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Butter London nail product range review

I was very lucky a few weeks ago to receive a bundle of goodies from Butter London, which is a brand that has been on my radar for a while. Surprisingly, Butter London is actually an American brand and they produce lip, face and eye makeup products as well as a large range of nail products, which I am ready to share my thoughts on today. 

Brand Focus #7 Anastasia Beverly Hills

A few years ago if Anastasia Beverly Hills was mentioned, most people would immediately have thought of brow products but now it's hard to know if it's eye shadows, lip products or highlighters that would come to mind first because they basically do everything so well. I first heard about the brand when I read that Kim Kardashian will only let Anastasia do her brows - the entire beauty world paid attention at that point! I've tried quite a few products from the brand so I've decided to compile my thoughts into a brand focus post (others in the series here) and as with all of my other brand focus posts, this post is not sponsored. Frustratingly, not all ABH products are available this side of the Atlantic but if you are interested in buying any of the products mentioned here today, they are available from Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty (free shipping on ABH products this month) or directly from Anastasia Beverly Hills UK site.

Review: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette & a suggested alternative

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you will know that Urban Decay's newest addition to their Naked palette range; Naked Heat, is being released this Thursday (July 27th) on Urbandecay.co.uk and on August 3rd in stores. I was lucky enough to nab one in the pre-release last month but held off publishing a review until now because I wanted to give it a decent try and also because there were so many "reviews" within a day of it being released (seriously, how can you review something you've owned for less than 24 hours - first impressions, yes but full review - no!) that I was almost over it before I received it, as it was all over social media. Because of that, I put it away for around 10 days before I started using it because I wanted to give it a fair trial and at that point, the hype had died down! I'm glad I did this because I could look at it with fresh, unbiased eyes.

Highlighting & Contouring with Iconic London

I think my love of highlighting has been well documented on the blog (collection post here) and I'm also partial to some gentle contouring so I was delighted when I received this selection of products from Iconic London recently. I've been giving them a good testing and am ready to share my thoughts with you today!

My skincare routine extras: masks, oils, exfoliators featuring Omorovicza, Pixi, Hey Honey & more!

To finish off my series of skincare posts, today I am sharing the "extras" in my routine - products that I don't use daily but they are used at least weekly, if not two or three times a week. As with my previous two posts, all of these products are consistent in my routine, especially the "holy trinity" of masks that I've spoken about a lot previously on the blog.

My current evening skincare routine featuring Estée Lauder, Alpha H, Dr Botanicals & more!

Following on from Sunday's post all about my morning skincare routine, today I am sharing my current evening routine. Again, these products are all consistent in my routine and all that I have been using over the past 4/5 weeks - obviously some I have been using for longer but this group of products are the only I have used in recent times and consistency is key for me. 

My current morning skincare routine featuring Omorovicza, Hey Honey, January Labs and more!

All this week on the blog, I am going to post about my current skincare routines - morning, evening and the extras, beginning today with my morning routine. I have a LOT of skincare products but after getting my skin back on track after its meltdown a few months ago, I decided that I needed to streamline my collection and just use certain products consistently. Around 4/5 weeks ago I cleared out my bathroom cabinet and kept a curated collection and now my skin is looking better than it has done in months and I'm no longer fighting breakouts and redness, my pores appear more refined and overall my skin looks more radiant. I think, for me, the key is not to chop and change my products too much as consistency has worked wonders. Some of the products were sent to me but most I bought myself and details of both are at the bottom of the post - either way, my opinion is honest. For reference, I have dry, quite sensitive skin with some texture issues and visible pores.

Empties & speedy reviews #36 featuring Jo Malone, Sarah Chapman, Grow Gorgeous, Pixi and more!

To balance my recent purchases, I have plenty of empties this month so I don't feel too guilty about buying lots of products when I know that I am finishing up plenty of products at the same time! I have a good mixture of skincare, bath and body, haircare and a few miscellaneous products so let's get started!

What I've been buying recently: Jo Malone, MAC, Urban Decay, Natasha Denona, Zelens and more!

