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Monday 2 October 2017

Empties & speedy reviews #38 featuring Grow Gorgeous, Omorovicza, Oskia and more!

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It's empties time again and like the previous few months, I have a lot of skincare favourites here. I've been making a concerted effort to use products that are already open before moving on to something new and it has paid off over the last few months. Like my previous post, I am going to divide this into categories of already repurchased, will repurchase at some point and probably wont bother repurchasing so let's get started!

Have already repurchased:

Champneys Heavenly Days Sleep Pillow Mist: I flew through this bottle, but it really works in helping me to get to sleep quickly. It is a great, affordable alternative to This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.

Beauty Blender: I bought the nude version last time as I thought that it might help it to look less grubby from foundation stains, but that wasn't really the case so I've repurchased the original instead. I just love how my foundation and concealer blend seamlessly when I use a Beauty Blender so I can't be without it.

Will repurchase at some point:

Therapie Himalyan Detox Salts: This is an expensive product so I reserve it for nights when I am completely wired but need to sleep! I add a handful of salts to the bath and relax, letting the aroma fill the room. The scent is very relaxing and I am guaranteed to go into a coma-like sleep. I've yet to try any other sleep-inducing bath product like these salts so I will definitely repurchase a refill pack at some point!

Oskia Super 16 Serum: I have raved about this several times on the blog and with good reason! When used consistently, this serum really strengthens the skin as well as nourishing and repairing it. The overall result is firm, bright, plump and radiant skin. I have a few other serums open but this will be a definite repurchase in the future.

Pestle & Mortar Renew Cleansing Gel: I am so pleased that this gel is now available to purchase separately as I really am not a fan of the cleansing balm that is part of this set.  This gel is lightweight and melts into the skin (think Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel with a bit more slip) to cleanse it without stripping it. My skin feels so soft and comfortable after using this. I have a few more cleansers to get through but will definitely repurchase at some point! 

Omorovicza Hydra Melting Cleanser: I love using this cleanser in the morning as it feels really refreshing on the skin. As the name suggests, it melts into the skin and when rinsed, my skin is soft and smooth to touch, hydrated and looks really fresh and bright. The only reason I haven't repurchased immediately is that I am using another Omorovicza cleanser at the moment, but I will definitely repurchase.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients: I'm a big fan of the Grow Gorgeous range, in general, but especially these supplements. These capsules contain a blend of amino acids, hyaluronic acid and biotin. I took 3 daily for 40 days, whilst also using the Grow Gorgeous serum and there has been a noticeable change in my hair. My hairdresser was on holiday when I last visited so when I had my hair done last week, she hadn't seen me since the end of June and she couldn't believe the difference in my hair. She asked me what I was using as she knew that the products must have made the change. I take a lot of medication for long-term illnesses and she knows how it has affected my hair so for her to notice without any prompting proves that these products work. My hair is thicker at the roots and is growing in length too. I will be placing a replacement order a.s.a.p. because I want the positive changes to continue!

Bio-Extracts Eye Contour Age Defying Cream: This should have lasted me longer than it did but I was too heavy-handed with it initially and pumped too much out. I still have a lot of product left in the boosters so I will repurchase this to use with the boosters. This eye cream left my entire under eye area really plump and hydrated and overall, made me look more rested.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner: This sachet contained enough product to cover my long hair from root to tip. I then left it in for around 10 minutes before rinsing and the result was soft, smooth and shiny hair! I'll buy a full size tub at some point.

Decleor Prolagene Energising Gel: It took me a while to see any difference with this product so initially I was unsure if I would repurchase but it is one of those that when you stop using it, you notice the changes. This is a gel product that is used to help accelerate skin renewal whilst also helping to strengthen the collagen in the skin. I used it on my neck, arms and thighs for firming the skin. I will keep my eye out for an offer on this size tube and will repurchase then.

Probably won't repurchase:

Vegan by Dr Botanicals Coconut Rejuvenating Body Exfoliating Bar: I love anything coconut-scented and I did like the exfoliating action of this bar but the reason I won't repurchase is that it broke into smaller pieces too easily and I ended up with around 4 small bars of it in my shower, which was just really messy!

Have you used any of these products? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them! What have you finished recently?

Thanks for reading! 

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All products are bought by me, unless otherwise stated. The Grow Gorgeous, John Frieda, Bio-Extracts and Dr Botanicals products were kindly sent to me. Opinion is always my own.

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