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Thursday 2 August 2018

Customise your skincare with Erborian Lotions and Capsule Masks

Customise your skincare with Erborian Lotions and Capsule Masks

We've all seen how Korean skincare has taken the beauty world by storm over the last few years and one of the brands that I have been really enjoying is Erborian. Last month I was sent some of their lotions and also capsule masks, which I found really interesting because you can basically make your own sheet mask and customise it to provide whatever your skin is craving at that moment.

There are four lotions available and I was kindly sent three: Eau Ginseng, Yuza Double and Bamboo Matte. I'll be honest and tell you that I haven't used the Bamboo Matte because my skin is dry and I like it to glow so mattifying products don't suit it, but I have been enjoying using the other two, particularly in conjunction with the capsule masks.

Eau Ginseng is the one I was drawn to instantly as anything that promises to hydrate the skin and help make it glow, is right up my street. I have used it in two ways: patted into my skin after cleansing and with the capsule mask and I think my preferred method is the mask. I pour the lotion into the capsule to saturate the mask and leave it for 2 minutes to fully absorb the lotion, I personally then add another few drops to make sure that I will get the intense effect I like and then I unfold the mask and apply to my face. I leave it on for around 10-15 minutes before removing and massaging any excess into my skin and finishing with a moisturiser or oil. I find that my skin feels soft and hydrated and looks plump when I use this mask and because I have the mini bottles of lotions, this would be an ideal product to travel with as I can buy another set of the masks for £5. That way I will have face masks and a moisturising lotion without taking up very much room in my toiletries bag.

Yuza Double Lotion: This is a bi-phase lotion with the water phase working to deliver moisture and the oil phase helps the skin to retain water and nourish the skin. It feels really soothing on the skin and I like to pat this into the skin as I would an essence - after cleansing but before serum and I always find that my skin looks brighter when I use it. I actually think that Yuza gives my skin more of a glow than Eau Ginseng and I think that is down to the fact that it's bi-phase as oils suit my Sahara-like skin well. Again, this can be used with the capsule masks but I prefer to use it as part of my skincare regime.

I really love the idea of the capsule masks - sheet masks will never replace a traditional face mask for me but for a quick boost of hydration, they are ideal. I especially like that I can add as much lotion as I think my skin needs on the day of use. I'll definitely be buying more!

Have you tried any Erborian products? I'd love to hear recommendations. Also, do you like the idea of a customisable sheet masks?

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