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Friday 31 May 2024

Dyson Airstrait - worth the money?


Dyson Airstrait  - worth the money?

As soon as I heard about the Dyson Airstrait, I knew that I wanted it! I already own the Supersonic Hairdryer (review here) and Air Wrap so I knew that the standard to expect. What made me hesitant was the price as I already have quite an array of hair tools but when it sold out in the first release, it of course made me want it even more! When it came back into stock, I ordered immediately knowing that if I didn't like it, it could be returned for free within 30 days, which is a good safety net. But is it worth the money?

The main reason that I wanted the Airstrait is because the hair that I lost after Covid grew back curly at the back and it makes my hair more difficult to manage. Also, washing and drying my hair is very energy-sapping given that I'm chronically ill and have so much hair! I liked the idea of going from wet to dry AND straight with one tool and in a shorter time frame than my usual drying and styling. Added to that, the fact that there is less damage to the hair (I'm going through another bout of hair loss at the moment so am trying everything to preserve it and improve the quality), it was just screaming my name!

The packaging is less elaborate than with the Airwrap, for example. It is just the tool and a heat protectant mat in the box. The plug is very cumbersome but it is what it is and it isn't something that would be put me off using it. It's available in two colour ways - nickel and copper and blue and copper. 

Don't be mistaken, despite the fact that this takes your hair from wet to dry to straight, this is not a set of straightening irons and your hair won't be left frazzled. The plates aren't heated and there is no heat damage, so if you have damaged hair that you are trying to improve, or are easily prone to split ends, this is the tool for you. 

There are three pre-set temperatures - 175F, 230F and 285F, There is a LCD screen so you can see which temperature you have selected and also the airflow. One thing that I wondered about before getting the tool was how I'd get right in at my curly roots at the back of my head. The answer is that you clamp the plates together and this creates a hairdryer, which you use to dry the roots. This only takes a few minutes and then you take sections where you run the plates down the hair and it miraculously dries and straightens at the same time, in only 3 passes of the hair. I was truly astonished that this could happen so quickly!  

It automatically pauses if not in use or put down in between sectioning the hair but restarts with any movement, so there isn't a constant switching of buttons. The copper part of the plate controls the airflow and this guides the air down the shaft of the hair, to create a smooth and sleek look. 

I was wowed by the Airstrait from first use and don't regret buying it in the slightest. It's ideal for my hair and leaves it looking straight and frizz-free, without any bumps at the back where the curls are! It's also ideal for using to refresh a straight style. It's so quick and easy to use, uses less heat and will be better for my hair's condition overall. I do wish that it wasn't quite so expensive, to make it more accessible but I think we're all used to Dyson prices at  this stage! 

For me, there is no question that the Airstrait is worth the money but it really depends on your hair needs and style.

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