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Friday 17 February 2017

Cleansing Oils currently on rotation featuring Dermalogica, Nude & Tatcha

I love taking my makeup off almost as much as I love applying it (actually maybe a bit more!) and I always double cleanse in the evenings to be sure that every scrap of foundation/blush etc has been removed from my face. Sometimes I will use a micellar water for my first cleanse but I often find them to be a little too drying on my skin so instead I alternate them with a cleansing oil and today I want to share my thoughts on the three that I currently have on rotation.

Dermalogica Precleanse: Double cleansing has become the norm in the last 5/6 years but Dermalogica have advocated it for a lot longer than that - I first used this around 10/11 years ago when they initially released it and fell in love instantly. It is a light textured oil with a fresh scent and it breaks down every last bit of makeup (even stubborn waterproof liquid liner) without any need to rub or tug on the skin and without stinging the eyes. It is very gentle & effective and perfect for all skin types. I massage it into my skin before adding water to emulsify before rinsing and my skin always feels so soft afterwards. I had forgotten how much I loved this product until my recent repurchase and it has made me want to add more Dermalogica products to my routine as it used to be the only skincare brand I used.

Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil: I got this mini bottle in a set late last year and I'm using it sparingly because I really love it but I can't buy it in Ireland! This is even lighter in texture than Precleanse but is just as effective at breaking down makeup and leaving my skin soft and thoroughly clean but not stripped. This would be an ideal morning cleanse for dry skin. Full review here.

Nude Perfect Cleanse Nourishing Oil: I bought this in a gift set in the January sales and I absolutely love it. The inclusion of Omega Oils makes this a very nourishing cleanser - perfect for dry skin, especially in winter. It is equally as gentle as the other two oils mentioned here but slightly richer in texture so would probably be more suited to normal to dry skin rather than oily. Only a small amount is required to completely break down every scrap of makeup and the result is clean, soft, nourished skin.

It isn't necessary to have three cleansing oils but what can I say? I'm a skincare addict! I love all three and would be happy to repurchase any of them - I will probably buy whichever one I can find a discount or special offer on when the time comes.

Do you like cleansing oils? What are your favourites? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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