It's quite a while since I posted a haul on here! I managed to get a few bargains in the summer sales and I picked up a few bits in Duty Free last month so I thought that I'd put them all together into one big haul, some with initial impressions but others I haven't tried yet. Let's get started!

YSL Summer Day and Night Essentials

Just before I went on holiday at the end of last month, I received a set of five mini YSL Summer Day and Night Products, which was perfect timing. The sizes are ideal for hand luggage and I used all of the products on holiday (neglected others that I had already packed!). I don't wear makeup during the day on holiday so I used all of these products in the evening but I don't really think that any of them are suited primarily to either day or night use - just whenever suits! Let's get started with my thoughts....

My holiday makeup picks featuring DHC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, NYX & more!

I'm going on holiday to Lanzarote for a week on Saturday and I really cannot wait! The last time I was there was 10 years ago for my friend's wedding but I got pneumonia and missed her special day. Obviously I am hoping to put those bad memories behind me and create new, happy ones on this holiday. I won't be posting again before we go so today I want to share the makeup that I'm bringing with me. I love having my entire collection at hand so I really find it difficult to pack my makeup bag (I find it easier to pack my clothes!) but I'm trying not to be too ridiculous with what I bring. I never wear makeup during the day on a sun holiday (except for a mascara) so everything is aimed toward evening/night time. Let's get started!

Brand Focus #6: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury collection

It's time for another Brand Focus post and this time it's all things Charlotte Tilbury. If you haven't seen my other Brand Focus posts, you can check them out here. As with the other posts in this category, this is not a sponsored post and I bought all of the products here myself or they were gifts from family. When Charlotte Tilbury first released her range, I was initially overwhelmed by the choice and I pretty much wanted everything (like everybody else, I'm sure) but I started with one of her eyeshadow quads and her famous Lip Cheat Lip Pencil in the shade Pillow Talk and from there, the love affair began and today I am going to share my thoughts on the range with you! I absolutely adore the art deco packaging of the entire range - it looks and feels very luxurious and definitely looks great on the dressing table but it's the products inside that count so let's get started....

Empties & speedy reviews - the sheet mask edition featuring Estée Lauder, Tony Moly, Sarah Chapman & more!

Sheet masks have been having their moment for quite a while but I didn't particularly see the appeal until recently. You may have read that I had a nightmare with my skin and what I did to remedy that in my post here. Because I want my skin to be in its best condition, I have been using masks to keep it hydrated, plump and radiant and sheet masks have been a big feature. Today I want to give my thoughts on the ones I have used recently from Origins, Estée Lauder, Sarah Chapman and more and whether I would repurchase them.

REVIEW: Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio Peachy Love

I'm a fan of peach blushes (see post here) and I'm a fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills products so naturally when they recently released blush trios in five different colour options, I bought Peachy Love! At £27, they aren't the cheapest blush palette out there but given there are three blushes in the palette, it's not extortionate either. 

My current favourite bronzers featuring Gosh, Becca, Make up For Ever and more!

I've always loved using bronzer to add some life and dimension to my face but I used to only ever use MAC Refined Golden - I literally repurchased it for years until one day curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try a different one. I'm not sure how I went from being staunchly loyal to one product to having around 10 in my collection - totally ridiculous, I know! Today, I've narrowed down my favourite six and I've put the other four into my friends/family pile - just call me a minimalist already! 

Worth the hype? BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette & GIVEAWAY!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you will know that the new BECCA x Chrissy Teigen palette was released this side of the Atlantic last week. I told myself that I wasn't buying it because I didn't think it would work on my skin tone, plus I really don't use the Jaclyn Hill Champagne Palette, which was released last year, very much but then my lack of willpower kicked in and I had some points on my reward card so I just gave in and ordered it! I'm a big fan of Becca (brand focus post here) so I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed by the quality, it was just a case of it I could make the shades work for me. Keep reading to find out how to win a palette for yourself too!

