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Tuesday 8 February 2022

Sickbed essentials


Sickbed essentials

At this stage, I think it's easier to name those who haven't had Covid, than those who have! That said, I'm the only one in my family to have caught it ( a number of times!). This post isn't about supplements (I'm not a doctor, although I do recommend taking probiotics daily), or medication of any kind. Today, I'm talking you through the products that I find help me to feel a little better and relax more, so that I have the best chance of recuperation. You don't need to spend a fortune on products, just use what you have, and when energy is low (as it inevitably is when fighting a virus or any type of infection or illness), just some basic things can lift your spirits.

Scent: I can't smell a thing at the moment, but I'm still using my Neom Pod Diffuser, as I find the sound of the water soothing, and I'm hoping that one of these days soon, I'll smell the oil. If you don't have one of these (although I recommend getting one if you can, as they are much better value than candles and my LYMIN code works to save 20% on the mini pod diffuser here), candles, regular diffusers, or even room sprays (as well as opening the window, for some fresh air), will help you feel better, if you can smell. Plus, if you aren't isolating, and people are visiting, or bringing you meals, it's nice to have your room or house, smelling fresh. 

Skincare: Even as a skincare addict, when I'm at my most ill, I can't do an entire routine, so I'll use the products that I know will work well, with the least amount of effort. When I had Delta, my skin was burnt, itchy, red and inflamed, from head to toe, so I used the most products in my routine, as I wasn't wearing makeup, so sometimes water was enough, followed by moisturiser. This time round, my skin feels tender, as do my bones, so I'm using IT Cosmetics Miracle Water*, followed by Eccoking Essence*, Caudalie Grape Water (which I spray liberally throughout the day too), Erno Laszlo Eye Masks, FraĆ®cheur Ice Globes* - save 10% with the code SIOBHAN10 (again, I use a few times throughout the day), The Inkey List Polyglutamic Acid* and IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream or The Inkey List Omega Water Cream*. My main focus is to soothe my eye area, as my eyeballs and eye sockets, are just so sore, so the Ice Globes are invaluable. When I'm feeling better, I can get back to masking and using actives etc, but for now, I need to just soothe and nourish my skin. I don't think that we should put pressure on ourselves when we're ill, so if it's a splash of water and some moisturiser, then that's better than nothing, but sheet masks are a quick and easy way to help your skin too.

Silk pillow case: I swear by my silk pillow cases - they help my hair and skin, but I've also noticed how cooling and soothing they are. Ideal if you have a headache, temperature, or both. I also love to use a pillow spray, which I know some people don't, as they're afraid that they will ruin the pillow cases (I haven't found this to be a problem), however Slip sell a pillow mist, which is designed specifically for pillowcases.

Dry shampoo: Washing and drying my hair is not something I am keen on doing when I'm ill! Actually, I'd love to be able to do it, but it takes a lot of effort, so dry shampoo is my best friend, and the one that I find will really help to absorb oils the best, and leave hair feeling fresh and clean is Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo (save 20% with the code LYMIN). I spray it into the roots, leave it for a while, and then brush through (and tie my hair back with a silk scrunchie - my favourites are the Slip ones & you can save 20% with the code LYMIN also).

Hand sanitiser, hand cream and cuticle oil: It goes without saying that we need to use hand sanitiser throughout the day (obviously only when you can't get to a sink to wash your hands), but as these can be drying, I apply hand cream countless times throughout the day (L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream* is a constant in my life - my handbag, desk, bedside table, coffee table drawer - basically everywhere!), because my skin is naturally dry, and I like to keep my hands feeling soft and supple. At night, I apply cuticle oil too, so that I can give it time to soak in - this makes a huge difference, to both my cuticles, but also to the condition of my nails.

Finally, the main thing I'd recommend doing, is to watch, read, or listen, to something funny. It's so good for the soul to laugh out loud - a real belly laugh! This Way Up is the most recent show that we have watched that made us laugh so much, other favourites are Schitt's Creek (my comfort blanket), Derry Girls and The Big Bang Theory (all on Netflix)

If you find that being ill is getting you down, try chatting to someone you trust. If you don't want to share your thoughts with someone else, write them down. Something progressive, is to write lists - not ones that put pressure on you, but even just small things that you are looking forward to doing when you are feeling better - from as small as being able to make your bed yourself, or prepare your own meals, to as big as you want - holidays you want to go on,  further study, moving to another country - the sky is the limit, so why not write it down, brainstorm and see what comes from it!

What are your sickbed essentials or comfort blankets when you're feeling unwell? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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