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Friday 11 January 2019

Cult Beauty exclusive Morphe palettes: 9A Always Golden, 9B Bronzed Babe, 9C Jewel Crew

Moprhe 9C Jewel Crew Review, Morphe 9B Bronzed Babe Review, Morphe 9A Always Golden Review,

If you read my Morphe post last month, you will have seen that I received three eyeshadows palettes, all of which are exclusive to Cult BeautyI already had a large Morphe eyeshadow palette and wondered how these smaller palettes would fare in comparison. I was very pleasantly surprised by the size of the palettes as I thought they would be similar in size to MAC 9 pan palettes, which are tiny but these are a very decent size with 13.5 of product. The packaging is slimline but sturdy and inside the lid is a mirror. For £12, that is a real bonus. 

There are three palettes in the collection, two of which I love and the third I'm less keen on because the formula is different.

Morphe 9A Always Golden Review & Swatches
Swatches unedited. From left to right: Surprise, Myself, Splendid, Brews, Witness, Taken, Connection, Aware, Storm.

9A Always Golden: I think this might be my favourite of the three palettes. I love that there is a matte black as that completes a palette in my opinion. All of the shades are pigmented and they don't all blend into one colour when applied. I cannot emphasise enough how buttery soft the shadows are - they really are a dream to work with - both the mattes and shimmers. I love that there are more mattes than shimmers because it makes it versatile and suitable for both day and night. I personally always need to wear a primer on my lids as they are oily and these shadows crease on me if I don't wear a primer, but that's the case with almost every brand I've tried so I wouldn't really say it was a negative and others may not experience creasing. Overall, I think this is a gorgeous palette for £12!

Morphe 9B Bronzed Babe Review & Swatches
Swatches unedited. From left to right: Sunnies, Hand Ten, Road Trip, Beach Please, Vacay, Now Boarding, Volcano, Midnight Dip, Faux Real.

9B Bronzed Babe: I love the warm toned shade selection in this palette. Again, they are all very pigmented shadows and, apart from maybe two of the mattes, the shadows are as creamy as in the Always Golden palette. The two that aren't quite as creamy are still fine to work with but they are slightly stiffer in texture, but not what I would describe as chalky or powdery. As long as I use a primer, these shadows don't or crease until around the 9/10 hour mark, which is pretty good in my opinion! £12.

Morphe 9C Jewel Crew Review & Swatches
Swatches unedited. From left to right: Rock Our, Rose Quartz, Purple Reign, Fool's Gold, Hidden Gem, Chocolate Diamond, Flecks, Stone Fox, Rich Girl.

9C Jewel Crew: I don't get along with this palette. The texture of the shadows is different - it's stiff and not as easy to work with. Some of the shadows almost feel like they have a film on them and they aren't as pigmented as those in the other palettes and it's uneven. It is a real shame as I like the shade selection in the pan. I haven't heard anyone else mention this so maybe mine was from a bad batch but even at £12, I personally wouldn't recommend buying this palette. 

It's a shame that I didn't find 9C to be of the same quality as 9A & 9B because the formula of those is as good as you can get and more than I would expect for £12 for a 9 shadow palette. However if you're in the market for a new palette or feel like treating yourself but without spending too much, you really couldn't go wrong with 9A or 9B.

Are you a fan of Morphe makeup? Have any of these caught your eye?

Thanks for reading! 

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