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Thursday 13 August 2015

Products deserving of more hype #1

I think we can all be found guilty of giving in to blogger hype at times - sometimes with success, but at other times I wonder WHY so many people are raving about a product (Clarisonic and Embryolisse spring to mind). I sometimes wonder if the opinion would be different if a product was paid for, rather than given and find that I tend to unfollow blogs if I find that they only write about pr samples. Then there are times when I find a product that I love and wonder why it hasn't been hyped up or featured on many blogs. Is it because the company behind the product doesn't send out a lot of pr samples? I think that beauty bloggers should feature more than just pr samples on their blogs - afterall, if beauty is really a passion, surely they like shopping for beauty products or finding hidden gems? Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on bloggers who receive pr samples, but I just feel that a well rounded, non-biased beauty blog should feature more than just freebies. So today, I thought I would share some products that I have in my collection that I think are deserving of more hype and I would love if you would share what products you think deserve more hype in the comments below.

I will start with skincare. First up is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, actually Dermalogica products, in general. I am a huge fan of Dermalogica - I find that at times when my skin is going through a bad phase, I revert to products from this brand and within a week my skin has calmed down and is re-hydrated. I know that chemical exfoliators are more popular at the moment, but sometimes I like to use a manual exfoliator and find that Daily Microfoliant leaves my skin very soft, clear and my pores refined. My foundation always applies very evenly after using this product too. It is a very gentle exfoliant but very effective.  I used to only use Dermalogica products but given that I love beauty and skincare, I like to try other brands/products but will always come back to Dermalogica in times of trouble. I would love to see the products featured more widely on blogs.

Next up is Oskia Renaissance Mask. We have all heard about Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel because it has been featured on so many blogs, but I haven't read very many hyped reviews of the mask from the range. This mask deserves much more hype than it gets because it really is an amazing product. It exfoliates and moisturises the skin, leaving it soft, congestion-free and plump. It really is a 'one product does it all' mask! This is, without doubt, the best mask I have ever used, I have dry, sensitive skin that is also dehydrated and can sometimes be congested along my jawline & chin and this mask has been a revelation to me.

Finally for skincare, I have to mention Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beauté. I received this mask in a Beauty Box and I just put it in a drawer and neglected to try it for a few months. It was after I had a bad reaction to a cleanser and I was desperately searching for something to calm my skin down that I first reached for this mask. I could immediately feel the soothing effect and I left it on overnight, which resulted in my skin being hydrated and calm. I wondered why I hadn't used it before! I guess it was because I hadn't read much about it, but that was a big error on my part. I would particularly recommend this to people who have trouble sleeping and end up with sore eyes - those who have late nights, broken sleep etc because I use it on my eye are and it really helps my fine lines - the entire area is left very plumped up and soothed when I use this mask. It definitely deserves to get more hype!

Now on to make-up. Stila In the Light Palette (and Stila as a brand) definitely deserves more hype. The beauty world goes crazy for the latest Urban Decay palette but there is rarely much hype around this amazing palette! The pigmentation, blendability and butteriness (does those last two words even exist?!) of the shadows in this palette are every bit as good as the Urban Decay shadows. I'm not saying that the U.D. palettes are undeserving of hype, but this Stila palette deserves every bit as much hype. The variety of colours in the palette means that there are numerous looks, both day and night-time appropriate, that can be created and it also includes a little booklet which gives step by step instructions to achieve some looks. It contains both shimmers and mattes and they can be worn both wet and dry, and it also contains a waterproof eye liner. Stila as a brand deserves more hype - their water proof liquid liner and Mile High Lashes are also amazing products, but don't seem to appear on blogs very often. I have my eye on the Eyes are the Window Soul palette next!

Another brand that deserves more hype is theBalm. Everybody raves about the Mary Lou Manizer, but not much attention is given to the Nude Tude palette or the blushes & bronzer, which I think are almost on a par with Nars, but a lot more affordable. Particular favourites include Hot Mama and Frat Boy (similar to Nars Orgasm and Deep Throat). The Nude Tude palette has a real variety of shades to creates more than just a neutral look. I also really love the packaging and would really love to see more hype in the blogging world about this brand.

Lancome Teint Miracle Bare Skin Foundation is a product that I rarely see mentioned on blogs, but it is a beautiful foundation for those who like a dewy look to the skin. It is ideal for those with dry skin or sensitive skin and I always receive compliments on my skin when I wear it. It has medium coverage, although it could be sheered out for a lighter base and makes the skin look radiant. Definitely deserves more hype!

Finally, I have to mention Inglot Pure Pigments. These pigments are less expensive than MAC pigments and you also receive more product in the pot. The range of colours is vast and they work every bit as well as the MAC version. They are intensely pigmented, as you would expect but I find that there is less fall down than when I use the MAC product. I see a lot about Inglot blush/contour products in the blogging world but very little about these pigments and I really think they deserve more hype!

So c'mon, please tell me the products in your collection that deserve more hype than they receive? I would love to know! Expect a post on over-hyped products soon! 

Thanks for reading!

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