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Liquid highlighters I'm currently loving featuring Cover Fx, Marc Jacobs & more!

Liquid Highlighter, Highlighter, Cover Fx, Tarte, Marc Jacobs, Charlotte Tilbury, Hollywood Beauty Light Wand, Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter, Enhancer Drops,Review

I've always loved wearing highlighter but more recently I have become obsessed with liquid highlighters because they suit my dry skin really well. It actually all started with the really cute sample of Cover Fx Enhancer Drops in the shade Moonlight. These drops weren't really on my radar prior to this sample being available from SpaceNK because I wrongly assumed that they would be too metallic on my skin but I am now absolutely obsessed with them. 

My holiday skincare picks featuring Omorovicza, Clarins, Sarah Chapman & more!

I am going on holiday today - in fact, when this goes live, I will be on a plane on my way to Majorca for 11 nights with my husband! I haven't been there since 2007 but I have good memories from that holiday and I'm hoping this one will be even better - can't be much worse than our holiday in June when we went to Lanzarote where I became very ill and it was a bit of a nightmare! Fingers crossed for a better one this time! I showed you my holiday makeup picks last time around and I'm bringing pretty much the same products again so instead, I thought I'd show you the skincare products I am bringing. I went through my sample and mini product stash and have chosen my favourites because I still like to maintain my skincare routine as much as possible when I'm away.

Some Charlotte Tilbury purchases & initial thoughts

Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder Medium, Blush Hot Love, Charlotte Tilbury, Eyes to Mesmerise Veruschka, Haul, Hollywood Beauty Light Wand, Hollywood Contour Wand, Hollywood Lips Rising Star,

It's a while since I made some Charlotte Tilbury purchases even though I always have a CT wishlist as long as my arm. Although I have quite a few products (see brand focus post here), I basically want to try everything and when I saw that she was releasing a new Hollywood range of products, I knew I would have to place an order. I also have my eye on her new Instant Eye Palette but that won't be released until later this year, as far as I am aware.

Brand Focus #9: Sarah Chapman Skinesis

I thought it was about time that I did another skincare brand focus post because this category has been dominated by makeup brands for the past few months (check them out here). The brand I am focusing on is Sarah Chapman Skinesis, which is a luxury British brand whose aim is to create products that will give radiant, healthy, glowing skin. To find out more about Sarah who is the name behind the brand, see Fleur's video here. As with all of my other brand focus posts, this is not sponsored and I bought all of the products myself.

The new haircare brand on the block - Playa

I've never been to California but thanks to tv shows (Laguna Beach & The Hills, anyone remember those?!) and films, I have a vision in my head of all of the ladies over there having beautiful hair - effortlessly cool, beachy waves - you know the look that I'm talking about. I've attempted this look a number of times but this Irish gal ends up with cruchy, lank locks that really do look undone and like "I just woke up like this" so when Playa contacted me to ask if I'd like to try their products, I jumped at the chance. Playa is a cruelty-free brand, based in Venice Beach and Shelby, the founder, has created a carefully curated range of products that can help anybody to achieve the beachy, Californian look effortlessly.

The loyalty card worth having: Debenhams Beauty Club

Debenhams have recently re-launched their Beauty Club Card and I have to say that it is one of the best loyalty schemes around. I'm going to talk you through the benefits of the card today and also highlight some of my favourites from the 200 beauty brands stocked at Debenhams - yes you read that right - 200 brands! Some of the brands are exclusive to Debenhams in the UK & Ireland, which is very exciting as they used to only be available overseas, so to have access to those brands and be able to earn points, which you can in turn spend on more beauty, can only be a good thing - right?!