A new site to feed your beauty addiction - Face.co.uk

I do most of my beauty shopping online for a number of reasons but primarily because I can usually get better deals online. We all know about the usual online haunts but now there is a new site in the form of www.face.co.uk that you need to check out. They stock some really amazing brands and are adding more all the time. All UK orders come with free first class delivery and orders outside the UK receive free airmail delivery on orders over £40 (countries listed here). 

The products that rescued my skin from the worst breakout & allergic reaction of my life!

One of the great things about writing a beauty blog is that I am sometimes sent products to try but this can also be one of the worst things. Around Easter I was sent a moisturiser and I first applied it at night and was happy that my skin felt soft and was therefore excited to see how it would work over the next month or so. The next morning I woke up to skin that didn't look like my own - I had huge, cystic, painful spots and my skin was bright red, sore and angry. There was obviously something in the moisturiser that my skin hated so I obviously stopped using it immediately but it took around 6 weeks for my skin to look and feel like my own again. Today I want to share the products that got my skin back on track again - I had to deal with spots, sensitivity, inflammation and flakiness so whatever your skin issue, there is bound to be something here to help you. 

My favourite discoveries of 2017 so far, featuring Peter Thomas Roth, Buxom, Givenchy & more!

A cliché I know, but I can't believe that we are now in June! At this time of year, I like to look back at the first part of the year and see how much progress I've made with my resolutions - scratch that,  I like to look back at my beauty purchases and decide if I've chosen well and pick out my favourite discoveries and share them with you!

My sun holiday prep and essentials

Ambre Solaire SPF, Elemis Foot Cream, Kérastase Chroma Captive Hair Mask, Uniq One 10 in 1 Hair Treatment, Clarins Contour Body Oil, Ambre Solaire Aftersun, Decleor Aroma Cleanse, Review, Sun holiday essentials, Fragrance Direct

Now that we're in June, I can finally say that I'm going on holiday this month so although we booked it in early March, it actually feels more real now that it is only a few weeks away. I am really looking forward to it because the sun/heat always helps my bone pain. Today I am sharing the products I use to prep for a sun holiday and also the products that I consider essentials when I'm away. All of the these products are available at discounted prices from Fragrance Direct and all are linked if you want to buy any of them yourself!

Empties & speedy reviews #35 featuring Jo Malone, Kat Von D, Benefit, Alpha H & more!

You all know the drill here - I show you what I've finished recently with a speedy review and tell you whether I would repurchase the products! I have a mixture of skincare, makeup and a few miscellaneous bits and pieces so let's get started!

Current haircare loves featuring Grow Gorgeous, Kerastase & more!

 Grow Gorgeous, Kérastase, Uniq one, Kérastase L'incroyable, Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox, Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Shampoo, Review

This year I haven't been posting monthly favourites, choosing instead to post about products that I am currently loving intermittently rather than regularly. Today I am sharing current haircare loves and I will soon post about my current skincare loves because there have been some very consistent products in my routines in recent times. This is because my scalp and skin have been suffering hugely over the past few months, but particularly over the last 6 weeks due to a mixture of a very bad reaction to a new moisturiser but also my skin and hair have really suffered due to the huge amounts of medications I have been on. These products have helped me to get my scalp and hair looking and feeling soothed, healthy and shiny. I'll post about them in order of how I use them.

Pur~lisse - when Asian and French skincare meet!

A few months ago, I hadn't heard of the brand Pur~lisse but then it began to pop up on some of my favourite blogs, which naturally made me curious about it. It is different from a lot of other skincare brands that I use because it combines Asian skincare secrets with French skincare technologies. The brand was created by Jennifer Yen, who as an actress and model, found that her skin was suffering negative effects of wearing heavy makeup that was required for her job. It is a cruelty-free brand and is deemed as suitable for sensitive skin so I was delighted when Pur~lisse got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to try some products. This post isn't sponsored and the opinion shared is entirely my own.

