAC were collaborating with Sam and Nic Chapman, I was excited to see what they'd produce. I've followed the talented makeup artists for years and I feel that it's a shame that their release coincides with a time when we all need to wear masks as much as possible, as that's bound to affect sales of lip products. That said, because these are limited edition, I think that if you like the look of either of them, you should snap them up to wear in the future when we can be mask-free - whenever that is!  While I was ordering Nic's lipstick, I also ordered a few other bits that had been on my wishlist for a while, which I want to share with you today, alongside an old favourite that I've been buying for over 20 years and was actually my first MAC purchase - Spice Lip Pencil.  Sam created a dreamy red shade but as I very rarely wear red, I skipped it and decided to buy Nic's perfect nude shade.

MAC x Nic Chapman Swatch, Powder Kiss Lipstick - Reverence Swatch, Spice Lip Pencil Swatch,  Extra Dimension Hushed Tone Blush Swatch,  I Like To Watch Dazzeshadow Swatch
Swatches are completely unedited. From left to right: MAC x Nic Chapman, Powder Kiss Lipstick - Reverence, Spice Lip Pencil,  Extra Dimension Hushed Tone Blush,  I Like To Watch Dazzeshadow

I Like To Watch Dazzle shadow:  I love this sparkly eyeshadow - the shade is pretty unique - brown with a gold/green shift. The formula is so smooth that it feels like a cream and the pigmentation is second to none! 

Hushed Tone Extra Dimension Blush:  I adore this peachy/pink blush that almost has a hint of copper in it. It will be perfect for the Autumn months. The formula is silky soft - like a cream to powder formula and the finish is shimmery, but with a light hand, texture doesn't have to be highlighted.

Spice Lip Pencil: As you can see, this is well loved! This is a repeat purchase - I have to have one in my collection at all times because I mainly wear nude lipsticks and it works with pretty much all of them. I also like to wear it all over my lips under lipstick, to change a shade if I think it doesn't suit me.

MAC x Nic Chapman: There is something about a MAC lipstick that I just can't resist. The vanilla scent is so nostalgic and I love it! Nic created a beautiful peachy/coral nude in a Cremesheen finish that is so comfortable on the lips. It doesn't last very long on the lips as creamy lipsticks never do, but I just love how moisturising and comforting they are, plus nude shades are easy to top up. I'm delighted that I bought this lipstick - both to support Nic but also because this is such a wearable shade.

Powder Kiss Lipstick - Reverence: It's a while since I bought a matte lipstick but I've been wanting to try this formula for a while. Usually matte lipsticks are drying, but these lipsticks are actually pretty moisturising and instead of making the lips look smaller (like some mattes do), this powder kiss formula makes lips look smooth and full. I love the soft, blurred look that they give as it doesn't look harsh or too made up! This pink shade is similar to my own lip colour, but I can adjust it with a lip pencil.

Did you buy Sam or Nic's lipsticks? Are you a MAC fan, in general? I'd love to hear!

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