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Wednesday 29 May 2024

The voluminous lash mascara edit

The voluminous lash mascara edit

I used to love having lash extensions because they made me feel put together even when I wasn't wearing a full face of makeup but also because I love the voluminous lash look but I decided at the end of last summer to stop getting them. There were a few reasons for this and initially I was tempted to get a refill but I resisted and started to use a lash serum and within a month my lashes were longer and as time went on, they got curlier too. I've been asked if I'm wearing extensions on several occasions but it's actually a combination of the effects of the lash serum and a good mascara. Today I want to share my favourite mascaras for that full, voluminous, dramatic lash look.

Urban Decay Perversion: I'm very fussy about mascaras and want ones that add volume, don't make my lashes crispy, don't smudge and are easy to remove. I also tend to favour fibre wands rather than plastic. I love how densely packed the bristles are and how the size of the wand makes it easy to get right in at the root of the lash, to coat each one right from root to tip. This mascara layers and builds nicely, without any clumping - it just adds volume. The formula feels nourishing and I love that it doesn't make my lashes crispy but at the same time, it isn't oily enough to smudge. Love it! 

Armani Ecccentrico: Now I know that I've just said that I prefer a fibre wand, but this is plastic. I think I'm always wary that I'm going to poke my eye more easily with a plastic wand but that's nonsense really because you just need to concentrate when using it. What I really love about this mascara is how it curls my lashes, adds volume and length for that false lash look, and my lashes stay looking that way until it's removed. Not a hint of smudging here! I do have to use an oil cleanser or separate eye makeup remover to ensure I remove all traces, but I don't have to tug on the skin, which I would hate to do. This really is a brilliant mascara!

Too Faced Better Than Sex: This has an hourglass shaped fibrous wand, which I love because it's chunky but I can understand why some people don't as it might be difficult to get to the roots. Mascaras can be so subjective because it depends on how big your eyes are, the length of your lashes etc, so for those with very small eyes, this might not be the most precise applicator. I personally love it because it coats from root to tip, adds lots of volume, is buildable although you may need to comb through because it can sometime look a little clumpy but I know that some people like the clumpy/doll eye look too! I don't find it to smudge and it really does bring the volume to the lashes. The name is slightly ludicrous - as if a mascara could ever be better than sex but some brands like the drama in the name as well as the product.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Vast Lash: I adore this mascara (and the brand in general in case you hadn't guessed!) because the curved wand gives the lashes a lifted look, opening up the eyes and it coats every lash from root to tip. It builds nicely to add more volume each time and really gives the lashes a very defined, yet dramatic look. It doesn't smudge or make the lashes crispy and is easy to remove. It ticks all of the boxes!

Iconic London Triple Threat: When I first saw this wand, I despaired and wondered how I'd get along with it because it's plastic but also very slimline and I was sure that I'd poke my eye out with it but also wondered how it could add volume! The key is that it distributes mascara evenly from root to tip and is very buildable, to add more volume with each layer. I can honestly do around 5/6 layers with this without it clumping. The key is to use a zig zag motion with each swipe to ensure that mascara is getting onto each lash. I personally don't wear mascara on my lower lashes because I prefer a clean look to my under eye area, but because this wand is so thin, it would be ideal to use on the lower lashes without the risk of smudging. A surprise!

YSL Lash Clash: I love everything about this mascara - the wand, how it's glossy black (there is also a brown available if that's your preference), it adds dramatic volume and length to my lashes, it holds a curl and it's neither smudgy nor crispy, and is easy to remove. I couldn't think of a single improvement or change that I would make to this mascara. It's definitely not for those who like a natural look!

If you're interested in buying any of these mascaras, my BEAUTYLYMIN code will save you 21% on non-sale items and a little extra on sale items.

Are you a fan of the voluminous lash look or do you prefer a more natural look? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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