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Thursday 3 November 2022

Budget/Affordable/Bougie: Micellar Waters

Budget/Affordable/Bougie: Micellar Waters
All of these were kindly gifted to me, without obligation.

I'm back with another budget/affordable/bougie post and this time, it's all about Micellar Waters. I assume that most of you have used a micellar water at some point,  whether they're a regular in your routine or something you used when staying over at a friend's , just to see if they can actually remove your makeup! I think that we first heard about them via a certain French brand but now you can buy them in the supermarket! I'll be honest, there was a time that I didn't like them because I felt that the ones I tried either left a film on my face, or were drying. Products always improve though, and I have three great ones to share with you today. I tend to use micellar waters instead of cleansing oils when I have lash extensions on, as the oil will loosen my lashes. So, I will use as a first cleanse when wearing makeup, or sometimes as a morning cleanse.

Budget: Garnier Micellar Rose Water: Cleanse & Glow: I love anything with rose water because it's so soothing, and I used to use it as a tonic for my skin back in the day. This product also contains glycerin, which helps to nourish the skin. This 400ml bottle is said to have 200 uses, so it's amazing value for money at under £10! I put some on two of the brand's reusable eco pads (well worth buying), and swipe all over my face. I love that I can take my eye makeup off without it affecting my lashes! It really does act like a magnet and removes the vast majority of my makeup, the rest of which is removed with either one more swipe, or my second cleanse. In the morning, one pad is all that's necessary for leaving my skin feeling fresh. What I really love about this option is not just how affordable it is, but also how soft and comfortable my skin feels after use - no residue, no tightness - just clean, soft skin.

Affordable: IT Cosmetics Miracle Water: I really hope that this hasn't been discontinued because I can't find it in stock anywhere! This is a beautiful product, so much so that this is my second bottle, as it's the ideal product for me to use when I'm ill but still want to take care of my skin. It's not only a micellar water,  but also acts as a hydrating toner or essence. Perfect for people who are busy or don't want elaborate skincare routines - it cleanses hydrates and refreshes the skin. It contains a "fermented secret sauce complex", which helps to increase the efficacy of the products applied afterwards; hence the name Miracle Water.

Bougie: Lancôme Comfort Micellar Water: Again, this contains rose water, which you know I love as it's just so soothing on the skin. It removes every scrap of makeup and I can use a cotton bud to get right into my inner eye, without it irritating them. It doesn't leave the skin feeling at all tight - in fact, it feels comfortable and hydrated, which is what I love. It's definitely a treat product, but I received this as part of a gift with purchase, so it's definitely worth keeping your eye out for those.

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a good micellar water, however there are some not so great ones out there. If you have sensitive skin and watery eyes like mine, I highly recommend these three. The first one is also available in a smaller bottle, but the 400ml is great value. The Miracle Water has extra properties to it and they are noticeable when it's applied to the skin, and I always say that there's no harm in having some luxury products in your life. As with everything, it depends on budgets and priorities. I know a girl who owns very high end designer bags but  only washes her face with soap and water and uses whatever moisturiser is on offer in the supermarket - entirely her prerogative. We all have products that we are happy to save on and also happy to splurge on. Fortunately, there is a great choice in terms of skincare nowadays!

Do you use. Micellar Water? What's your favourite one? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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