Two amazing overnight masks for bright and radiant skin

Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask, Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask

Night-time is when our skin repairs, renews and regenerates (all pretty much meaning the same thing, but I liked the alliteration!) so obviously what we put on our faces at night is very important because we can accelerate the repair and renewal process. Also, when we apply products at night, the active ingredients can really get to work because they have nothing else to compete with - makeup, spf etc. My dream is to wake up with fresh, radiant, glowing skin and I know I am not the only person with that wish so today I am sharing my thoughts on two amazing overnight masks that I think would work for all skin types.

Lip plumping products featuring PMD Kiss, Dior, Buxom and more!

I think we can all blame Kylie Jenner for the trout pout look that is everywhere at the moment, but even if that look isn't for you (as it isn't for me), as we age, our lips get thinner so there may be times that we all long for a fuller pout. Personally, lip fillers are not for me but I wouldn't judge anybody who gets them - each to their own, so I prefer to use products to cheat my way to fuller lips and I am sharing those products with you today!

Disappointing Products from Brands I Love

It's not that often that I end up disappointed by products that I buy because I do a lot of research first and love to read reviews from bloggers I trust,  but sometimes a dud slips through the checks and I have four of them here today. What makes these products even more disappointing is that they are from brands that I generally love!

Empties & speedy reviews #37 featuring Omorovicza, Oskia, This Works, Clinique and more!

It's empties time again and you know the drill - I show what I've finished recently and give a speedy review. However, this month I am changing it up and taking inspiration from my lovely friend Sal and dividing the products into categories: have already repurchased, will repurchase at some point and won't repurchase. If you prefer the old format, please let me know in the comments below. Let's get started!

The products that make washing your brushes a doddle: The Brush Bar

I know that a lot of people hate the chore of washing their makeup brushes and would actually prefer to just buy lots of brushes to avoid having to wash them very often, but it's important that they are washed regularly because of bacteria build up. I don't hate washing my brushes but don't love it either. It is a time-consuming task so anything that will make it faster and easier is always going to grab my attention so when The Brush Bar got in touch with me to try their products, I had a read and thought they would be really helpful and that I should give them a go!

Some recent budget beauty favourites all under €10/£10

I'm aware that I feature mainly mid to high end products on my blog most of the time but the truth is that I'm not a beauty snob and will just as happily use budget products once they work well for me. Over the summer, I have discovered some amazing budget beauty gems that I want to share with you today - there aren't any skincare products here but I do have hair, body and makeup goodies that I think you will love and are all €10/£10 and under so let's get started!

BARGAIN ALERT! Benefit Makeup Kits with 25% off at Debenhams

Benefit Defined & Refined Brows, Benefit Feelin' Dandy, Benefit Sugarlicious

I don't know about you, but I love a good bargain and when I find one, I love to share it with you, which is what I'm doing today! From today until next Monday, the 28th, Benefit have a whopping 25% discount on some of their makeup kits in Debenhams stores and also online! What I really love about Benefit makeup kits is that I get to try a number of products for the same price as one full size product, but the packaging is always very eye-catching.

My favourite rose scented products...

I love how a scent can instantly evoke memories and transport you to a particular time in your life. For me, as soon as I smell roses, I am immediately transported back to summer in my Granda's garden as a child. He had a really big garden that covered a few acres and definitely had over 100 rose bushes in so many varieties and colours and the scent just filled the air. I visited him at least once a week and he would always give me a bouquet of roses when I was leaving (one for my Mam too) and the rose had remained my favourite flower as a result. I know that some people think that rose-scented products are "grannyish" and maybe some that smell very synthetic are, but the products that I am sharing with you today all have a soft, rose scent that is real, natural and subtle enough to be worn daily.

Worth the hate? Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

Has there ever been a more controversial palette than Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture? If you've read my Brand Focus post, you will know that I am a huge fan of the brand in general so when I heard this palette was being released, I knew I would have to get my hands on it and I was lucky enough to receive it for my birthday. Obviously I had seen the photos and videos of people hitting pan on first use and seen scathing reviews on youtube but I hadn't seen any from bloggers/youtubers whose opinions I trusted. I couldn't fathom how people were hitting pan on first use and from my experience of ABH products, I didn't believe that they would release sub-standard products but of course, I wouldn't really know until I tried the palette myself. Before I received the palette, I read my friend Leanne's review and she wasn't disappointed so I hoped it would be the same for me....

