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Wednesday 31 March 2021

What I've loved in March


None of these items were gifted to me.

I'll be honest, March has been a crap month for me. My cats died, I'm still very ill and two very close family members are very ill, with the prognoses unknown at the moment. It's been a tough month, but I'm a firm believer in finding positivity where you can, so I'll share the few things that I've enjoyed this month with you today.

Erno Laszlo Multi Task Eye Serum Mask: I'm not usually a crier but I've shed more tears this month than in the past few years put together! So, I've been using eye masks to soothe my eye area and inject some much needed moisture. I've tried a few different brands, but particularly love these ones. because they are saturated with serum, which tackles both dark circles and puffiness and I've needed help with both! Save 20% by using the code LYMIN on Look Fantastic if you want to try these.

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Room Spray: I love.a room to smell fresh, especially our bedroom, so I've been using this a lot. I always have the windows in the house open, even on cold days (as per Covid advice), but whilst fresh air is nice, a spray like this just adds something extra. It's inviting and it lingers, but it isn't overpowering. It just smells fresh and clean. I'm in love with fragrance in all forms!

Daily Goal Setter: I have a larger Pro Planner for the year, with goals broken down into different time periods etc, but I have found this daily goal setter particularly useful in recent times, because it makes me write down three things that I'm grateful for each day, as well as a daily affirmation. There's obviously room for plans too, but because things have been so tough this month, I have found that having to write down what I'm grateful for on a daily basis, very helpful. It would be so easy to wallow when it seems like one thing after another is going wrong, but I think it's important to look for the good in each day. There is always something to be grateful for.

TV: Again, we've watched quite a bit of TV this month and here are my top picks. They're all on Netflix.

White House Farm:(Netflix) This is based on a true story, which my husband and I always love. It was a 6 part series, documenting the aftermath of what appeared to be a murder-suicide, which happened in England in the summer of 1985. Because the daughter in the family had mental health problems (and was found holding the gun), the lead investigating police officer, decided that she had killed both of her sons and both of her parents, but for one member of the investigative team, some things didn't add up and some family members felt the same way. It's well worth watching, not just because it's true, but it makes you wonder how many other cases police (in all countries) have just wrapped up with the first obvious fit, without truly investigating a crime.

The Trial Of The Chicago 7: (Netflix) Again, based on a true story. This is about seven people who were put on trial for inciting riots during protests against the Vietnam War. The 7 were from different groups and were more interested in peaceful protests than riots. There was an eighth man on trial, but his lawyer was ill and couldn't represent him - he kept speaking about his constitutional rights, so the judge had him removed from court, beaten, gagged and chained. When he was returned to court, both the prosecution and defence teams object to his treatment and the man's (Bobby Seale) case was declared a mis-trial, so he was free to go. The judge overseeing their trial was utterly obnoxious, over-ruling any evidence that the defence produced. I don't want to give too much away, in case you want to watch it, but it is a film that makes you feel something (angry) and any film or tv show that makes you feel something can only be a good thing in my opinion. The sad part is that this trial could still be happening now, despite the fact that this trial was set in the 1960s, not much has changed, particularly the targeting of the black defendant.

The Best of Enemies: (Netflix) Another true story, this is based in North Carolina in the early '70s. The town is very much divided with people of colour being segregated, not served in certain stores, and members of the Ku Klux Klan determined to drive them out of town. When the school that the children of the people of colour attend is set on fire, it is suggested that they attend the school that the white children attend, which leads to uproar. As a result, a mediator is brought into town for a few weeks to host charrettes, and then a vote will be taken at the end of the few weeks. At mealtimes, people from opposing sides must sit together, but cannot discuss the issues. The strong female lead has to sit with the head of the local KKK. Again, I don't want to say too much, as you might want to watch the film, but it shows that humanity and kindness is what is important - not the colour of a person's skin. Again, it's a sad reality that this is not a thing of the past. Whilst the BLM movement garnered great attention last year, I don't see the Asian hate that is occurring, being given much news time, which is unjust and heartbreaking. We must all do better and use our voices.

Criminal: (Netflix) This was previously on mainstream TV but has only recently come to Netflix, as far as I am aware. This is the UK version, but there were also Spanish, German and French versions, all released on the same weekend. All were filmed in the same studio, which is an interrogation room. It's interesting to see how the team decide which tack to take and who should investigate the suspect, based on what they know. Each episode obviously has a different (alleged) crime. It's strange to say that a programme like this is 'enjoyable', but it's interesting to see the tactics used to get the suspect to speak, and the outcome. Each episode is around 47 minutes long and there are 7 altogether, between two series.

There weren't very many loves in this post, but I'm hoping that April will be a much better month. I'd love to hear what you have loved in March?

Thanks for reading!

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