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Friday 16 June 2023

My top five Dermalogica products......

               My top five Dermalogica products
I am part of the Skinluencer programme and am sent some products from the brand, however I buy a lot of products myself too.

Dermalogica is a brand that I have been using for 20 years (maybe a little more!). Before blogs, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, magazines were our go-to for beauty advice and I remember that Daily Microfoliant popped up in almost every issue. I was influenced and then hooked (and my husband is now hooked too!). Ever since then I have always had some Dermalogica products in my routine and exclusively used them and had their facials for 6 months before our wedding. I could easily pick my top 20 products from the brand, but decided to be really strict and narrow it down to my top five to share with you today. If you haven't tried the brand, I really urge you to and it would be a great idea to start with a face-mapping facial.

Precleanse Cleansing Oil:: I first heard about double cleansing when this product was released in 2006 and I bought it immediately and was hooked. It's probably the ultimate cleansing oil because it's not too heavy in texture, is a pleasure to massage into the skin, no makeup will survive it and when it is emulsified and rinsed away, the skin is left feeling super clean and very soft and nourished. I've used countless bottles of this!

Daily Microfoliant: The one that started the love affair! Again, I have used countless bottles of this, and it's now refillable. It's pretty much suitable for all skin types and can be used daily, as the name suggests. You can make it into a very watery paste for a gentle exfoliation, or a thicker paste (with less water) for a more intense exfoliation. It contains Papain (which is a fruit enzyme - from the papaya if the name didn't give it away!), Salicylic Acid, which is oil soluble and will penetrate the pores to removes excess sebum, which might otherwise cause black or white heads. It also contains Rice Enzymes, Colloidal Oats (which soothe the skin), and White Tea. All of these combine to leave the skin feeling smooth and looking clear. With consistent use, skin is more even in texture and tone and generally looks fresher.

Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask: The mask that I swear takes five years off my face!! It really does take my skin from drab to fab and brings life back to my face. It contains Vitamins A, C, E and F (in the form of Linoleic Acid). All of these brighten the skin and strengthen the skin barrier. I apply this after cleansing, leave for around 15 minutes and then rinse to reveal plump, bright skin with reduced fine lines and an overall bouncy look and feel to the skin. I will forever repurchase. 

Multivitamin Power Firm Eye Cream*: This is the eye cream for people who say that they don't notice any difference with eye creams - they're using the wrong ones! This is the ultimate in nourishing, firming and smoothing the under eye area. A little goes a long way with this, so whilst it's pricey, it will last quite a while.

Intensive Moisture Balance Moisturiser*: Finally, I had to include a moisturiser. I have used several but this is my favourite because it works for both dry and dehydrated skin, which I have. It contains Hyaluronic Acid (which holds 1000 times its weight in water),  Centella Asiatica (acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), Aloe Vera (which soothes the skin) and a prebiotic. It strengthens the skin's barrier function, is intensely nourishing and diminishes the appearance of fine lines. The moisturised feeling lasts all day on the skin, and it helps the skin to look naturally radiant and healthy overall. A dry skinned person's dream!

I would really love to hear what your favourite products are from the brand? I'm wondering if there's a product that I have yet to try!

Thanks for reading!

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