The ultimate nourishing mask for dry skin - Clarins SOS Comfort Mask

Regular readers will know that I am a skincare lover - I love nothing more than pampering myself and taking care of my skin. I have a good routine going so for a product to make it into my regular lineup, it has to be pretty amazing but that is what has happened since I received Clarins SOS Comfort Mask. Clarins recently added three new masks to their line up: SOS Hydra for dehydrated skin, SOS Pure for oily and combination skin and SOS Comfort for dry skin, which is the one I chose as my skin is more dry than dehydrated, although I must admit that I am tempted by the Hydra mask too. 

What is it about limited edition products that sucks us in?

The combination of a brand that I love and a limited edition release always manages to give me butterflies! My head tells me not to be ridiculous, to take my time and really think about whether I "need" the product but my heart tells me to grab my card and place that order right now! I have quite a few limited edition products in my collection - some of them barely used and it got me thinking about why that might be....

New fragrance releases with Fragrance Direct

Each season brings a flurry of  new fragrance releases and this summer has been a particularly good one because there are so many to choose from so no matter what your taste, there is something for everyone. Fragrance Direct kindly sent me four of the newest releases and I want to share my thoughts on them with you today. Fragrance Direct is always my first port of call when I am buying perfume or aftershave because everything is always discounted and they offer free UK delivery on orders over £20 (free overseas delivery on orders over £75) with the code FREEDEL20. They sell so many brands from celebrity fragrances to Marc Jacobs to Tom Ford - something to suit all budgets.

5 brilliant foundations for dry skin

All skin types face problems when it comes to finding a foundation that works. Oily skin faces the battle of foundation becoming shiny and not lasting longer than a few hours, for those with combination skin, it can be difficult to find a foundation that is even all over and lasts in the t-zone and for dry skin, like mine, it can be difficult to find a foundation that doesn't age the skin, cling to particularly dry patches and cake. I have spent many years (and a lot of money) trying lots of foundations and have compiled a list of five that I find work really well on my dry skin, which I want to share with you today. I tend to favour a dewy finish but some of these are more satin or luminous than dewy but if you generally like the "lit from within" look, you will like all of these foundations. Obviously, skincare is very important no matter what your skin type and all bases will apply better to exfoliated, moisturised and primed skin.

My anti-aging product wishlist!

There's nothing like renewing your passport and looking at the difference 10 years makes to get you thinking about anti-aging products! I have to tell you that I see aging as a privilege, however I do want to keep my skin looking as good as it can for as long as it can and whilst I do take care of my skin, there are some products that I feel would enhance my routine further in the anti-aging stakes - some are skincare and some are tools, the main one being the 3-in-1 Micro Current Facial Enhancer from Panasonic.

Spoil yourself with Molton Brown Exquisite Vanilla and Violet Flower Gift Set

It's not that often that I get to pamper my body with luxury products as I tend to spend my money on skincare and use budget products on my body, so when I get to try some luxury brands, it always feels like a real treat. Molton Brown is a brand that I quite often gift to my mother as she loves their products but I have only used them occasionally myself. What I didn't realise until now is that Molton Brown products are up to 25% cheaper in World Duty Free, which is very tempting you must admit? I was kindly sent the Exquisite Vanilla and Violet Flower Gift Set, which I am going to share my thoughts on today - unfortunately for my mother, it's only my thoughts that I'll be sharing as this one is all mine! 

What I Got For My Birthday - Beauty Edition 2017

It was my birthday on Tuesday and I was lucky enough to receive some fab beauty gifts. My wishlist wasn't too long this year because I'm at the stage where I am really happy with my collection and actually want to use the products that I have rather than constantly adding to it. I haven't had a chance to use everything yet but I will share my thoughts on everything in future posts, for now I just wanted to show you my beauty gifts!

