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Wednesday 3 April 2019

Elemis Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask & Night Recovery Cream-Oil

Elemis Peptide Thousand Flower Mask Review, Elemis Night Recovery Cream-Oil Review

Elemis is a brand that I used very regularly for around 3/4 years but when I started blogging,  I began exploring more brands and some old favourites took a back seat.  In recent weeks I have been using some products from the Peptide4 range, which is made to target the look of tired skin to help you achieve a well-rested glow. It's honestly the ideal line for me, given that I have a chronic illness, am permanently exhausted, with tired looking skin but always in search of a glow! There are three products in the line and I've been using two.

Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask: The texture of this mask is surprising, given that it contains peat - Nordic Peat, to be precise. Usually mud/peat masks are quite rich and heavy in texture, but this mask has more of a mousse feel to it. It also contains Brazilian Black Clay, a Yeast Peptide and a Willow Complex, which is comprised of Violet Willow from the U.K. and Black Willow Bark from the U.S. The mask feels cooling and soothing on the skin upon application and it doesn't dry out completely or get tight in the way that peat/clay masks usually do, during the 15 minute time period that it is on your face. The ingredients give a gentle exfoliation, whilst also revitalising the skin. When it's removed, skin looks calm and clear, less inflamed, plump and radiant and it also feels soft and smooth to touch. This is the perfect pick me up when skin is looking dull and dehydrated.

Peptide4 Night Recover Cream-Oil: This is much lighter in texture than the name suggests so I think that all skin types would get along with it. It combines the nourishing benefits of a cream with the protective benefits of an oil. It is designed to work with the body and skin's circadian rhythm where repair and renewal happen at night. It contains Perilla Seed Oil and Elemis' exclusive Night Scented Stock Oil alongside a host of other oils (jojoba, coconut and orange peel, to name a few). The morning after use, skin looks bright and radiant and as though you've had eight hours sleep - even if you haven't!

I personally love to use the mask in the evening and then follow up with the cream-oil for a double whammy at times when I look particularly wrecked but I also find that using the cream-oil consistently gives the best results.

Available from ElemisLook FantasticBeauty ExpertDebenhams and Feel Unique.

Are you an Elemis fan? What's your favourite product from the brand? I'd love to hear!

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