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Sunday 15 November 2020

Lime Crime knows how to lift our spirits with their colourful Astronomical mascaras!


Lime Crime knows how to lift our spirits with their colourful Astronomical mascaras!
These mascaras were kindly gifted to me, without obligation *

I don't know where you are in the world, but where I am, the weather is drab and we're in lockdown, so anything that will help to lift the spirits can only be a good thing! Lime Crime* is a brand that I associate with bold colours and bright makeup, so I was delighted to see their new range of mascaras in not just black, but also a blue, purple and green shade too. Now, I remember my Auntie wearing blue mascara back in the day and I thought it was super cool, but that was the '80s and '90s - I wondered if I'd wear it today!

The mascara itself is called Astronomical Volumising Vegan Mascara*, and is available in 4 shades. It's priced at £18, but if you use my LYMIN code at the checkout, you'll only pay £14.39. I love a volumising mascara and given that this is called Astronomical, my hopes were high.

Lime Crime knows how to lift our spirits with their colourful Astronomical mascaras!

As you can see from the wand, it's pretty densely packed and fibrous, rather than plastic, which I personally prefer. For me, this is definitely a buildable mascara, rather than one that gives mega volume with just one coat. I need to apply several layers to achieve any volume, however, that being said, it does layer well and doesn't flake or give me spider lashes. It's just that it takes more patience and layers than most of my favourite volumising mascaras. I love that it's very black and that the shape of the wand means that I can wiggle between my lashes to get right to the roots.

I fell asleep with this on (I didn't go to bed, but did nap on the couch without meaning to), and it had definitely flaked underneath my eyes, but the rest had held up pretty well - not that I recommend sleeping in your makeup! It was also easy to remove, without any tugging on the eye area. Overall, I like it but it's not my favourite, however, if you don't want very dramatic, voluminous lashes, you would most probably be happy with the results!

The other shades are Blue Moon, which is a very strong Cobalt Blue, 51, which is described as Kelly Green - I could break that one out on St Patrick's Day, and Nebula, which is a light lavender.

I personally would have loved Nebula to be a stronger purple, as I think purple works so well with green eyes. Worn alone, it does nothing for me, but when combined with Supernova (the black), it gives a hint of purple, which works well.

Blue Moon really surprised me as I didn't expect to like it as much as I do, given that I have green eyes, but I love how pigmented it is and it works well with some duo-chrome eyeshadows that I have. The same can be said for 51 and I think the formula of both of these, seems to be a little more wet, so it's easier to coat each lash.

Overall, if you like colourful makeup, you will find it difficult to resist one of these mascaras and the price is pretty good too! Available from Look Fantastic*.

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