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Monday 5 July 2021

The products I use when I'm feeling really rubbish and want to go from drab to fab (ish!)

Anything marked with a * was kindly gifted to me, without obligation to post.

Regular readers will know that I have Chronic Lyme and M.E., which are invisible illnesses, so just by looking at me, you may not think that there is a war going on inside my body, which has seen me bedridden at times, and feeling ill all of the time. Since being in hospital a few weeks ago, I look and feel even worse than usual. I know that we are our own worst enemies at times, and hard on ourselves, but even my husband and mother, who would usually say that I look fine (even when I don't), have agreed that I just look so exhausted and jaded by everything that has happened me over the past 16 months (we won't mention the other 20 years!). So, when I'm feeling at my worst, I'll enlist my husband to help me, if needed, and do a few things to make me at least look better, even if I don't feel better - although I always feel a little bit better when I know that I look better, if that makes sense! Here are some of the products I use and things that I do....

Bath/shower: I personally prefer having baths, but if I'm washing my hair, I'll have a shower. I know that it's better for the environment to have showers, but my energy levels are not high enough to stand unaided for very long, so baths are what is better for my health. I still do my bit for the environment (see post here), so I refuse to feel guilty for putting my health first. Anyway, back to the point, when I'm feeling rubbish, I like to use a refreshing scent if it's in the morning, and my go-to will always be a citrus scent, to awaken the senses. My current favourite is Kueshi Lemon Shower Gel, which I received in a Glossy Box last month. Anything lemon-scented reminds me of our honeymoon in Southern Italy, which I am looking forward to re-visiting when I feel that it's safe to travel again. In the evenings, I'll use something with some lavender, or another relaxing scent, that will help me to drift off. 

Hair Mask: I love my hair to look (and feel good) - it changes things instantly for me, when my hair is looking good, and a mask always helps with that. My current go-to is Olaplex No.8, which helps to strengthen and elasticize my hair, adding bounce and shine. If I really feel like I can't manage to wash, dry and style my hair, my ultimate treat is a wash & blow dry. I will book in somewhere local and emerge like a new woman 30 minutes later. I know that some people will probably say that it's an unnecessary extravagance, but I think that if something makes you feel better, and you can afford it, when why not do it? It's worth it if it makes you feel good!

Face Mask: I am a face mask junkie, so I can't commit to just one and always rotate what I have in my collection, but I love to combine a brightening mask with a moisturising one. In this case, I love to use Ole Henriksen Transform Plus PHAT Glow Facial and then follow with Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, which I've been using for around 17 years, and honestly takes around five years off the face! I couldn't even hazard a guess at how many of these I have bought over the years! The first mask exfoliates and brightens the skin, whereas the second mask replenishes and nourishes the skin, leaving it so plump, with fine lines diminished, that it honestly looks fie years younger!

Tan: This is my ultimate way to feel better and all through my illness, I've always applied tan weekly (or had my husband do it - he's an expert at this stage!). I know that it probably sounds superficial, but I just feel better when I'm tanned! I like a dark tan, that isn't orange or bronze - a deep, golden tan, that's streak-free is what I am after and Way To Beauty Ultra Dark Mousse Tan* delivers.  I make sure that I exfoliate thoroughly the day before, then moisturise elbows, knees, ankles, hands - basically any dry areas where the tan might catch and develop darker. These are also the last parts that I tan, with whatever is left on the mitt, after tanning my body. This particular tan leaves my body looking like I've stepped off the plane from a fortnight in the Caribbean, when the reality is, I'm going from couch to bed (and bathroom in between), at the moment! But it makes me feel better and that's the main thing! It gives a deep, but even tan, which also fades evenly - very important! On my face, I use St Tropez Purity Face Tanning Mist, because it's quick and easy to use and has a very fine spray action, so it applies evenly (obviously I make sure that my skin is exfoliated and moisturised beforehand). Within a few hours, my face has a light, golden colour, which makes me look a lot less tired, even if I don't feel it, and I don't dread the mirror as much!

Paint my nails: I've only ever had my nails painted professionally twice - after we got engaged, and for our wedding. I've never had gels or acrylics done, but I can imagine that if that's your thing, you would feel like a new woman afterwards. There's something about freshly painted nails that makes you feel more polished (if you'll pardon the pun). I generally paint my nails on a Friday and I use a top coat that means there is minimal chipping, so I love that I can pretty much get a week out of two coats of polish. In summer, I wear bright colours and in Autumn/Winter, I'll go for berries, red or black. 

Perfume: Finally, if you don't have the energy for anything else, a quick spray of your favourite perfume will always make you feel better. If it's the final step in this whole routine, you're winning! Perfume always lifts my mood - fragrance can instantly transport you to another time or place, so choose one that makes you happy!

That's it - nothing too groundbreaking or expensive, but all of these steps make me at least look a little better, which helps me to feel better. Of course, those who know me best, can see it in my eyes and actions/movement/breathing, that I am suffering, but I can look in the mirror and see more than suffering when I go through these motions (or ask my husband to help me go through them!).

What products do you use when you're feeling drab/dull/exhausted, that will instantly lift your spirits and make you look and feel better? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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