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Wednesday 14 August 2019

Gallivant Los Angeles - a new and unique unisex scent!

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Regular readers might remember back in May (here) that I spoke about a new fragrance brand called Gallivant. In fact, I loved one of the fragrances so much that it made it into my best discoveries of 2019 so far post here. There are a number of reasons that I was drawn to this brand - the name, for starters. My Granda used to always ask me where I was going gallivanting at the weekend (or basically every time he saw me because he thought I had a hectic social life!). To me, gallivant is a happy word describing a fun night out. Secondly, I love that the fragrances are names after cities, with each fragrance capturing the heart of that city and transporting you there because scents instantly remind me of a certain time or place in my life. Thirdly, the fragrances are all travel friendly, in 30ml bottles. And fourthly (although I could go on!), the brand is mindful of sustainability so although they favour natural ingredients, when it is better for the environment, they will use nature-substitute synthetics. Today sees the release of the latest fragrance addition to the line up, which is Los Angeles and I want to share my thoughts on it with you today. What's even better is that I have a discount code for you on the Nomad Sampler Set and if you buy this set, you will then receive a £25 discount off a full size bottle of fragrance. (Not affiliated) Keep reading for the discount!

I have never been to Los Angeles so I was excited to try this perfume as Gallivant aim to capture the essence of a city in a bottle. The owner, Nick Steward, wanted to capture the city as he feels it - exciting, colourful, dramatic with lots of movement and the sense of new beginnings. So how does this translate into a fragrance? It's described as being sultry, smoky and woody, cooled by a marine breeze. Like I said, I haven't been to L.A. (yet!) but I can imagine the sea breeze, the woodiness and freshness of the Hollywood Hills and the zesty fruity scent of cocktails. This fragrances certainly captures my attention and fuels my imagination.

The top notes are eucalyptus, clary sage, mandarin and pineapple - fresh, zesty with a hint of sweetness.

The middle notes are narcissus and tuberose, which is a creamy, rich floral combination.

The bottom notes are musk, heliotrope, guaiac wood, nagarmotha and cade - these combine to give a very smoky, woody depth to the fragrance.

It is a very unique scent because it is rich, yet fresh. It smells quite smoky and woody when first sprayed yet it dries down to a fresh, yet spicy scent after a few hours, while still maintaining some woodiness. I haven't smelt anything similar before and I would definitely describe it as unisex as both my husband and I have worn it. I can smell the woody/smoky notes more strongly on him whereas on myself, it's the freshness that I notice more but not in an aquatic kind of way.

Describing scents is no easy task so I am hoping that I have done this fragrance some justice! Like I said earlier, I have a special discount for you on the Nomad Sampler Set, which contains vials of six Gallivant fragrances, plus they are going to add a sample vial of the new Los Angeles fragrance and there is also free U.K shipping. To receive a 20% discount on the Nomad Sampler Set, which will reduce the price from £25 to £20, use the code BLY£5offnomad at the checkout. This is a brilliant set because you get to try seven fragrances (including the new Los Angeles scent) for only £20 plus you will receive a £25 discount off any full size bottle of fragrance of your choice. This is not an affiliated code - the brand kindly offered to give a discount as a treat for my readers. If you travel regularly or just want a fragrance that is different from what is on the high street at the moment, I highly recommend trying this set. This discount code is valid for one week only - ending at midnight on August 21st so don't delay if you want to avail of it!

Does this sound like a fragrance that you would enjoy? I'd love to hear!

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