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Monday 21 January 2019

Testing MV Organic Skincare Award Winning Products

MV Organic Skincare Award Winning Products

MV Organic Skincare was founded by Sharon McGlinchey 21 years ago when she wanted to create  toxin-free, organic, but luxury, skincare products.  Based in Sydney, MV Organic uses only the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients. For some reason, this is a brand that I had never tried any products from until recently (I perhaps had some sample sachets previously but not enough to form an opinion) when Cult Beauty kindly sent me a set of deluxe samples of their award winning products. I really like the clean aesthetic of the brand - simple white with silver writing - pretty and functional. These products were winners in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018.

Gentle Cream Cleanser: This cleanser is quite thick in texture but spreads very easily. I had to check the ingredients to see if it contained mandarin as it literally smells like them (but not very overpowering) and I was right. I personally prefer to use it as a second or morning cleanse, rather than a makeup remover, although it does perform well both ways. I massage it into my skin, then wet my hands and massage further before removing with a warm muslin cloth. The result is soft, clean skin that doesn't feel at all stripped. A little goes a long way with this cleanser. Winner in Best Cream Cleanser Category.

Pure Jojoba Oil: This is literally, as the name suggests, pure jojoba oil. It can be used in a umber of ways - as an eye makeup remover that also conditions the lashes, as a makeup remover/first cleanse or as a moisturising oil. I have tried using it all three ways and my favourite is as a traditional oil, however I think that I will take it on holiday as I love multipurpose products that will save space in my wash bag.

Instant Revival Booster: My favourite product from the brand, this can be used on it's own as a facial oil, mixed with moisturiser or in place of a serum. It smells divine as it contains a blend of camellia, avocado, rosehip, jojoba and centella oils as well as Vitamin E and rosemary extract and essential oils of lavender, geranium, bitter orange, sandalwood, rosewood, neroli and carrot seed. It instantly brings the glow and revives the senses. I use this in the mornings, mixed with my moisturiser and my skin feels more elasticized. A little goes a long way but I'll purchase the full size when I finish this. Winner of Best After Sun Treatment and Best Night Time Treatment.

Energising Mineral Mask: This mask is in powder form so you add some to water and a booster, if required, to form a creamy mask, It is then applied with the Facial Mask Brush. It is advised not to let the mask dry completely so I spray a mist over it to prevent that happening as I find that if I don't, it will dry and become tight within five minutes. This is a nice mask for a quick boost and deep cleanse - skin looks fresh and radiant afterwards but I personally wouldn't say that it's ground-breaking as I have other masks that give more effective results. It's not bad but not amazing, Winner of Best Face Mask- Natural.

Rose Soothing Protecting Moisturiser: This is a very thick moisturiser so I personally find it best to warm it slightly in my hands before applying to my face. It is definitely soothing and it was very much appreciated the morning after I overdid it on a retinol product that I am using, which left my skin a little tight and dry. Generally, I prefer to use this at night but it is too rich for daytime use even on my Sahara-like skin. It smells beautiful (if you like roses) and leaves the skin very nourished and soft but unless you have verrrrry dry skin, this is likely to be too rich for you. Winner of the Editors Choice Award.

For anyone with reactive skin, this brand would be a great choice for you. I think that the cream cleanser, jojoba oil and instant revival booster would suit most skin types but if you find essential oils problematic, it would be best to try to get a sample first. On my dry skin, the products are very soothing and calming, which is very welcome, particularly at this time of year when battling the effects of the cold weather and central heating etc. 

Have you tried MV Organic Skincare before? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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