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Monday 23 March 2020

Jo Malone Lavender & Musk Pillow Mist - is it really that special?

Jo Malone Lavender & Musk Pillow Mist Review

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As regular readers will know, I am a massive Jo Malone fan and I am also a big lavender fan as it brings so many happy memories of my Granda's garden as a child. He used to give me some sprigs to put under my pillow to help me sleep or to put into my handbag to make it smell nice. I then planted a lavender bush on his grave so our connection with the plant has continued. That's why this Jo Malone Lavender collection instantly appealed to me. There are three fragrance combinations in the collection, a diffuser and a lavender & musk pillow mist, which I could't resist buying as I'm a sucker for a pillow mist.

The pillow mist is housed in the same classic cream and black boxed packaging as other products from the brand and it came with free shipping and a free mini vial sample of a cologne. As I said earlier, I love the smell of lavender but I did wonder how it would combine with musk, but it pairs beautifully as musk is a soft scent. Combined, they create a relaxing scent. While I wouldn't say that it's overly potent and overpowering, it does seem a little stronger than my other pillow sprays so what I personally like to do, is spray it on my pillow and duvet around 10/15 minutes before I intend on getting into bed so it has time to settle. 

The pump action allows for a fine mist so it is evenly distributed and the scent is so beautiful that when I get into bed, I instantly relax and unwind. It really does make my bed feel like my happy place. This is especially important at the moment when anxiety about the Coronavirus and the uncertain future can really affect sleep.

This certainly isn't the cheapest pillow spray on the market, at £25 for 45ml but then again, Jo Malone is a luxury brand. It would make a gorgeous gift for someone and, as the cheapest product in the Lavender collection, a nice way to try something without spending too much. The only problem is, I love it so much that I now want the diffuser for my bedroom!

I am tempted to buy the Wisteria & Lavender Cologne - could there be a more exquisite combination? I wish that I could get into a store to smell it but all of the main department stores are now closed for the safety and health of everyone. 

Do you like the scent of lavender? Does this collection appeal to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading! 

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