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Thursday 10 December 2020

Tanning drops - which are the best?


Tanning drops - which are the best?, Pestle & Mortar Glow Drops, Tanologist Face & Body Drops, Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops, James Read Click and Glow Gel Drops
Anything marked with a * was kindly gifted to me, without obligation.

Without makeup, I look as ill as I feel, but I don't want to wear makeup every day, so the solution is tanning drops! A few drops added to my moisturiser, around every third night, and I have a gentle glow that lifts my complexion. You can make the tan lighter or darker, by adding more drops, or using more frequently - it's down to personal taste. The key to using any of these, is to make sure that your skin is exfoliated and prepped properly, for an even application. Also, protect your eyebrows, or they might turn a little red-toned. Here's what I'm using at the moment....

Pestle & Mortar Glow Drops*:  I generally love everything I try from Pestle & Mortar, and these drops are no exception. They contain glycerin, so they actually moisturise the skin, while adding colour, whereas some tanning products can dry the skin out. These drops don't really have any scent and are very subtle, so I add at least 5 drops to my moisturiser, before applying to my face and neck for any everyday glow. However if my body is freshly tanned, I could use up to 8 drops, for a more intense tan. Use the code LYMIN to save 20%.

Tanologist Face & Body Drops*:  These drops can be added to face or body moisturiser - if I don't feel like doing a full tan, I'll do my face and neck, and then add some drops to my body lotion and do my chest area. These are quite intense drops,  so I find that I only need one or two drops, for a natural look, and then I build up, if I'm wearing body tan. My only slight con with these, is that they whiff a little bit as they are developing. Use the code LYMIN to save 20%.

Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops: If I had to choose a favourite from all that I've tried, it would probably be these. I tend to use around 3 of these drops, mixed with my moisturiser at night, or sometimes in the morning, if I'm going makeup-free, and after a few hours the tan starts to develop. That amount of drops gives my skin a golden tan, if you prefer a darker tan, just add more drops. Use the code LYMIN to save 20%, unless already reduced, as it is at the moment.

James Read Click and Glow Gel Drops: These aren't in the photo above as I recently finished them, but I really liked the texture of these and the fact that they are tinted as it's easy to see how much you are dispensing. I used anything from 3 to 8 drops of these at a time, depending on if my body was tanned too, or if I just wanted to add a subtle glow. The click aspect was fine as a dispenser, but then to try to get the lid on, it felt like you had to press so hard, that the bottom clicked, which wasted some product. Overall though, I liked the colour these drops gave and will repurchase at some point.

What I like about tanning drops, more than a tanning mist, is that I can control the application. With a mist, it can end up in your hair, but by using drops in moisturiser, application is more precise.

Do you using tanning drops? I'd love to hear your thoughts and your favourites?

Thanks for reading!

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