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Wednesday 23 January 2019

Sunday Riley Good Genes: Lactic Acid Vs Glycolic Acid

Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Vs Glycolic Acid

I've mentioned several times on the blog over the last 3-ish years, that I am a huge fan of Sunday Riley Good Genes. I repurchased the original Lactic Acid version numerous times but, as I mentioned in my recent Sunday Riley post, Good Genes has been reformulated and is now a Glycolic Acid Treatment. This is because the original formula had concentration and pH levels, which were higher than the EU will allow (the original formula had a lactic acid concentration of 7% and pH of 3), however it is still available to purchase in the U.S. so I bought a backup from Sephora - I knew that my skin would miss it and the new version (with a glycolic acid concentation of 7% with a lactic acid salt of 3% and a pH of 3.5%) wasn't released until October in the UK. I have been using both and want to share my thoughts with you today.

If you are unfamiliar with the difference between Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid, they are both AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) but Glycolic Acid is the stronger of the two, which means that those with sensitive skin and are new to AHAs, should probably start with a Lactic Acid product. You may experience some tingling when you first use acid products but this should lessen as your skin becomes accustomed to them.

Good Genes All In One Lactic Acid treatment is suitable for all skin types and it will improve texture and hyperpigmentation. It can be used as a serum or as a mask - personally, I only use it as a serum as I don't want to wash it off! I love that I can practically feel it eating away at the dead skin cells and my skin always looks brighter and feels softer the morning after using this product.

Good Genes Glycolic Acid treatment is also suitable for all skin types, however those with very reactive skin might want to try to get a sample first. Again, it can be used as a serum or mask, with the former being my preference. Glycolic Acid is a smaller molecule so it can penetrate the skin more deeply to declog the pores and remove more layers of dead skin than Lactic Acid, which in turn diminishes the appearance of fine lines. This product also contains Lactic Acid, Prickly Pear and Lemongrass, all of which combine to brighten, reduce inflammation and clarify the skin. Curiously, I didn't experience any tingling with this product even though it is more potent than the original version.

I decided to use the original formula on one side of my face and the new glycolic version on the other in order to give a fair comparison because I was going to be biased towards the lactic version otherwise (I compare all acid treatments to the original Good Genes because I love it so much!). I didn't experience any redness as a result of the reformulated version and I have to say that it was difficult to see a difference between the two sides initially - both looked bright, firm and with refined pores, I would say that on the glycolic side, my fine lines very a little less visible, but the real test came when I had a breakout due to eating dairy over the course of a week or so (crisps and dairy are both sure to cause breakouts for me but sometimes I just can't resist!). I found that the side where I used the Glycolic Acid Treatment healed faster but also the scar faded more quickly than on the Lactic Acid side.

If you loved the original version and are as gutted as I was that it was reformulated, don't be. In terms of how my skin looks, I have found both to work equally as well - my skin is bright, smooth, soft with minimised pores. I think that the extra benefit of the new version (the speed at which it cleared my breakout and also how quickly the scar faded) is a real bonus and gives it the edge for me. I really didn't expect to like the Glycolic Acid Treatment as much as I do but I am very relieved given that the Lactic Acid version isn't available to buy on this side of the Atlantic.

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Have you tried either of these or both? Which do you prefer? I'm curious to know if a product you have really loved has ever been reformulated or discontinued?

Thanks for reading! 

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