Brand Focus #8: Too Faced

It's brand focus time again (check out my other brand focus posts here) and this month it's Too Faced. I know that this is a brand is quite divisive due to the kitsch packaging but I would urge you to get past the packaging if it isn't to your taste, because the majority of the products are excellent quality - the eyeshadows being some of my favourites ever.

Five products that I have repeatedly repurchased for 10-17 years!

No matter how many new products I add to my collection, there are five that are constantly repurchased - I'm talking staples that have been in my life for between 10 and 17 years at this stage and will be for the foreseeable future! If that isn't testament to how amazing they are, then I don't know what is. They have all appeared on the blog several times but today I thought I'd compile them into one post and tell you why I love them so much.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Vs Liquid Gold Rose

I've been a big fan of Alpha-H Liquid Gold for around 4 years - it's one of those products that has become a staple in my routine due to its effectiveness so I must admit that I was very intrigued by their new limited edition release - Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose and when I mentioned that I bought it, a lot of you were too and were eager to hear my thoughts but I needed to give it a good testing before sharing my thoughts -  two months later, I'm ready to do so!

REVIEW: Kat Von D Shade & Light Glimmer Eye Contour Palette

I am a huge fan of the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette so when I saw that she was releasing a shimmer version, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I kept checking the "New In" section on Sephora and as soon as it landed, I ordered it because, as far as I am aware, it won't be available this side of the Atlantic until November and I couldn't wait that long! I used MyMallBox to ship it to me and within a few days, I had it in my hands without any customs charges. If you want to buy products that aren't available outside the U.S. then I would highly recommend using MyMallBox because they offer a range of shipping fees but also offer repacking (into smaller boxes or padded envelopes to reduce shipping costs) and consolidation (if you place a number of orders, they will consolidate them into one parcel so you only pay shipping once). This was my third time to use them and everything has always been quick and easy. On to the palette itself!

My MAC Lip Pencil Collection with swatches

Much like my lipstick collection, MAC is also the brand that I own most of when it comes to lip liners. I have always worn lip pencils because my bottom lip is fuller than my top lip so I like to even it up with liner without going too Kylie Jenneresque. I really like MAC lip pencils because they aren't too stiff in texture so they don't drag on the lips, are pigmented, comfortable to wear, pretty long-wearing and they offer a huge variety of shades

5 products that I am currently loving.....

As you know, I am not doing monthly favourites this year but when I have a collection of products that I am using repeatedly, I am sharing them with you and today's post is about five products that I am currently obsessed with! Some are old favourites, some new and one rediscovery.

Butter London nail product range review

I was very lucky a few weeks ago to receive a bundle of goodies from Butter London, which is a brand that has been on my radar for a while. Surprisingly, Butter London is actually an American brand and they produce lip, face and eye makeup products as well as a large range of nail products, which I am ready to share my thoughts on today. 

Brand Focus #7 Anastasia Beverly Hills

A few years ago if Anastasia Beverly Hills was mentioned, most people would immediately have thought of brow products but now it's hard to know if it's eye shadows, lip products or highlighters that would come to mind first because they basically do everything so well. I first heard about the brand when I read that Kim Kardashian will only let Anastasia do her brows - the entire beauty world paid attention at that point! I've tried quite a few products from the brand so I've decided to compile my thoughts into a brand focus post (others in the series here) and as with all of my other brand focus posts, this post is not sponsored. Frustratingly, not all ABH products are available this side of the Atlantic but if you are interested in buying any of the products mentioned here today, they are available from Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty (free shipping on ABH products this month) or directly from Anastasia Beverly Hills UK site.

