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Friday 19 August 2022

Omorovicza serums review

Omorovicza serums review

You all know how much a fan I am of Omorovicza since I first discovered the brand in 2015. So many of you have messaged me or commented over the years, saying that you tried the brand because of my reviews, which I really love because you also tell me that you now get the hype, despite the high price tags. I have tried all of their serums apart from the Blue Diamond Concentrate, and want to share my thoughts on them with you today. There are eight in total, but I would consider Midnight Renewal and Acid Fix to be treatments, so I will review those in a separate post if you'd be interested? Some of the serums in the photo above look full, but I've used 2/3 bottles of each already, so I'm able to give a full review and suggest which might work best for you, depending on what issues you may have.

Daily Vitamin C: Over the years I've had a tricky relationship with Vitamin C products. I found that a lot left my skin looking and feeling burnt, so I was reluctant to use any products for a while. That being said, I'm very aware of the benefits of it - brighter skin, collagen production is stimulated, which leads to firmer and plumper skin, plus it protects against free radicals, which can damage the skin. I knew that I had to incorporate it somehow and this serum came along at the right time. I'm sure that you are already aware, but if not, once you open a Vitamin C product, you will need to use it regularly or it can oxidise quickly and that's just a waste of money. For this reason, I will only have one Vitamin C product open at a time. The packaging is also important and this serum's frosted glass is perfect. It also contains a very stable form of the ingredient - Sodium Ascobyl Phosphate, alongside Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and the brand's patented Thermal Healing Concentrate™, alongside other skin-boosting ingredients. It is intended for daily use, as the name suggests, but I began with every third day, then every second day and within a fortnight, I was using it daily without any ill-effects. It has a milky texture, it layers well with other products, and when used in this consistent way, my skin is noticeably more radiant and glowy, as well as soft and plump. If you have sensitive skin and are wary of using Vitamin C, despite the benefits, I would recommend investing in this serum because you really will see a difference Best for all skin types.

Instant Perfection Serum: This serum is described as being best for oily/combination skin, which I am sure it is, however I also find it effective on my dry skin. It's oil-free, so I just use a nourishing moisturiser or oil to finish my routine, if I feel the need. It contains Narcissus Stem Cells, which promote an even skin tone and helps to reverse sun damage, Hyaluronic Acid, Xylitol and like all products from the brand, its patented Thermal Healing Concentrate™, among other ingredients. It has a silky texture, which instantly makes the skin feel smooth, and it layers well with other products. What I really love about this serum is that my pores and fine lines appear less visible when I use it consistently. It also seems to make my skin appear more radiant - who doesn't want that? Suitable for all skin types (in my opinion!).

Gold Night Drops: Probably my favourite of all of the serums, this is ultra-nourishing, brightening, plumping and firming. It feels like a drink and a boost of moisture when applied to the skin, and although it contains Vitamin A, it isn't enough to cause any peeling. My skin gets an instant boost when I use this and with consistent use, it reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation. I have been using it consistently for a few months, and it has reminded me why I love it so much - I can really see the difference in my skin. It's expensive, but I can't imagine not having it in my routine. Best suited to skin that is looking tired, showing signs of age/slackening/dullness.

Rose Lifting Serum: When I first saw this serum, I was curious as to what the lifting ingredients were, and the main one is one I hadn't heard of previously - Sea Mayweed. This is said to help the muscles relax, leading to fewer lines and wrinkles - an alternative to botox? Probably not completely, however for those of us who aren't interested in getting botox (although I always say "never say never"), it could be seen as a natural alternative that will give some of the effects. It also contains Ruby Crystals, which blurs the appearance of pores and fine lines. I love the lightweight texture of this serum, which layers well with other products and can be used day and night. Suited to all skin types that are showing first signs of ageing.

Gold Flash Firming Serum: (Not included in the photo as I recently finished yet another bottle!) This is my second favourite serum, as it works so well on my sensitive skin. It contains colloidal gold, which has anti-inflammatory properties, but also helps to strengthen the skin. It also contains polypeptides, which we all need at a certain age, to help with the elasticity of the skin and collagen production. Using this during the day and the Gold Night Drops in the evening, is the dreamiest combination. It certainly makes a visible difference in the firmness, bounciness and elasticity of the skin. Pricey, but an investment. Ideal for slack, dull and sensitive skin that is showing signs of ageing.

Have you tried any of these serums? I'd love to hear which one you'd most like to try!

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