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Saturday 6 February 2021

Five moisturisers that are perfect for dry skin in winter (plus a bonus product!)


Five moisturisers that are perfect for dry skin in winter (plus a bonus product!)
Anything marked with a * was kindly gifted to me, without obligation.

Regular readers are definitely aware by now that I have very dry skin, but by keeping on top of my routine, it doesn't necessarily always cause me problems. I have curated my skincare stash and know what to do for my skin to keep it soft, supple and plump. Of course, there are times when it needs some extra help - most of my regular readers will know that I have suffered badly since contracting Covid last year - illness, medication and lack of energy/motivation can cause my skin to suffer, but there are some products I know I can rely on to get the moisture back into my skin. Rather than run through my entire skincare stash, I thought I'd share five brilliant moisturisers for dry skin, and one bonus product, that has really helped my skin over the past few months.

Sunday Riley Ice Ceramide Moisturising Cream: I received this in PR last year and have repurchased twice since then because I love it so much!  I think I actually received it in late Spring, but it's more suited to the colder months, in my opinion. I love that this brand sells minis of most products, because you can try without spending too much, and this moisturiser is no exception. This moisturiser is intensely nourishing - packed with ceramides, fatty acids and oils - perfect for dry skin. Given the number or oils, squalane and other nourishing ingredients, it has a rich texture, as you'd expect, however it absorbs so quickly, without leaving the skin feeling greasy - it just looks plump and bouncy. It's a product that I will repurchase very regularly!

Belif The True Cream Moisturising Bomb: Annoyingly, this brand isn't widely available, but I've linked to Amazon (not affiliated). I personally order from Sephora, and this was part of a set at Christmas, so there were some other mini products included. This is from a Korean brand, which feels instantly soothing when applied to the skin. The texture is quite rich, but it absorbs immediately and skin feels supple for hours after application. It is the perfect product to use when your skin is feeling extra tight and flaky, as it instantly feels like a cushion for the skin. It contains Panthenol and Oat Extract - combined, they attract moisture to the skin, but also soothe it. 

AHC Essential Eye Cream For Face: Another product, which I received in PR, but went on to repurchase because I love it so much, and another Korean brand! It contains a blend of collagen, 12 peptides and 7 patented ingredients, which combine to increase the elasticity of the skin, but also leave skin supple and nourished. I (wrongly) assumed that it would be extremely rich and a chore to massage into the skin, but I couldn't have been more mistaken. It absorbs quickly, yet skin feels nourished and plump for hours after application. It's very affordable too.

Banish Vitamin C Creme*: I was sent the complete Banish range last Autumn and a full review is coming soon, but this moisturiser has really stood out to me. As I always say, Vitamin C can be a tricky ingredient, but it's always worth incorporating into your routine, to achieve firmer skin with a more even tone. It also helps to fade scars and pigmentation. The only problem is that it's a notoriously unstable ingredient, so you need to keep using a product once you've opened it, or it will oxidise. This moisturiser would actually suit all skin types, because despite the texture being quite thick, it absorbs immediately upon application (I like to warm it between my fingers first). With consistent use, skin is firm, bright and supple without any greasy feeling. Full brand review coming soon.

Bioderma PigmentBio Night Renewer Brightening Night Cream*: This is a brand that I've only been using for just over a year, but I absolutely love! The products are effective, yet affordable - I did a review on the other products I tried here. It contains salicylic acid, which penetrates the pores, to dissolve any sebum and deeply cleanse them, but it also contains glycerin, squalane and niacinamide, among other ingredients, which balance the skin, so it isn't left dried out, or peeling. It's used after cleansing/serums/eye cream at night, and it leaves the skin feeling smooth and plump and looking bright, with refined pores. Plus, a little goes a long way with it. Another thumbs up for this brand from me!

This Works Evening Detox CBD Booster*: This is the bonus product that I just had to mention! I was kindly sent this last year and I had never used any CBD products before, so I was intrigued, It can be used alone, or a few drops can be mixed with your moisturiser - I vary what I do - I sometimes apply it, then wait a while and layer my moisturiser on top, sometimes, I mix it with my moisturiser and other times, I wear it alone. It helps to protects against environmental aggressors, but it also contains citric, lactic and tartaric acids, which gently exfoliate the skin, while the CBD calms and balances the skin. As soon as I apply it, my skin feels so moisturised, due to the number of oils it contains, yet not greasy. With consistent use, skin feels super soft and looks brighter. I already have a backup! This, mixed with any moisturiser you have, will suffice as a night cream, if you don't want to buy separate ones. I definitely want to explore more from this range.

If you have dry skin, do you switch your moisturiser up for winter? Have you tried any of these? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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