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My holiday skincare picks featuring Omorovicza, Clarins, Sarah Chapman & more!

I am going on holiday today - in fact, when this goes live, I will be on a plane on my way to Majorca for 11 nights with my husband! I haven't been there since 2007 but I have good memories from that holiday and I'm hoping this one will be even better - can't be much worse than our holiday in June when we went to Lanzarote where I became very ill and it was a bit of a nightmare! Fingers crossed for a better one this time! I showed you my holiday makeup picks last time around and I'm bringing pretty much the same products again so instead, I thought I'd show you the skincare products I am bringing. I went through my sample and mini product stash and have chosen my favourites because I still like to maintain my skincare routine as much as possible when I'm away.

Some Charlotte Tilbury purchases & initial thoughts

Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder Medium, Blush Hot Love, Charlotte Tilbury, Eyes to Mesmerise Veruschka, Haul, Hollywood Beauty Light Wand, Hollywood Contour Wand, Hollywood Lips Rising Star,

It's a while since I made some Charlotte Tilbury purchases even though I always have a CT wishlist as long as my arm. Although I have quite a few products (see brand focus post here), I basically want to try everything and when I saw that she was releasing a new Hollywood range of products, I knew I would have to place an order. I also have my eye on her new Instant Eye Palette but that won't be released until later this year, as far as I am aware.

Brand Focus #9: Sarah Chapman Skinesis

I thought it was about time that I did another skincare brand focus post because this category has been dominated by makeup brands for the past few months (check them out here). The brand I am focusing on is Sarah Chapman Skinesis, which is a luxury British brand whose aim is to create products that will give radiant, healthy, glowing skin. To find out more about Sarah who is the name behind the brand, see Fleur's video here. As with all of my other brand focus posts, this is not sponsored and I bought all of the products myself.

The new haircare brand on the block - Playa

I've never been to California but thanks to tv shows (Laguna Beach & The Hills, anyone remember those?!) and films, I have a vision in my head of all of the ladies over there having beautiful hair - effortlessly cool, beachy waves - you know the look that I'm talking about. I've attempted this look a number of times but this Irish gal ends up with cruchy, lank locks that really do look undone and like "I just woke up like this" so when Playa contacted me to ask if I'd like to try their products, I jumped at the chance. Playa is a cruelty-free brand, based in Venice Beach and Shelby, the founder, has created a carefully curated range of products that can help anybody to achieve the beachy, Californian look effortlessly.

The loyalty card worth having: Debenhams Beauty Club

Debenhams have recently re-launched their Beauty Club Card and I have to say that it is one of the best loyalty schemes around. I'm going to talk you through the benefits of the card today and also highlight some of my favourites from the 200 beauty brands stocked at Debenhams - yes you read that right - 200 brands! Some of the brands are exclusive to Debenhams in the UK & Ireland, which is very exciting as they used to only be available overseas, so to have access to those brands and be able to earn points, which you can in turn spend on more beauty, can only be a good thing - right?!

Two amazing overnight masks for bright and radiant skin

Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask, Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask

Night-time is when our skin repairs, renews and regenerates (all pretty much meaning the same thing, but I liked the alliteration!) so obviously what we put on our faces at night is very important because we can accelerate the repair and renewal process. Also, when we apply products at night, the active ingredients can really get to work because they have nothing else to compete with - makeup, spf etc. My dream is to wake up with fresh, radiant, glowing skin and I know I am not the only person with that wish so today I am sharing my thoughts on two amazing overnight masks that I think would work for all skin types.

Lip plumping products featuring PMD Kiss, Dior, Buxom and more!

I think we can all blame Kylie Jenner for the trout pout look that is everywhere at the moment, but even if that look isn't for you (as it isn't for me), as we age, our lips get thinner so there may be times that we all long for a fuller pout. Personally, lip fillers are not for me but I wouldn't judge anybody who gets them - each to their own, so I prefer to use products to cheat my way to fuller lips and I am sharing those products with you today!
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