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Thursday 18 January 2018

Full coverage foundations for dry skin

Full Coverage Foundations for dry skin

I used to be a fan of full coverage foundation but as the years have gone by, I sometimes think that the combination of full coverage and dry skin can be very ageing.  Also, my taste has changed and I generally prefer a dewy/glowy look to my skin with light to medium coverage. That being said, foundations have also come a long way and full coverage doesn't have to equal flat, mask-like bases and I have three that I want to recommend to you that I reach for if I'm having a bad skin day or for a party/occasion when I want my base to last for hours on end without the need for any touch ups.

The first is Natasha Denona Foundation X. This foundation is very lightweight - it really doesn't feel like there is anything on the skin, however it packs a punch in terms of coverage whilst giving a radiant finish - not dewy, not glowy - if I had to categorize it, I would say demi-matte. It doesn't settle into fine lines or highlight pores, it doesn't cake around the nose or break down after a few hours. It's an all round winner in my eyes. I find that it is best applied with a damp beauty blender - I have used brushes and they work well but the beauty blender really ensures that it meshes into the skin. It's long-lasting too - I would say the longest I've worn it for is probably around 9 hours and it was still looking fresh. I was so disappointed when Beauty Bay stopped stocking Natasha Denona products so on this side of the Atlantic, the only option available to us is to order from either Sephora or Beautylish. If ordering from Sephora, you can use MyMallBox, which is my preference.

The next is Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation, which is much thicker and creamier in texture than the Natasha Denona foundation so a dense brush is definitely required to buff this into the skin. I have tried it with a beauty blender but it just doesn't work as well, however I will always finish with my beauty blender. This certainly lives up to the 'flawless' in its name - any blemishes, areas of dullness, redness, dark circles etc are all gone with this foundation, which creates a smooth, even base. It isn't exactly heavy on the skin, however it definitely couldn't be described as lightweight - that being said, I don't get the feeling of "I cannot wait to take my makeup off" - it doesn't suffocate the skin and it lasts a good 10 hours without budging. I highly recommend pairing it with the Huda Complexion Perfection Primer if you have very dry skin, a sample of which is enclosed with the foundation.

The final one is Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation, which offers medium to full coverage. Like the Natasha Denona foundation, it has a light texture and what I really love about this foundation is that it blurs my pores, making them less visible. It also doesn't sink into fine lines, cake or separate and it gives a radiant finish - not matte and not exactly satin. I haven't worn it for a full 15 hours but it is long-lasting and doesn't require touch ups during the day. Although it's oil-free, it is't drying in the slightest, even when built up from medium to full coverage.

What kind of coverage do you like? Have you tried any of these foundations? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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