Brand Focus #5: BECCA

I'm back after a brief and unplanned hiatus. I didn't get the news I hoped for last Thursday when I attended my Consultant appointment so I really just wasn't in the right frame of mind to blog, which meant that I decided to take a few days off and spend them with my family, which was a great distraction. Then I was ready to post on Tuesday but when I woke to the horrific news from Manchester, I felt it wasn't appropriate to post about beauty. I am lost for words & can't even imagine the pain of the people in Manchester but my thoughts are with everyone there.

Today's post is another brand focus and this time it's all about Becca, a brand that flew relatively under the radar until Jaclyn Hill began to rave about the highlighters and then went on to collaborate with them on the famous Champagne Pop. They are now synonymous with highlighted, dewy, glowing skin and although I don't have the largest collection, I wanted to share my thoughts on the brand with you today. As with all of my brand focus posts, this is not sponsored and, in this case, I bought all of the products myself.

My MAC lipstick collection with swatches

MAC, lipstick, Frost, Creme Cup, Sunny Seoul, Peach Blossom, Plumful, Syrup, Alessandra, Brave, Rebel, Angel, Costa Chic, Fast Play, Ruby Woo, Mehr, Velvet Teddy, Please Me,  Swatches
L-R: Peach Blossom, Creme Cup, Sunny Seoul, Brave, Rebel, Angel, Costa Chic, Ruby Woo, Fast Play, Plumful, Syrup, Alessandra, Mehr, Please Me, Velvet Teddy.

I don't have the biggest MAC lipstick collection compared to a lot of bloggers but it is the brand that I have the most lipsticks from in my collection so I thought I would share it with you today. MAC lipsticks have crept up in price over the years and are currently priced at £16.50/€20/US$17 and an eye-watering $36 in Australia so whilst they are more affordable than YSL or Charlotte Tilbury, they still aren't exactly budget-friendly. I tend to buy them in Duty Free where there's a €3 saving. MAC lipsticks come in a range of finishes - matte, retro matte, satin, lustre, glaze, cremesheen, amplified, frost and liptensity - so there really is something for all tastes. I have tried all except the liptensity but that needs to change!

REVIEW: YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe

I've never really been too adventurous with my brow products, mainly relying on pencils to fill them in and just hope for the best! I'm definitely not proficient in creating the "instagram brow" but nor would I really want to be. I like some subtle definition as I find that anything too angular or dark is ageing on me but achieving the balance isn't always easy. I've never used particularly high end brow products so you can imagine my delight when YSL sent me their new Couture Beauty Brow Wardrobe. I've never had a brow "wardrobe" before so I had great fun playing with the products and I'm ready to share my thoughts with you today!

The glow setting spray edit featuring Pixi, Glamglow & more!

Setting sprays have been a regular feature in my daily makeup for years (MAC Fix+ or Urban Decay All Nighter Spray) because I have dry skin and until recently, I hadn't found any setting powders that didn't accentuate my dry skin and make me look 10 years older (that's now changed, thanks to Hourglass). More recently, I have seen the release of setting sprays that also add some glow to the skin and I am hooked! Today I am sharing my thoughts on four glow setting sprays that are currently in my collection and hopefully it will help you choose one if you are looking into adding one to your collection!

Summer fragrance wishlist featuring L'Occitane, Jo Malone & more!

Although I have a good number of perfumes, the change in season makes me want more and the sunny weather of the past week got me thinking about adding some new fragrances to my collection so I'm sharing my wishlist with you today and would love to hear your suggestions too!

I have been reading about L'Occitane Terre De Lumiére on blogs for the past few months and it sounds right up my street - both fresh and warm with notes of bergamot, lavender, almond and white musk amongst others. The bottle is also stunning and would look beautiful sitting on my dressing table. This is at the top of my wishlist!

Brand Focus #4: Hourglass

Time for another brand focus post and this time I am focusing on Hourglass - a high end, cruelty-free brand. They are probably most known for their blushes (that's what initially got me hooked) but this is not a one-trick pony brand. Apart from the stunning, luxurious packaging, Hourglass has a lot to offer. Read on for my thoughts!

A Sephora haul & first impressions featuring Peter Thomas Roth, Herbivore Botanicals, Kat Von D & more!