Review: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette & a suggested alternative

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you will know that Urban Decay's newest addition to their Naked palette range; Naked Heat, is being released this Thursday (July 27th) on Urbandecay.co.uk and on August 3rd in stores. I was lucky enough to nab one in the pre-release last month but held off publishing a review until now because I wanted to give it a decent try and also because there were so many "reviews" within a day of it being released (seriously, how can you review something you've owned for less than 24 hours - first impressions, yes but full review - no!) that I was almost over it before I received it, as it was all over social media. Because of that, I put it away for around 10 days before I started using it because I wanted to give it a fair trial and at that point, the hype had died down! I'm glad I did this because I could look at it with fresh, unbiased eyes.

Highlighting & Contouring with Iconic London

I think my love of highlighting has been well documented on the blog (collection post here) and I'm also partial to some gentle contouring so I was delighted when I received this selection of products from Iconic London recently. I've been giving them a good testing and am ready to share my thoughts with you today!

My skincare routine extras: masks, oils, exfoliators featuring Omorovicza, Pixi, Hey Honey & more!

To finish off my series of skincare posts, today I am sharing the "extras" in my routine - products that I don't use daily but they are used at least weekly, if not two or three times a week. As with my previous two posts, all of these products are consistent in my routine, especially the "holy trinity" of masks that I've spoken about a lot previously on the blog.

My current evening skincare routine featuring Estée Lauder, Alpha H, Dr Botanicals & more!

Following on from Sunday's post all about my morning skincare routine, today I am sharing my current evening routine. Again, these products are all consistent in my routine and all that I have been using over the past 4/5 weeks - obviously some I have been using for longer but this group of products are the only I have used in recent times and consistency is key for me. 

My current morning skincare routine featuring Omorovicza, Hey Honey, January Labs and more!

All this week on the blog, I am going to post about my current skincare routines - morning, evening and the extras, beginning today with my morning routine. I have a LOT of skincare products but after getting my skin back on track after its meltdown a few months ago, I decided that I needed to streamline my collection and just use certain products consistently. Around 4/5 weeks ago I cleared out my bathroom cabinet and kept a curated collection and now my skin is looking better than it has done in months and I'm no longer fighting breakouts and redness, my pores appear more refined and overall my skin looks more radiant. I think, for me, the key is not to chop and change my products too much as consistency has worked wonders. Some of the products were sent to me but most I bought myself and details of both are at the bottom of the post - either way, my opinion is honest. For reference, I have dry, quite sensitive skin with some texture issues and visible pores.

Empties & speedy reviews #36 featuring Jo Malone, Sarah Chapman, Grow Gorgeous, Pixi and more!

To balance my recent purchases, I have plenty of empties this month so I don't feel too guilty about buying lots of products when I know that I am finishing up plenty of products at the same time! I have a good mixture of skincare, bath and body, haircare and a few miscellaneous products so let's get started!

What I've been buying recently: Jo Malone, MAC, Urban Decay, Natasha Denona, Zelens and more!

It's quite a while since I posted a haul on here! I managed to get a few bargains in the summer sales and I picked up a few bits in Duty Free last month so I thought that I'd put them all together into one big haul, some with initial impressions but others I haven't tried yet. Let's get started!

YSL Summer Day and Night Essentials

Just before I went on holiday at the end of last month, I received a set of five mini YSL Summer Day and Night Products, which was perfect timing. The sizes are ideal for hand luggage and I used all of the products on holiday (neglected others that I had already packed!). I don't wear makeup during the day on holiday so I used all of these products in the evening but I don't really think that any of them are suited primarily to either day or night use - just whenever suits! Let's get started with my thoughts....

My holiday makeup picks featuring DHC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, NYX & more!

