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Thursday 6 June 2019

Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Vs Cover FX Gripping Primer

Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Vs Cover FX Gripping Primer

To prime, or not to prime? That is the question. Well, not really - I always prime but I know that some people think it's a faff and an unnecessary step. I have been known to remove my foundation and start again if I realise that I haven't primed my skin. I just find that my base products apply and sit more evenly on primed skin and also they last longer. I have dry skin so I don't normally have to worry about the longevity of my makeup, but sometimes foundation can either break down or sink into fine lines or areas of dry skin unless the skin is primed. I have regular favourites that I always go back to but I was very intrigued by two new primers that were released in the last few months and ended up buying both - completely unnecessary but I knew that if I didn't like them I could pass them on to friends. Turns out, I love both! I'm hoping that we get a heatwave like last summer (fingers crossed) and if we do, these primers will be in huge demand and your best friend because they are designed to help your face to get a grip and make foundation budge-proof! I'm talking about Milk Makeup Hydro Grip and Cover FX Gripping Primer.

Milk Makeup Hydro Grip: This is available in both 10ml and 45ml bottles. 45ml is pretty generous as most primers contain 30ml of product. I love that it's housed in a clear bottle so that I can see when I am nearing the end. It has a pump dispenser and a gel like texture so it's easy to control how much you dispense. What intrigued me most about this primer was its claim to hydrate the skin but also extend the wear time of base products. Usually, primers aim to do one or the other, but not both so I wondered how well it would work. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid, aloe water, cherry blossom and B vitamins and it feels cooling and hydrating on the skin. I like to leave it for a minute or so before I apply my foundation and it really does feel like a smooth, velvety soft canvas. I have tried a number of base products with this primer, from a light skin tint to a full coverage foundation and each and every one applied beautifully over it and every single one has lasted for a good 10-12 hours without any breaking down or sinking into fine lines. There is no doubt that this primer grips foundation and while it does feel hydrating, it doesn't necessarily make the skin look plump. It also doesn't do anything for pores so if they are a major area of concern, you may want to combine it with another pore-filling primer. It works just as well with dewy finish foundations as it does with matte ones. I think that all skin types would enjoy it.

Cover FX Gripping Primer: There is 30ml of product in this tube. I quite like tube packaging so I can squeeze every last drop out. The texture of this primer is thicker than the Milk one so a little goes a long way with it. It feels tacky on the skin and also feels firming - like your skin has been gripped (hence the name). The key to making this primer work is to apply the primer in the normal way - spreading over the face and then to pat it into the skin. It's essential to do this because foundation won't apply evenly over it otherwise. I find that using a brush to apply foundation doesn't work over this primer, it has to be a beauty sponge whereby you can bounce foundation into the skin. Once you get these things right, foundation is literally budge-proof/glued to the skin but it doesn't look flat, it just looks fresh. Again, this primer doesn't blur pores (they also have a blurring primer if that's your main concern) but it certainly lives up to the gripping claim. I honestly think that I could leave makeup on for 24 hours, using this primer and it wouldn't budge. It's not just that it's gripping, the firming factor is something I really love - it makes skin look a little tighter and that is always a good thing once you pass the age of 30. All foundations last well over this primer (as long as you apply the primer correctly and use a sponge to apply the base), also concealer applies really well, which is a real bonus if you don't like to set your concealer.

I have worn these primers on each side of my face to compare them and while I love the hydrating feel of the Milk one, the Cover FX has the edge for me because of the firming effect. I would recommend both. The Milk one is easier to get hold of at the moment and the travel size is a real bonus. I can see myself using these all throughout the summer months - here's hoping for some humid weather to test them further.

Have you tried either of these primers? Do you want to? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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