There haven't been many new releases in recent times that have tempted me enough to buy them and I'm tying to be more mindful with my spending because I have quite a large makeup collection already but when I received an email about the Sephora Spring sale, I couldn't resist buying a few bits! I have used everything so can give you initial thoughts on them too - some are instant loves! I will also tell you how I ordered from Sephora to Ireland in case anything catches your eye.

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY! SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, Review, Giveaway, Prize

I have a very exciting post today because not only am I sharing my thoughts on a luxury skincare item, I also have a second bottle of it to give away to one of my lovely readers! The people at Mizspa kindly contacted me to ask if I would be interested in trying one of the luxury skincare products they sell - SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and also if I would like to run a giveaway here on my blog so, being the skincare lover that I am, I jumped at the chance!

The makeup staples featuring Nars, Marc Jacobs, Clarins, Charlotte Tilbury & more

No matter how many new products I buy, there are still some products that are my default, go-to makeup staples. Products that I grab without having to think too much if I'm in a hurry because I know that I love them and can depend on them. At this stage, I feel that even my husband could choose these if I asked him to throw some makeup in a bag and bring it to me if I wasn't at home because they are my overall most-reached for products. Everybody has makeup staples and today I am sharing mine with you.

Serums currently on heavy rotation featuring Dr Botanicals, Omorovicza, Mizon & more!

Just as the weather has started to warm up, which means I will be reaching for lighter bases, my skin has been playing up. I had a bad reaction to a moisturiser, which made me break out very badly and then my already quite sensitive skin, became very inflamed which I put down to a combination of my meds and also not eating as well as I could have over the Easter period. To combat these effects, I have upped my skincare game and each morning and evening, I examine my face before I apply anything so that I can assess exactly what my skin needs. I want my skin to look clear and to feel comfortable (a bit of radiance and refined pores wouldn't be asking for too much either!) and the five serums I am sharing today are the ones that I have been reaching for most often over the past few weeks. I must add that Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is my go-to evening serum, especially at times when I am trying to repair my skin, but I haven't included it in this post because I have spoken about it so, so many times on the blog already but you can take it as a given because it is my all time favourite skincare product. I am always happy to spend a little more on serums, moreso than moisturiser, because they are more effective in making a difference to my skin due to the fact that they can penetrate more deeply than moisturisers.

Empties & speedy reviews #34 featuring Ren, Glamglow, Omorovicza, Oskia, This Works and more!

It's empties time again and over the past few weeks I have finished some of my favourite products. I'm really committed to finishing off products that have been open for a while and I'm delighted that my shelves are less heaving and my stash is becoming more streamlined. I have a mixture of skin, hair and body care products so let's get started!

Patisserie De Bain - The budget brand for lovers of sweet scented body products

On Wednesday I wrote about some beautiful citrus-scented products but I know that not everybody likes that kind of scent so today I am sharing some sweet-scented bath and body products with you from Patisserie De Bain and not only do they smell and look great, they are very budget-friendly too! They also donate 50p from each product sold to the Rays of Sunshine charity, which brightens the lives of seriously ill children.

Kickstart your day with Rituals Express Your Soul Limited Edition Shower Oil & Body Cream

When I was walking through Duty Free at Easter, the bright packaging of this Rituals Express Your Soul range caught my eye so I stopped to take a smell & was immediately entranced. It's funny how a scent can instantly transport you to another time and this product instinctively made me think of my Granda's garden because he always had Verbena flowering in the summer but also always had a lemon balm plant at his front door and he would give me some to put in my handbag from when I was around 5 right through to adulthood so that lemon scent is one that I love. If you like uplifting, citrus scents then this Express Your Soul range will be for you!

Review: Ben Nye Banana Powder

I think that (like most people), the first time I heard about Ben Nye Banana Powder was when Kim Kardashian's makeup artist mentioned it as one of the main products he used when doing her makeup and it pretty much sold out instantly. At the time, it wasn't very easy to get hold of this side of the Atlantic and whilst it still isn't widely available, thanks to Precious About Makeup, we can now order online. It has been recently repackaged and I was kindly sent a tub to test.

