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Tuesday 30 April 2019

The skincare wipe that is the exception to the rule: Omorovicza Peachy Micellar Cleansers

Omorovicza Peachy Micellar Cleansers Review

To remove my makeup, I like to use an oil cleanser but when I have eyelash extensions applied, I cannot use very oily products on my eyes as it would loosen the lashes. Instead, I use a micellar water to remove my makeup and eye makeup, in particular. It can be tricky to find a micellar water that isn't drying, which is why I don't use one all year round but I have two options that are effective and non-drying and I want to share one with you today: Omorovicza Peachy Micellar Cleansers.

Each pot of Omorovicza Peachy Micellar Cleansers contains 60 discs. Each disc is soaked in a micellar solution, which is extremely gentle on the skin. The solution contains olive oil ester (which attracts makeup, grime, oil etc), damask rose flower (which soothes and regenerates the skin), Omorovicza's patented Healing Concentrate™ (which hydrates and nourishes the skin) and a subtle peach and patchouli fragrance.

I use one disc to remove all eye makeup, including brows and another to remove my base makeup (I use both sides of the disc to ensure all product is removed). If you only have SPF on, one disc would suffice. I personally am not a fan of traditional wipes as they are generally very drying on the skin and make my eyes sting but these micellar discs couldn't be more different. They are so gentle that even my watery eyes love them and they are also really effective in removing all makeup.  It's important that you follow with a thorough cleanse afterwards to ensure that you skin is cleansed, rather than just removing your makeup.

My skin feels really soft and not at all tight or dry when I use these discs to remove my makeup. The scent is very subtle but I like it and it doesn't make my eyes water. These discs are especially convenient for travelling as you don't need to take cotton wool pads and a separate bottle of micellar water.  It's important to ensure that you close the lid tightly so that the pads don't dry out but there is also a seal inside the lid, which I have left on instead of ripping off entirely to help keep the discs moist. 

As with all Omorovicza products, these Peachy Micellar Cleansers are pricey at £35 for 60 discs, but if you have sensitive skin and struggle to find a makeup remover that doesn't sting or dry out your skin, then you will love these!

Do you prefer using an oil makeup remover or a micellar product? I'd love to hear!

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