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Friday 22 December 2017

Happy Christmas & Highlights of 2017

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Just a quick post from me today to wish you all a very Happy Christmas! I am taking a break for the holidays to spend quality time with my husband and both our families. We will be with my husband's family for a week and then back home to celebrate with my family. My husband is finishing work today until January 8th so I am looking forward to lots of quality time with him!

As it's my last post of the year, I wanted to reflect on 2017 and share some of my personal highlights with you and I would love to hear your highlights too!

We had a new addition to our family at the beginning of this month - my brother and his wife had a baby boy - their third child, and we are all smitten! He is just adorable! I now have 6 nephews and 2 nieces!

Our almost 12 year old cat developed skin cancer this year and we thought she might have to be put asleep but luckily the vet was able to remove her entire ear, along with all of the cancer and she is now more sprightly than ever!

I have been a huge fan of Robbie Williams for years and despite buying tickets for his concerts so many times, I missed out seeing him so many times due to being ill but this year, on the hottest day of the year, I saw him in Dublin! It was an amazing concert - even better than the last time I saw him in 2006. The crowd, the energy, the atmosphere and the music all made for a perfect night!

I also saw U2 in Dublin this summer and it was the best concert I have been to by a mile. We had amazing seats (not that we sat for any of it!) and the atmosphere was electric - there really is nothing that can beat a U2 gig in their home town. Everybody was buzzing and they had the 80,000 strong crowd in the palm of their hands. My husband is a HUGE U2 fan so seeing him so happy made me enjoy it even more! I cannot wait to see them again on their next tour.

In terms of my health, the difference in my pain levels is like night and day. I literally could not put into words how intense my pain was in 2016 and for most of 2017 but since around October, it has decreased steadily and I feel so much lighter and less tense for not being driven to the brink of insanity from the constant and incessant pain. I still have lots of other symptoms but this is huge progress for me.

In terms of the blog, it has grown steadily and I have really enjoyed the whole process. I had a few pinch myself moments when brands that I love and respect contacted me and wanted me to try some of their products and being featured in the Bloglovin newsletter twice was nice too! But I don't blog for those reasons, I blog because beauty is my favourite thing to chat about and the friendships I have developed as a result of blogging is the best thing about it. I know that lots of people say the blogging world is full of drama and bitching but I don't find that. Drama will find you if you look for it but I have found a group of like-minded, supportive ladies and it really is the best part of blogging, without a doubt!

All that's left for me to do is wish you all a Happy Christmas or Happy Holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas. Enjoy the time with your loved ones - eat, drink and be merry! I would love to hear your 2017 highlights!

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