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Saturday 31 October 2015

October favourites featuring Omorovicza, Nude, Jo Malone, bloggers, youtubers & more!

Favourites time again! I really love reading favourites posts & seeing how products change from month to month as the year progresses. I was pretty ill for the first few weeks of October and didn't really wear any make-up so my favourites this month are all about pampering & comfort. 

Thursday 29 October 2015

How to fake glowing, radiant skin with Clarins, Kevyn Aucoin, Charlotte Tilbury & more!

When you suffer from a chronic illness and take lots of strong medications to treat said illness, it can be difficult to achieve naturally radiant skin that looks lit from within so I like to fake it! I have a lot of glow enhancing/faking products in my collection and today am sharing six products that I know I can rely on when I am having a very dull/fatigued skin day (most days at the moment!). They are all high end products but because I know I can depend on them, I am happy to spend my money on them. 

Tuesday 27 October 2015

I'm a nudist! Are you? My top six nude lipsticks featuring MAC, Yves Saint Laurent & Clinique

I have been a nudist for years - in the lip sense, of course! It is really only in the last 12-18 months that I've introduced some colour into my lip wardrobe. I used to be a gloss girl, but I've fallen in love with lipsticks in the last year or two and thought I would share my top six nude lip options with you today. I love that a nude lip can be paired with almost every eye look and you would think that there could be nothing easier than to choose a nude lipstick, but it isn't always that easy. It depends on your skin tone and the natural colour of your lips and also how white your teeth are. I personally don't like a very pale nude because it can look like concealer lips and I don't personally like anything too brown in tone so if you have similar taste, then read on!

Friday 23 October 2015

Recent purchases #25 featuring Estee Lauder, Zoeva, Tarte, YSL & more!

I've done a bit of shopping recently, in dribs & drabs really but I thought I'd put it all together to share with you today! It's mainly make-up and you will have seen some of them already if you follow me on instagram (here). So let's get started! 

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Current foundation loves: Estee Lauder, Too Faced & Laura Mercier

Once summer is over, I tend to switch my base up a bit. I go for a bit more coverage with a slightly less dewy finish and today I'm going to share my three current foundation favourites. I have dry skin that is also sensitive and dehydrated so if you have a similar skin type you will want to read on!

Monday 19 October 2015

Clinique bonus time with Debenhams - definitely worth checking out!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I am a fan of Clinique products - I have raved about their Moisture Surge Spray here, their High Impact Extreme Volume mascara here, their Smart serum here, their chubby stick intense here and possibly my favourite product from them; their Lip Pops here. They regularly run promotions whereby you can receive a goody bag when you buy an number of their products and right now, there is one of these promotions running in Debenhams. I am a bit of a sucker for freebies because they give me a chance to try some products I wouldn't have otherwise and this is a good one!

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Empties & speedy reviews #17 featuring L'Occitane, Sachajuan, Janina, Estee Lauder, This Works & more!

It doesn't seem like very long since my last empties post buy my empties bag is full to the brim again! As always, there are more body products that anything else, but also quite a few haircare and then some skincare and miscellaneous. There are lots of repurchases in here and some products that were new to me so I'll share my speedy reviews with you. Let's get started!

Monday 12 October 2015

MAC Rebellious & NARS Fanny: A match made in heaven!

A few weeks ago, I bought my first lipstick from the Nars Audacious range. I chose Anna because I thought it would be the perfect everyday lip colour. I absolutely love the very creamy formulation on the lipsticks so knew that I would end up buying more but there are so many to choose from that it's quite overwhelming trying to decide. I saw Fanny on Stacey's (Expat Make up Addict) blog a while ago in one of her Lip Six posts (you need to check them out every Monday if you don't already!), so I decided that would be my next purchase. 

Saturday 10 October 2015

The Loop/Duty Free MAC haul

My brother was away with work recently so I placed two orders using The Loop's Shop & Collect service and also their discount code (looptwsum15 - valid until November 30th) to get some MAC goodies that had been on my wishlist for a while! 


Tuesday 6 October 2015

The best and most luxurious body scrub I have ever used: Jo Malone Geranium & Walnut

I know the title of this post might sound a tad dramatic, but it's not! This Jo Malone scrub is without doubt the very best body scrub that I have ever used. 

Sunday 4 October 2015

A small make-up haul featuring Too Faced, Nars & more!

Another day, another haul - only this time it's a small one so I'n not sure it could even be labelled as a haul but I want to share my purchases with you anyway! I have two products from Too Faced and three lipsticks from a variety of brands; some that I have wanted for quite a while and one blogger enabled purchase. 

Friday 2 October 2015

A skincare haul featuring Pixi, Ren, Alpha H & more!

You know me & skincare - I just can't resist trying new things in my quest for healthy, radiant skin! At the moment, I am on a number of medications for Chronic Lyme Disease  and one of them is also used to treat acne (which I don't have) and as a result, my skin is extra dry and also dehydrated. I will be on these meds for quite a while so thought I should introduce some new products into my skincare routine in an effort to combat the dryness because I find that my make-up isn't sitting quite right at the moment and my skin just feels uncomfortable and looks a bit red. I am hoping that the products in this haul will help, so let's get started! 
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