Two foundations that deserve more hype: Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation & Givenchy Teint Couture Blurring Foundation Balm

Although I have around 15 foundations (far too many!) in my current makeup stash, there are two that I am currently obsessed with and I want to share my thoughts on them with you today because neither gets the hype they deserve.

Luxury skincare at great prices with Fragrance Direct

When you hear the name Fragrance Direct, you think perfume/aftershave but maybe not necessarily skincare or other beauty items, but you should! I was really pleasantly surprised when I saw that they stock luxury skin and beauty brands such as Elemis, Murad, Clinique, Decleor, Nars, Clarins, Alterna and more. All products are 100% genuine and they offer free UK delivery on orders over £20 or free International delivery on orders over £75 but if you don't want to spend that much, their delivery charges start at £4.99. I had a good browse of the site and most prices are the equivalent to those in Duty Free, with some brands being reduced by up to 60%!!

The Best of Skincare Tag

I rarely do tag posts but I was tagged by my lovely friend (and skincare guru), Anne from Linda Libra Loca (check out her blog here and video here) to do this best of skincare tag and I couldn't resist because skincare is my "thing" (or jam, as Anne said!).

Get Spring ready with new season fashion & beauty picks from Debenhams!

Good morning! I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather that we are currently having? With this change of weather in mind, today I am bringing you my new season fashion & beauty picks, all of which are currently available in Debenhams. Spring sees us shed the cosy jumpers, coats, heavy foundation and dark lips that we've worn in favour of lighter everything - fabrics, skincare and base products! 

The bad skin day makeup edit: dull, inflamed or spotty skin

No matter how well we take care of our skin, we all have bad skin days - sometimes due to lack of sleep, over-indulgence, illness, medication, reaction to products - the list goes on! Today I want to share my favourite products to use on my skin to combat dull, inflamed or spotty skin. I'm focusing solely on makeup rather than skincare because this is for quick fix solutions and I'm only talking about base products - no blushes or highlighters.

One sweep eyeshadow favourites featuring MAC & By Terry

MAC, By Terry, Eyeshadow, Bronze, Satin Taupe, Cork, Club, Soba, Patina, Sable, Woodwinked, Mulch, Tempting, Bronze Moon, Misty Rock,

We all know that I'm an eyeshadow addict but there are days when blending 3 eyeshadows just seems like too much hard work and too time consuming - that's where one sweep shadows come in handy. Today I am sharing my favourite one sweep shadows with you - most of them are MAC shadows but there are also two shadow sticks, which are the ultimate for lazy eye days.

Brand Focus #3: Oskia

This month's brand focus features only five products, which is a lot less than I usually review when doing a brand focus but, as with all of my other posts, it's all about honesty and I only own five products from the brand, which this month is Oskia. That being said, some of these have been repurchased on several occasions so my love for them is real and I think I can still give you an insight to what this brand is about from these products. As with my other Brand Focus posts, this is not sponsored.

The coral/peach blush edit featuring Nars, Urban Decay, Benefit, MAC, Hourglass & more!

I'm the kind of person who knows what she likes, has a type and (I like to think) knows what suits her. I also, clearly, have an obsession or addiction some people might like to call it! I think the photo above speaks volumes in that regard! Today I want to show you my favourite peachy/coral blushes and enable you if you also have a weakness for them!

Recent additions to my skincare routine that I have been loving featuring Pixi, Pestle & Mortar, Peter Thomas Roth & more!

Over the last 6-8 weeks, I have added some really fantastic products to my skincare collection and I want to share my thoughts on them with you today. You know that skincare is my "thing" and although I am committed to finishing lots of almost empty products (see my empties posts here), I couldn't resist adding some new products to my collection!

Spring eye, cheek, lip and nail picks featuring Too Faced, Essie, Charlotte Tilbury & more!