I'm going on holiday to Lanzarote for a week on Saturday and I really cannot wait! The last time I was there was 10 years ago for my friend's wedding but I got pneumonia and missed her special day. Obviously I am hoping to put those bad memories behind me and create new, happy ones on this holiday. I won't be posting again before we go so today I want to share the makeup that I'm bringing with me. I love having my entire collection at hand so I really find it difficult to pack my makeup bag (I find it easier to pack my clothes!) but I'm trying not to be too ridiculous with what I bring. I never wear makeup during the day on a sun holiday (except for a mascara) so everything is aimed toward evening/night time. Let's get started!

Brand Focus #6: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury collection

It's time for another Brand Focus post and this time it's all things Charlotte Tilbury. If you haven't seen my other Brand Focus posts, you can check them out here. As with the other posts in this category, this is not a sponsored post and I bought all of the products here myself or they were gifts from family. When Charlotte Tilbury first released her range, I was initially overwhelmed by the choice and I pretty much wanted everything (like everybody else, I'm sure) but I started with one of her eyeshadow quads and her famous Lip Cheat Lip Pencil in the shade Pillow Talk and from there, the love affair began and today I am going to share my thoughts on the range with you! I absolutely adore the art deco packaging of the entire range - it looks and feels very luxurious and definitely looks great on the dressing table but it's the products inside that count so let's get started....

Empties & speedy reviews - the sheet mask edition featuring Estée Lauder, Tony Moly, Sarah Chapman & more!

Sheet masks have been having their moment for quite a while but I didn't particularly see the appeal until recently. You may have read that I had a nightmare with my skin and what I did to remedy that in my post here. Because I want my skin to be in its best condition, I have been using masks to keep it hydrated, plump and radiant and sheet masks have been a big feature. Today I want to give my thoughts on the ones I have used recently from Origins, Estée Lauder, Sarah Chapman and more and whether I would repurchase them.

REVIEW: Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio Peachy Love

I'm a fan of peach blushes (see post here) and I'm a fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills products so naturally when they recently released blush trios in five different colour options, I bought Peachy Love! At £27, they aren't the cheapest blush palette out there but given there are three blushes in the palette, it's not extortionate either. 

My current favourite bronzers featuring Gosh, Becca, Make up For Ever and more!

I've always loved using bronzer to add some life and dimension to my face but I used to only ever use MAC Refined Golden - I literally repurchased it for years until one day curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try a different one. I'm not sure how I went from being staunchly loyal to one product to having around 10 in my collection - totally ridiculous, I know! Today, I've narrowed down my favourite six and I've put the other four into my friends/family pile - just call me a minimalist already! 

Worth the hype? BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette & GIVEAWAY!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you will know that the new BECCA x Chrissy Teigen palette was released this side of the Atlantic last week. I told myself that I wasn't buying it because I didn't think it would work on my skin tone, plus I really don't use the Jaclyn Hill Champagne Palette, which was released last year, very much but then my lack of willpower kicked in and I had some points on my reward card so I just gave in and ordered it! I'm a big fan of Becca (brand focus post here) so I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed by the quality, it was just a case of it I could make the shades work for me. Keep reading to find out how to win a palette for yourself too!

A new site to feed your beauty addiction - Face.co.uk

I do most of my beauty shopping online for a number of reasons but primarily because I can usually get better deals online. We all know about the usual online haunts but now there is a new site in the form of www.face.co.uk that you need to check out. They stock some really amazing brands and are adding more all the time. All UK orders come with free first class delivery and orders outside the UK receive free airmail delivery on orders over £40 (countries listed here). 

The products that rescued my skin from the worst breakout & allergic reaction of my life!

One of the great things about writing a beauty blog is that I am sometimes sent products to try but this can also be one of the worst things. Around Easter I was sent a moisturiser and I first applied it at night and was happy that my skin felt soft and was therefore excited to see how it would work over the next month or so. The next morning I woke up to skin that didn't look like my own - I had huge, cystic, painful spots and my skin was bright red, sore and angry. There was obviously something in the moisturiser that my skin hated so I obviously stopped using it immediately but it took around 6 weeks for my skin to look and feel like my own again. Today I want to share the products that got my skin back on track again - I had to deal with spots, sensitivity, inflammation and flakiness so whatever your skin issue, there is bound to be something here to help you. 

