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Wednesday 8 April 2020

Pixi Hydrating Milky Range Review

Pixi Milky Range Review
This set of products was very kindly sent to me,

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My first experience with the Pixi Hydrating Milky Range was the Hydrating Milky Mist, which I repurchased several times after it was first released around 4 years ago. I loved how it hydrated my skin and left it feeling very comfortable and plump, so when I received this extremely cute PR set, which includes six products, I was so excited to try the rest of the range! Now that I've had the products for six weeks, I'm ready to share my thoughts. By the way, this range is vegan.

Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover: This is a bi-phase product, which means that you need to shake it well to combine the ingredients. It has a press down (I'm sure there's a better term) dispenser, so you just need to press a cotton pad over it a few times to soak the pad. For such a gentle and soothing product, this is very effective at removing even waterproof liquid liner. It contains coconut extract (which nourishes the skin), probiotics to balance the skin (read my friend Dr Anne's post on the use of probiotics in skincare here) and oat extract, which is what soothes the skin. I have to say that for some reason, I didn't have huge expectations for this makeup remover as I like to wear liquid liner and lots of mascara. I do have to rub a little but I don't feel that I need to tug on my eye area, which is something I don't like to do as I do everything I can to preserve the elasticity in the area. This product gets a definite thumbs up from me as it removes my makeup, is gentle and doesn't leave my eyes looking cloudy or feeling irritated, if anything, they are soothed.

Hydrating Milky Cleanser: The first time I used this cleanser, I used far too much product and really didn't like it so the key with this is to use only a small amount. The face needs to be damp and then the cream is massaged into the skin, if you have a Foreo, you can use this or else just massage with your fingers, before rinsing thoroughly. It's an unusual cleanser because it's very rich in texture, yet feels gentle on the skin and it doesn't require lots of repeated rinsing to ensure there isn't a film on the face. When rinsed, skin feels soothed and very clean, yet not squeaky clean (a.k.a. stripped!). It contains coconut, probiotics and jojoba, all of which combine to soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin. I wouldn't say that it's as nourishing as a cleansing balm but it certainly isn't drying on the skin and remember - a little goes a long way.

Hydrating Milky Peel: This is a very gentle exfoliator, which is said can be used daily, however I personally wouldn't as I prefer an acid toner, plus those with sensitive skin may find daily exfoliation is too harsh. After cleansing, a small amount of this is applied to the skin, then left for 2-3 minutes. Before rinsing, you gently massage it into the skin. Skin is left soft but it's very gentle and more suited to those with normal or very sensitive skin rather than those who have very textured skin or are used to acids. It's not one that I would personally repurchase.

Pixi Milky Range Review

Milky Tonic: This is said to rehydrate the skin after cleansing but I'm using it after acid toning, to balance and rehydrate my skin. It contains oat extract, which is definitely a soothing ingredient, green tea, which has antioxidant benefits, and jojoba milk, which is hydrating. I swipe this on with cotton wool pad. I have to say that whilst it is soothing, I don't find it particularly hydrating. I think I prefer their Rose Tonic.

Hydrating Milky Serum: This was the product that I was most excited to try and, unfortunately it's the most disappointing product in the set, in my opinion. I use a hydrating serum daily, even if I am using another serum too. I love a silky, liquid serum but with this one, there are a number of problems. Firstly, the dispenser - it gets clogged easily, next is the texture of the product itself - it doesn't work well with any other serums and it doesn't seem to actually absorb into the skin and then pills when other products are layered on top. The ingredient list is impressive in terms of hydrating ingredients but, in my opinion, this is a product that require more work to make it more user-friendly and effective! A no from me.

Hydrating Milky Lotion: This contains shea butter so I can't use it on my face. Given how often I am washing my hands, I decided to use this as a hand cream and body lotion, instead. It's quite thick and takes a while to absorb so I couldn't imagine using it on my face even if it didn't contain shea butter. A no from me.

As you can tell, I have mixed reviews on this range. There are some products I might repurchase and others that I definitely wouldn't. I am a big fan of Pixi, in general, and think they are the best brand in the mid price range. 

Have you tried any of these products? I'd love to hear your thoughts?

Thanks for reading! 

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