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Thursday 10 November 2022

My morning Omorovicza skincare routine and a discount code!

My morning Omorovicza skincare routine and a discount code!
The Cushioning Day Cream was kindly gifted to me, without obligation.

It's no secret that I'm a HUGE Omorovicza fan, and although I am aware that the products are expensive, they just really work for my skin. I have a wide collection of their products in my stash, and use some most days but on days where I really feel like I need a pamper/treat, I will use the brand exclusively and pretend I'm at a salon. It really makes me feel better, but also leaves my skin looking amazing. Today, I want to share my morning routine with you, and next week I'll share my evening routine (which has a lot more decisions/choices!). If you want to buy any of the products featured in today's post, or anything else on site (full price, and not gift sets), then you can use my code SIOBHAN10 to save 10%.

Thermal Cleansing Balm: I love a balm cleanser and although they aren't necessary for a morning cleanse, when I want a real pamper, I love nothing more than melting the balm into my skin and giving it a nice massage to get the blood flowing and circulating. This balm is very pliable and when removed, skin feels thoroughly cleansed and so hydrated and comfortable, without any greasy film. I honestly couldn't even estimate how many tubs of this I have used!

Acid Solution: There are occasions when I use a physical exfoliator, however I do love a liquid one and this one is particularly great because it combines glycolic and lactic acid, for surface exfoliating, with salicylic acid, for deeper exfoliation of pores. It might sound harsh, however it contains the brand's patented Healing Concentrate™ and polyglucoronic acid, both of which hydrate, soothe and balance the skin.

Ultramoor Mud Mask: The ultimate antidote to dull skin, but not only that, it also gives a lifting effect, so skin not only looks clear and radiant, it also looks firmer. This really helps my skin look like I've had a facial!

Omoressence: I adore this essence because it plumps and hydrates the skin, doesn't feel greasy, or like there's an extra layer of product on the skin. It also reduces inflammation, which makes it perfect for my morning routine, and finally, it contains silicium, which helps to boost collagen and therefore, the elasticity of the skin.

Oxygen Booster: Some people might see this as a "Princess product" because it's used in addition to serums, or can be mixed with your moisturiser, to add more hydration to the skin, but also help to improve the elasticity of the skin, resulting in plumper skin - something I'm all for!

Daily Vitamin C: To combat dull skin, but also improve pigmentation and the elasticity of the skin, I love to use this Vitamin C serum, because some are too harsh to use daily on my sensitive skin, but not this one. I find that with consistent use, my skin is more radiant and even in tone. I love that it contains a stable form of Vitamin C - sodium ascorbyl phosphate, because some serums I have used previously have oxidised quite quickly, which is a waste of money!

Rose Lifting Serum: I know that a lot of people now prefer a 'one product does it all' serum, but I personally am happy to layer my products (unless I'm seriously ill, without the energy nor inclination!). This serum, as the name suggests, aims to firm and lift the skin, and I find with consistent use that fine lines become less visible, my skin is plump and hydrated and has an overall lifted appearance. Combined with the mud mask, I definitely look fresher and more youthful!

Cushioning Day Cream*: This really is a beautiful moisturiser that I believe would suit all skin types, due to its lightweight texture, which absorbs so easily and quickly, making the skin feel soothed, hydrated, comfortable, but not at all greasy. It uses marine plankton extract, which helps collagen production, helping the skin to look more plump and elasticized. It also contains microalgae, which protect the skin's barrier function, both from internal and external aggressors. The internal aggressors are caused by stress, which produces cortisol - this is not only bad for our skin, but also our weight and adrenal glands. Applying this as a finishing touch is a dream and the plump, hydrated feeling lasts all day.

If I don't have time to apply the mask, my skin still looks and feels so much better from using this array of products, but on a self-care day, I will take the time to apply the mask, as it really does add some extra radiance, decongests and lifts the skin.

Are you a fan of the brand? Have you tried any of these products? Which is the one you'd most like to try? I'd love to hear!

Don't forget that you can save 10% on all full price products on the site using the code SIOBHAN10. Happy Shopping!

Thanks for reading!

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