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Monday 17 October 2022

REVIEW: Reformulated Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and new Beauty Flash Balm Peel


REVIEW: Reformulated Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and new Beauty Flash Balm Peel
Both of these products were kindly gifted to me, without obligation.

I have consistently had a tube of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm in my collection since around the year 2000, and it was the only primer I used until I started blogging and was lured into the attraction of trying some other products. That being said, I always had a tube in my stash because I knew I could rely on it. Recently, it has been reformulated, and two other products were added to the line: Beauty Flash Peel and Resculpting Beauty Flash Roller. I was kindly sent two of the products, which I've been using over the past month or so and am ready to share my thoughts with you today.....

The aim of the Beauty Flash Collection is to banish signs of fatigue and promote radiant looking skin in an instant - exactly what my skin needs particularly of late when I've been pretty ill. That's why I've always loved the flash balm - I could rely on it to make me look a lot better than I actually feel. My war paint, if you get me.

The new Beauty Flash Balm has been reformulated and it always makes me nervous when this happens to my favourite products! The original version has been around for 42 years - a testament to how brilliant it is, as we often see both products and brands come and go, but this is a cult classic! So why have they changed it you might ask? Well times have changed and the new formula is now a new plant formula with 96% of the ingredients being from natural origin. The main ingredients of note are organic oat sugars, which tighten the skin, acerola seed extract, which helps to energise the skin and nopal extract, which helps the skin to look more radiant, by encouraging skin renewal. How does this translate to how it looks on the skin and how differently does it work from the original? Well, it still has the same light peach colour and the texture seems a little lighter - almost a touch of gel to the cream, which is instantly soothing. My skin instantly feels plump and soft (and I have fallen back in love all over again), and it is the perfect primer for any foundation, which all glide on smoothly and streak-free over it. I have remembered why it's a cult product - it just makes the skin look alive, but without any pearlescent or fake look. It can also be worn alone, or used as a mask by applying a layer and then wiping any excess away after around 15 minutes. Whatever way you wear it, your skin will look for radiant and healthy, and will thank you!

Now on to the Beauty Flash Peel. This is a gentle, yet effective, chemical exfoliant, which reveals smooth and soft skin in around 10 minutes. It contains a combination of AHA & BHAs in the form of 5.7% fruit-derived glycolic acid, and 0.5% plant based salicylic acid, which is oil soluble and can penetrate the skin more deeply to clear out the pores, whereas the glycolic acid will exfoliate the surface. I love that it has a brush applicator, which makes applying an even layer very easy. It's a clear gel, and although there's a slightly astringent scent to it, it doesn't sting or make the skin tingle at all. I apply as part of my evening skincare routine, then spend the 10 minutes getting my pyjamas on, body brushing (although that's getting more difficult now that it's so cold!), and just generally getting ready for bed. I then apply the rest of my usual P.M. routine (without removing it). I obviously wouldn't use a retinol based product when I use this, as that would be overload. I wake the next morning to refined, retextured, smooth skin that looks fresh and radiant. It's a product that I know I'll be using very regularly over the colder months, as it's quick and easy plus the results are fantastic, despite it being so gentle. People who are short on time will love this peel, as it's so effective, and the bonus of not having to rinse it is brilliant.

Both of these products are ideal for those of us with dull or tired-looking skin. I think that fatigue really shows in the face and these products are the perfect antidote. I am so happy that the flash balm is no less effective than the original, which has been in my top 10 products for years!

I don't have the Resculpting Beauty Flash Roller, which is idea for puffy skin, as it promotes lymphatic drainage, but it's also ideal to use to apply oils/serums. I personally love products like this because they give the feeling of a therapist massaging my skin, but I can do it in the comfort of my own home, plus I can see instant results in my eye area, in particular, if it's puffy. Also excellent to use along the jawline.

Are you part of the Flash Balm Fan Club? Are you tempted to try either of these? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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