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Friday 6 March 2020

Dr Jart overview & giveaway

Dr Jart overview & giveaway,
This is an unpaid ad as these products were kindly gifted to me.

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Dr Jart is a brand that was on my radar for a few years but, for some reason, hadn't tried until early this year after being kindly gifted some products before Christmas by both Cult Beauty and Look Fantastic. I was sent two of some of the products so I decided to do a giveaway of a set of minis - keep reading until the end on details of how to enter!

This K-Beauty brand has a range of products for all skin concerns and the one I was most interested in initially was the Ceramidin range as I have very dry skin.  One of the sets that I was sent contains a Ceramidin serum, Ceramidin liquid, Ceramidin cream and Ceramidin Facial Mask. As with many products designed to replenish dry skin, the cream contains shea butter, which my face hates so I couldn't try that but I did give it to my mother who adored how soft it made her skin feel and has asked me to order a full size for her. The serum is the perfect product to use in winter months as it really nourishes the skin. It is packed with ceramides, which replenish the skin and make it feel instantly comfortable and calm. It helps to reinforce the skin's barrier function, which in turn protects the skin and encourages moisture retention. I find that it sinks in instantly and other products layer well over it without any pilling. I have been using this serum with the liquid layered over it to further nourish my skin (patting it into my skin as I would an essence) before moisturising. This combination keeps my skin calm, nourished, plump and happy. As I said, I can't use the cream but this duo, combined with any moisturiser will make a huge difference to dry, flaky skin. The mask is perfect to use on particularly parched or stressed out skin and it's also ideal to use after using an acid treatment or mask or if you've overdone the retinol as it calms, hydrates and nourishes the skin to leave it feeling soft and plump and looking healthy. It would be ideal to wear on a long haul flight and at £5.50, is pretty good value, given how effective it is.

For those who suffer from redness or inflammation, the Cicarepair range is the perfect choice. My skin is prone to inflammation but I think a lot of people can suffer from redness in their cheeks at times, sometimes as a reaction to a product, sometimes to medication or if the skin's barrier has been compromised. The Cicarepair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum is lightweight and has a very subtle green tint, which counteracts any redness when applied. It also instantly cools (perfect for irritated skin), due to the centella asiatica (also known as Tiger Grass, hence the name) it contains. This serum also contains a combination of chlorophyll, yarrow and houttuynia cordata, all of which aim to repair the skin and protect the natural barrier. If you have easily irritated skin, you will love this serum. Also in this line is a Colour Correcting Treatment, which is also green-tinged and can be worn alone (after moisturiser) to tone down any redness, or under makeup as a correcting product. I personally find this too drying for my skin but I have very dry skin so I think those with oily, normal or combination skin would probably enjoy it.

I love how lightweight the Peptidin Firming Serum is - it doesn't feel sticky or greasy and products layer well over it. It is packed with nourishing and firming ingredients but rather than finding that my skin looked firmer, I found that it made my skin look bright and plump. It doesn't feel like it has a tightening or lifting effect so if you are looking for a product that will actively firm the skin, this might not be it, however if your skin looks tired and dull, this is one to try.

Because my skin is dry, it is naturally dull so I was eager to see the effects the Peptidin Radiance Serum would have. The texture is very lightweight and watery so it absorbs instantly and layers well with other products. It feels slightly tacky but there is no pilling with other products. It contains Peach Flower Extract, which contains Vitamins A and C - both brightening ingredients, as well as an eight-peptide complex so the result is nourished and bright skin. This is one that I plan on buying a full size of. 

Those with really parched skin will love the Vital Hydra Solution Sheet Mask. It is saturated in hyaluronic acid, xylitol, algae, niacinamide, aquaxyl and more. This is a soothing, calming and extremely hydrating sheet mask, which is perfectly to use if your skin is feeling particularly dehydrated or after an acid or retinol treatment to inject some hydration. Massage any excess serum in after use and then lock it in with moisturiser.

Dr Jart Giveaway

Now on to the giveaway! You can win a Ceramidin Trial Kit, which has three trial size products from the Ceramidin range. To enter, you simply have to leave a comment telling me which of the products you most like the sound of and also comment on the Instagram photo. All comments will be assigned a number and I will ask my husband to choose a number/winner next Friday (13th). The giveaway is open internationally to those 16 and over. You must also be following me on Instagram and Bloglovin. Those who unfollow will be disqualified. Please leave your Bloglovin and Insagram usernames in the comments also.

Thanks for reading! 

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