Now that Spring has finally arrived, I have rotated some of my makeup and put my most Spring-appropriate products in the top drawers of my Muji storage. Today I want to share the eye, cheek, lip and nail products that I will be getting most use out of over the coming months. I tend to go lighter with my base and introduce more pinks for Spring.

Daughter of the Soil Body Butter - luxury, cruelty free beauty with a purpose

One of the perks of writing a beauty blog is that brands get in touch to let us know about their latest releases and offer samples. I would say that I refuse as many, if not more, samples than I accept because I only like to feature products that I would spend my own money on to keep the authenticity of my blog and I always make sure to take the time to read through the information thoroughly before accepting a product. Sometimes the press releases are exciting, sometimes there is nothing new or innovative about the product but every so often, a product will come along that grabs my attention and this is one of those products and the brand story is one that I think all of you will love. Let me introduce you to Daughter of the Soil

10 high end products worth the hype/splurge featuring Marc Jacobs, YSL, Hourglass & more!

High end beauty worth the splurge Hourglass, YSL, Natasha Denona, Hourglass, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Armani, Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Tilbury

It's no secret that I'm a lover of high end beauty products  - it's an accessible way to add some luxury to your life if you don't have €1k + to drop on designer handbags or shoes. Similarly, not everybody wants to spend €50 on a makeup product but for those times when you feel like treating yourself or somebody wants to buy you a luxury makeup gift, it is handy to know what it worth splurging on. Today, I am sharing the 10 products that I believe are worth the splurge.

REVIEW: Anastasia Beverly Hills X Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit & an affordable alternative!

I have a bit of a grá, as we say in Ireland, for Anastasia Beverly Hills products - meaning I have a soft spot for them. The eyeshadows are in my top 3 in terms of formula and pigmentation, I also love the brow products and lip glosses. The liquid lipsticks are hit & miss (I hated Pure Hollywood but really like Allison so am unsure if the formula has changed?) but they make great highlighters. I bought So Hollywood from their initial range of highlighters and then received one of their Glow Kits in That Glow for my birthday last year, which I recently followed up with Sun Dipped when it was re-released. When I saw that this Nicole Guerriero palette was being released, I was in two minds about whether I was going to buy it because I already own so many highlighters and I am actually trying to be more mindful with my spending this year but then I kept seeing beautiful images of it everywhere and it was haunting me - the fact that it is limited edition sent me over the edge and made me buy it! Spoiler alert - I have no regrets but I also have an alternative palette to show you that isn't limited edition, is less expensive, is of the same quality and is easier to get hold of. I'm not saying that it's a dupe because that is a very controversial topic these days, plus the other palette was released long before this Anastasia/Nicole one and it isn't exactly the same but it is an alternative.

Spoil your Mum this Sunday with my last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide with Debenhams

I know that, like Valentine's Day, not everybody is a fan of Mother's Day and whilst I absolutely agree that we should make our loved ones feel special every day, I think that it is nice to really mark the day by making a fuss of your mother so she feels extra special. If you have left your Mother's Day shopping until the last minute, fear not because you still have time to shop for your mother, mother-in-law, stepmum or other half, if you are one of my male readers, and today I have teamed up with Debenhams to bring you a last minute gift guide for Mother's Day this Sunday. If you have a store near you, you can avail of Debenhams free next day Click & Collect service or next day delivery service if you don't live near a store. I have a variety of gift ideas for you here today to spoil your Mum with, ranging from skincare to fragrance (some of which have £10 off) to homeware and accessories, so there is bound to be something to catch your eye and they all have clickable links to make ordering even faster. Let's get started!

The new eyeshadow brushes in my collection featuring Sigma, Callanberry and Nima

I haven't been happy with my eye brushes for a long time - I owned around 20 but some had seen better days and others I just never used, so I kept 3 and binned the others! I kept a MAC 239, MAC 217 and a Sigma pencil brush. Obviously, unless I want to wash my brushes on a daily basis, these 3 brushes were not going to be enough for me so I decided to order some more but instead of going for the obvious MAC or Real Techniques, I decided to treat myself to some others I had wanted for a while.
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