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Wednesday 27 July 2022

How I'm feeling about blogging right now.....

How I'm feeling about blogging right now, Is there still a place for blogs in 2022?
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I've attempted to write this post so many times, but didn't know exactly what to say as I'm in two minds about blogging at the moment, and have been for a while. I really would love to hear your thoughts on this subject in the comments below, or DM me on Instagram.

As I've said before, I started blogging after a few years of reading them and wanting to be part of the community, to have conversations with those who share the same interest in beauty, and as a distraction from my illness. I've loved all things beauty for as long as I can remember. During the pandemic/lockdowns, blogs seemed to be more popular than in the 12-18 months previously, as people had more spare time. With that, views sky rocketed and engagement was like it had been in the first few years of blogging. That's what I really love about blogging - comments and engagement, because I want to chat about beauty and if you aren't receiving many comments (despite views remaining high), then it can be dis-heartening.

A lot of the blogs that started at the same time as mine are now gone, and I miss those blogs and the people behind them. Of course, there are new blogs to read and I love when I discover a new blog that I enjoy and there are still some of the OG bloggers around (when I say OG, I'm not talking about Zoella and the likes, I mean the people whose blogs started around the same time as mine, and are still blogging all these years later).

I know that people like everything to be instant in their lives nowadays, so Instagram and Tik Tok have taken over. I personally don't find much value in them because I can't get a full review of a product and I can't search a person's page for anything in particular (on Instagram anyway, I'm new to Tik Tok). Instagram now favours reels, so is basically Tik Tok Jnr. The thing is, whether I like it or not, this is what brands want, and when the next thing comes along, they'll move to that. 

As I mentioned earlier, I have a chronic illness. This has been exasperated by having Covid fives times, which has brought its own issues, so I simply don't have the energy or concentration to even learn how to make a reel or Tik Tok video. I can't put into words the toll that Covid has taken on my body, so even my upload schedule has suffered, which really bothers me.

Bloglovin is now ineffective and always down and this has affected views because most people (including me), use it to keep up to date with blogs. I don't know if there's an alternative to Bloglovin, but if there is, I'd love to hear about it!

I personally don't like to accept PR just for the sake of it - I only want products that I would genuinely like to try, or would spend my own money on. I appreciate everything that is sent to me, but when a brand ghosts you, it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth, especially when you've been extremely loyal to them for years, and have spent a lot of your own money on the brand.

I still believe that blogs have value - you will get full reviews (and honest ones, if you read the right blogs - mine being one!), you won't just see a product when it has been received, which is something that really irritates me on Instagram - where users just show the "cool PR package" they've received, but never actually review the products!

Although it may not seem it, blogs do take a lot of work - photos, promotion, testing of products, notes along the way and then the actual writing of the post. Therefore, it can be frustrating when people don't engage. 

My domain is up for renewal in a few weeks, which is why all of this has come to a head for me (hence writing the post). For the first time, I'm debating not renewing it, but at the same time, I know that I would miss blogging, but would my body thank me for stopping? If I did, I would delete all social media apps, as they don't really interest me, so I'd have to go cold turkey as it were! But if I wanted to try a new product, I know that I'd be reading blog posts for reviews before purchasing, and then forming my own opinion, which I know I'd want to share - I'm going round in circles!!

I would absolutely LOVE to hear your thoughts. Even if you usually read posts without commenting, I'd really value your opinion on this one. Have blogs had their day in your opinion, or do you still read them for thorough reviews, even if you don't comment?

I need to make the decision to either continue blogging and really commit to a schedule, or just delete it and put my focus elsewhere. Any other bloggers feeling this way? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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