My favourite discoveries of 2017 so far, featuring Peter Thomas Roth, Buxom, Givenchy & more!

A cliché I know, but I can't believe that we are now in June! At this time of year, I like to look back at the first part of the year and see how much progress I've made with my resolutions - scratch that,  I like to look back at my beauty purchases and decide if I've chosen well and pick out my favourite discoveries and share them with you!

My sun holiday prep and essentials

Ambre Solaire SPF, Elemis Foot Cream, Kérastase Chroma Captive Hair Mask, Uniq One 10 in 1 Hair Treatment, Clarins Contour Body Oil, Ambre Solaire Aftersun, Decleor Aroma Cleanse, Review, Sun holiday essentials, Fragrance Direct

Now that we're in June, I can finally say that I'm going on holiday this month so although we booked it in early March, it actually feels more real now that it is only a few weeks away. I am really looking forward to it because the sun/heat always helps my bone pain. Today I am sharing the products I use to prep for a sun holiday and also the products that I consider essentials when I'm away. All of the these products are available at discounted prices from Fragrance Direct and all are linked if you want to buy any of them yourself!

Empties & speedy reviews #35 featuring Jo Malone, Kat Von D, Benefit, Alpha H & more!

You all know the drill here - I show you what I've finished recently with a speedy review and tell you whether I would repurchase the products! I have a mixture of skincare, makeup and a few miscellaneous bits and pieces so let's get started!

Current haircare loves featuring Grow Gorgeous, Kerastase & more!

 Grow Gorgeous, Kérastase, Uniq one, Kérastase L'incroyable, Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox, Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Shampoo, Review

This year I haven't been posting monthly favourites, choosing instead to post about products that I am currently loving intermittently rather than regularly. Today I am sharing current haircare loves and I will soon post about my current skincare loves because there have been some very consistent products in my routines in recent times. This is because my scalp and skin have been suffering hugely over the past few months, but particularly over the last 6 weeks due to a mixture of a very bad reaction to a new moisturiser but also my skin and hair have really suffered due to the huge amounts of medications I have been on. These products have helped me to get my scalp and hair looking and feeling soothed, healthy and shiny. I'll post about them in order of how I use them.

Pur~lisse - when Asian and French skincare meet!

A few months ago, I hadn't heard of the brand Pur~lisse but then it began to pop up on some of my favourite blogs, which naturally made me curious about it. It is different from a lot of other skincare brands that I use because it combines Asian skincare secrets with French skincare technologies. The brand was created by Jennifer Yen, who as an actress and model, found that her skin was suffering negative effects of wearing heavy makeup that was required for her job. It is a cruelty-free brand and is deemed as suitable for sensitive skin so I was delighted when Pur~lisse got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to try some products. This post isn't sponsored and the opinion shared is entirely my own.

Brand Focus #5: BECCA

I'm back after a brief and unplanned hiatus. I didn't get the news I hoped for last Thursday when I attended my Consultant appointment so I really just wasn't in the right frame of mind to blog, which meant that I decided to take a few days off and spend them with my family, which was a great distraction. Then I was ready to post on Tuesday but when I woke to the horrific news from Manchester, I felt it wasn't appropriate to post about beauty. I am lost for words & can't even imagine the pain of the people in Manchester but my thoughts are with everyone there.

Today's post is another brand focus and this time it's all about Becca, a brand that flew relatively under the radar until Jaclyn Hill began to rave about the highlighters and then went on to collaborate with them on the famous Champagne Pop. They are now synonymous with highlighted, dewy, glowing skin and although I don't have the largest collection, I wanted to share my thoughts on the brand with you today. As with all of my brand focus posts, this is not sponsored and, in this case, I bought all of the products myself.
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