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Tuesday 27 October 2015

I'm a nudist! Are you? My top six nude lipsticks featuring MAC, Yves Saint Laurent & Clinique

I have been a nudist for years - in the lip sense, of course! It is really only in the last 12-18 months that I've introduced some colour into my lip wardrobe. I used to be a gloss girl, but I've fallen in love with lipsticks in the last year or two and thought I would share my top six nude lip options with you today. I love that a nude lip can be paired with almost every eye look and you would think that there could be nothing easier than to choose a nude lipstick, but it isn't always that easy. It depends on your skin tone and the natural colour of your lips and also how white your teeth are. I personally don't like a very pale nude because it can look like concealer lips and I don't personally like anything too brown in tone so if you have similar taste, then read on!

MAC have so many nude lip options that it can be quite overwhelming when going to choose a lipstick so I will share my three favourite MAC nudes with you today. First up is Mehr, which is a mauvey-pink with a blue undertone which helps make your teeth look whiter. It is a matte lipstick, but is very creamy and doesn't cling to any dry patches and is very pigmented. It isn't the longest lasting lipstick, but stays put for about 3/4 hours, which is pretty average for MAC lipsticks. I absolutely love this lipstick and it pairs perfectly with Soar Lip Pencil.

Next up is MAC Brave, which is a satin lipstick so has a bit more shine to it than Mehr. It is a pink-beige tone that isn't as deep as Mehr. It is equally as comfortable to wear as Mehr and again paire beautifully with Soar. This really is a "your lips but better" combination. Wear time is about 3 hours but it can last a little longer if the pencil is applied all over the lips, instead of just as an outline.

The final MAC lipstick in the line-up is Angel, which is very different from the other two as it is a soft pink with a frost finish. It isn't the perfect pink for everyday wear because it isn't too pale and doesn't wash me out.

Clinique Beige Pop is an absolute love of mine. It certainly isn't beige, as the name would suggest but more of a pink-nude. The range of lip pop & primers are extremely comfortable on the lips and last for about 5/6 hours before they need re-touching. They are so creamy and pigmented and probably my favourite release of 2015.

YSL Beige Tribute from the Pur Couture range is a very recent purchase but I had to include it because I fell in love as soon as I applied it. It is the most beige of all of the lipsticks included in this post and is very creamy in texture and very comfortable to wear. The wear time isn't great - it needs re-applying after 3 hours max but with a nude lip, I don't mind that however I think it might bother me with a deep or bright colour.

Finally, my favourite lipstick ever! It is also from YSL, but from the Rouge Volupte range and it is #1 Nude Beige. This is a pink nude, and it has quite a slippery texture. I absolutely love how moisturising this is and how it doesn't highlight any dry patches and the wear time is pretty good, although I love re-applying it regularly because I am so addicted to it. The packaging is also the prettiest of all of the lipsticks I own - I don't know if any brand can beat YSL for its packaging.

So there we have it - my top six nude lipsticks! I won't even go there on glosses because I have so many nude glosses that I'm not sure I could narrow it down to only six! I would love to know if any of these would be included in your top six and also if you have any nude lipstick recommendations for me? Please let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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