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Tuesday 21 January 2020

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer VS Olaplex No 3 Which is better?

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer VS Olaplex No 3 Which is better?
I bought Olaplex and Philip Kingsley Elasticizer was kindly sent to me without any obligation to post about it. 

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Some people mistake hair treatments for hair masks but these two products are actually pre-shampoo treatments.  Both are suitable for bleached, coloured, heat-damaged hair or even for those who don't use a lot of colour/heat but just have damaged or frizzy hair. They act as a cuticle sealant but work from within to repair and prevent further damage. I'm sure that there are probably a number of products of this type on the market but the two cult ones are Philip Kingsley Elasticizer* and Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector. Today I want to share my thoughts on both with you. I never really believed that a product like this would become a staple in my routine, but it has!

Olaplex No. 3: Hair Perfector: This is part of a three step routine, which used to only be available in salons. I'll admit that when I first bought this, I was quite surprised at how tiny the bottle was, given that it isn't cheap (100ml for £26!), however I am happy to say that a little goes a long way and the bottles last for months on my (below shoulder length hair). It is applied to damp hair and I always comb it through to ensure that all of my hair is covered in product. The directions say to leave for a minimum of 10 minutes but I personally find that the best results are achieved from leaving on for a few hours, or even, overnight. It contains a range of nourishing and repairing ingredients but the star one is bis-aminopropyl dig-lycol dimaleate (I hadn't heard of it before either!), which is basically a bond-builder. It strengthens the hair from the inside, which is much more effective than any products applied to mask a problem. After leaving for as long as possible, the product is washed out and hair is shampooed and conditioned. There are other products in the line up but I am yet to try them, that being said, no matter what products I use after this treatment, my hair is smooth, easy to comb through and less frizzy. It is also more elasticized and bouncy and generally feels like there is no change of it snapping when I am combing through, despite my hair being naturally knotty. This product has made the biggest difference to my hair out of all products I have tried over the last two years. My hair is coloured (although not bleached at the moment - considering getting balayage re-done this year), I use heat on it every time I wash it, it's dry and naturally frizzy and has really suffered in terms of strength and bounce over the years that I have been ill - medication and general illness will do that. That being said, the condition and structure of my hair has hugely improved since introducing this product (usually once weekly). It's a little pot of magic! Available from Cult Beauty  (there is an offer currently that you will receive a free full size No 7 Bonding Oil if you spend more than £60 on Olaplex products).and Space NK.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer*The full size tub of this treatment also contains a shower cap, which is put over your hair when the product is applied.  This is a handy addition as not everyone has a shower cap. I personally use a hair turban as I find it most comfortable and sturdy - who wants water dribbling down their neck?! In the same way as Olaplex, this is applied as a pre-shampoo treatment. It works in a similar way also however it also offers UV protection, which is brilliant for coloured hair. It contains Hydrolysed Elastin, which penetrates the hair shaft, Castor Oil, which is a really nourishing ingredient that locks in moisture, Olive Oil and Glycerin, both of which moisturise and hydrate the hair. From the ingredient list, it sounds like a heavy product, but actually it doesn't feel overly heavy and it rinses well. Starts at £19 for 75ml, but if you use the code LYMIN, it will be reduced to £15.19. This code is valid until the end of February.

In terms of which is better, it's kind of tricky to say as it probably depends on a number of factors - how damaged your hair is, if you are in a hard water area, how often you use heat/bleach etc. In terms of results for my own hair, Olaplex has the edge for me as my hair is easier to comb through after using it, which in turn means less breakage (therefore stronger and more elasticized hair). To be fair, both products do a lot for my hair in terms of bounce, strength and shine. You can't really go wring with either product if you have damaged hair as there will be definite improvements.

I'm almost finished my current bottle of Olaplex and won't repurchase until I finish the two lots of Elasticizer, which tells you that I definitely think that the latter is an excellent product. If you have tried both (or either) of these, I would love to hear your thoughts?

Thanks for reading! 

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