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Thursday 23 September 2021

My candle collection...... something that brings me true joy!


I'm a self-confessed fragrance addict, in all its forms! Even on duvet/pj days, I will wear perfume, I always have diffusers around the house and I use my Neom Wellbeing Diffuser Pod daily, but I also love candles... not just for cosy Autumn/Winter nights, I use them all year round! I do it because having a nice scent in a room brings me joy and I'm all about anything that brings me joy - sometimes, it's the smallest of things that can brighten your day, and in my case, it's a nice candle. They're one of my favourite gifts to receive (apart from anything clove, pumpkin or cinnamon scented - I just don't like that aroma). Today, I'm sharing some of my favourite brands with you. I like a candle that will give off a good scent when lit, rather than just in the box, and I also like it to smell authentic, rather than synthetic. The aesthetics obviously play their part, but they wouldn't be the deciding factor in whether or not I buy a candle. So, on to my favourites (in no particular order)....

Jo Loves: This is one of my favourite fragrance brands, and the candles are equally as beautiful! I have had three different scents before my current White Rose & Lemon Leaves. I still have a mini of the Christmas one from an Advent Calendar last year (or maybe it was a GWP), which I kept as I had a lot of festive candles, and I'm already excited to light it this year. These candles fill the room with scent before they're even lit, but not in an overpowering way. The blend of notes in each candle really captures a mood, whether it be an evening in the sun, a cosy night in front of the fire, or Christmas. If you want to treat yourself or someone else, you can't go far wrong with one of these candles. Fig Trees is a particularly beautiful scent, but it's hard to beat Ponelo - basically, you can't go wrong with this brand!

Jo Malone: The first Jo Malone candle I ever owned really disappointed me, but I think that it was just the scent itself, which wasn't very strong, whereas the few I have had since then have been much more impressive in terms of the scent that they give. They're pricey, so I don't always have one on the go, but I do always try to get the limited edition festive scent (as long as it isn't clove or cinnamon related (I love Pine & Eucalyptus or Orange Bitters). I could resist adding this English Pear & Freesia to my collection. I would generally associate this scent with Spring, but I love how fresh it is, so I'll use it, no matter what the season. I love the limited edition ribbed jar.

Boy Smells: In a lot of ways, you can sense a theme with my candles - I go for fresh, citrusy scents - anything that will remind me of our honeymoon in Italy, where there were lemon trees everywhere! This particular scent has limoncello as its top note, so if I close my eyes, I'm back in Italy. It also has notes of basil, pomelo (my favourite), and black pepper and the combination is zesty, without being too sharp. I could smell it before I even opened the box, so I think I'll be buying more from the brand.

This Works: I have had a few candles from this brand, but always go back to the Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle, which I will light a few hours before bed and it really does help me to unwind and get ready for my slumber! It contains notes of lavender, chamomile and vetivert, which are calming and soothing - the perfect way to unwind. I've lost count of the number of these candles I've used!

Mor*: This brand is so underrated! It's Australian and celebrates its 20th birthday this year, growing from a brand that began with soaps, to now having an entire bath and body line, home fragrance and perfumes. They do scent combinations so well and would certainly give any brand in this post a run for its money in terms of the blend of notes, but at a much more affordable price. I've loved all candles that I've tried from the brand, but I'm particularly hooked on the Lychee Flower one. The jar screams luxury (but the price tag is reasonable), it fills the room with fragrance. The notes include lime, lychee and orange (told you I love a citrus scent), combined with rose, jasmine, cedarwood and berries. It's sweet, without being sickening, and also fresh and citrusy, without being too sharp. You can smell the fragrance, even when unlit, but it's even better when lit - it fills the room, but isn't overpowering. Another brand that I definitely want to try more scents from.

Overose: Apart from being the most aesthetically pleasing candles I've seen, I adore all of the fragrances, as they have a rose base, which I adore. But even if you don't like roses, you will probably like these candles, because they blend notes so well - some with coconut milk, for a holiday feel, others with fruit, for a sweeter palette. I have tried five different candles from this range and loved them all, but I think Anthurium is my favourite as it smells like a combination of the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, but also like a warm summer's evening - two of my favourite things! I'll always have an Overose candle in my collection.

Byredo: I was shocked at how small this candle was when it arrived! It's not cheap, but nothing from this brand is, but I still expected it to be a little bigger. That said, I love the simple packaging and the fragrance itself. There are six to choose from and I chose Tree House, which is woody and simplistic. It smells like a walk in the countryside in the evening (minus any animal excrement or the awful smell when vegetables have been cut!) - basically, pretend you're walking through a nice wood that also has some green areas - fresh and full of nature. Given that I live in the country, I'd probably choose a different scent if I were to buy another candle, but I think it'd be a nice gift for someone who lives in the city!

ESPA: This was lit a lot when I was very ill, because the aroma was very soothing and spa-like. It contains notes of rose, sweet orange, geranium and lavender, combined with palmarosa, which is a very soothing and calming combination. You don't need to be ill to appreciate this candle - anyone who is stressed or frazzled after a busy day will find themselves relaxing when they light this and take a few moments to just focus on their breathing. I want to try more from the restorative range now!

There are other brands that I really love, such as Diptyque and L'Occitane, but I just don't have any of their candles at the moment, but think that they're totally worth the money and would make gorgeous gifts. One brand that's on my wishlist is Maison Margiela, because I adore the fragrances.

What's your weakness? Are there any candle brands that you recommend I try? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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