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Thursday 2 April 2020

Omorovicza The Cure - new skin in 9 days?

Omorovicza The Cure - new skin in 9 days?, Omorovicza The Cure Review
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Regular readers will know that if I had to choose just one skincare brand to be my ultimate favourite, it would be Omorovicza. I have written so many posts on the brand (here) because it just suits my skin perfectly and long before I ever received PR from them, I was purchasing their products and continue to do so. What I always say about the products is that they are very gentle, yet very effective so even those with sensitive skin (like me), can enjoy using active products. What I also love about the brand is that they don't just keep churning out products - I find that a lot of brands do that and as a result, nothing feels special anymore and I get brand fatigue. Because of this, when Omorovicza have a new release, I am genuinely excited and I have to say that when I started to read about The Cure, I was instantly intrigued. Could I really transform my skin in 9 days? Well there was no better time to try it than when in isolation, feeling really ill and on heavy meds - those circumstances would certainly put it to the test! It claims to restore luminosity and vitality to tired, stressed and dull skin....

Omorovicza The Cure - new skin in 9 days?, Omorovicza The Cure Review,

There are three stages in The Cure, with each ampoule to be used at night. The ampoule is easy to break the tip off and you then dispense the product into your hands before massaging into cleansed skin, leaving to absorb and then following with your moisturiser of choice.

Obviously with such powerful claims, the ingredient list has to be potent! Days 1-3 aim to Resurface & Brighten the skin so they contain a blend of glycolic and mandelic acids and proteolytic enzymes (derived from fruit) to exfoliate the skin, with the aim of leaving it brighter and smoother. I found that after using the first two ampoules, my skin felt a little rough but this is part of the exfoliation process. The morning after the third ampoule, it felt much smoother, even and my pores were less visible. The main place where I would get some congestion is my chin and this was much improved too. I didn't experience any irritation or redness despite the potent blend.

Days 4-6 aim to Renew & Revive the skin.  The ingredients include Sandalwood, Ginseng and Caffeine, blended with Omorovicza's Thermal Healing Concentrate™- this healing concentrate is featured in all products from the brand and it is why the products suit my skin so well as it helps to soothe my skin so matter how active the other ingredients are. At the end of these three days, my skin felt firmer and looked very even in tone. The only negative is the formula as it was tricky to dispense from the vials as it was a little more dense in texture than days 1-3.

The final three days, 7-9, aim to Reconstruct & Replenish the skin. The oil formula was an an absolute treat to massage into the skin, I really looked forward to my evening skincare routine. It combines squalane, which really nourishes the skin but it also includes fig, kahai nut and chia seed oils, which strengthen and restore the skin's barrier function. It also contains raspberry seed oil, which increases the elasticity of the skin. There was enough in each vial to cover my face and neck and I let it completely absorb before applying moisturiser.

During these 9 days, I kept the rest of my routine very simple and non-active. I used a mild cleanser and in the morning, there were no acids and my usual hydrating routine. I wanted to really see and test The Cure. Now you have to bear in mind that I'm really ill at the moment and have been for 6 weeks (on top of my usual Chronic Lyme),  and prior to starting this, my skin was grey, dull, showing signs of fatigue and you could clearly tell by looking at me how ill I am. Even with all of this in mind, The Cure transformed my skin - it was left glowing, feel soft and supple and it made me look like I was sleeping really well. Only two people saw me during this time (as we're in lockdown) but both kept telling me that I was looking so much better (even though I was (and am) still feeling rubbish). I knew myself when I looked in the mirror that my skin was glowing and that I looked so much better than when I started. When skin is plump and elasticized, it looks younger so it certainly banished signs of fatigue and restored luminosity. I can 100% say that it lives up to its claims. I would absolutely loved the brand to release the products that are in days 7-9 as a standalone product as I'd use it daily.

Omorovicza is a luxury brand with matching luxury price tags. The Cure is priced at £195, so it's not something that you would buy without putting much thought into however, if you can afford it, it is totally worth the money. It would be ideal for brides who want to glow on their wedding day or for mothers of the bride. If budget allows, it would be ideal for new mums who want their skin to look good while living a really hectic life as it also removes the need for a number of products. I also think it would be a really nice treat post-illness when skin is really not looking it's best.

If you use the code PERFECT on the Omorovicza site, you can save 5% on all orders before the end of May.

Alternatively, there are some new Wellness bundles on site at the moment that offer amazing value. The Wellness Bundle is worth £153 and is priced at £125, which contains six products - some full size and some deluxe travel sizes. The Wellness Collection is worth £283 but is priced at £235 and it contains six products, which are mainly full size. During the lockdown, it's important to do things that make you feel good and taking care of my skin is always going to be one of those things so if you feel the same and want to spoil yourself, any of the sets mentioned in this post would be a real treat!

Also available from Cult Beauty.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this 9 day treatment? Is it something you'd like to try? 

Thanks for reading! 

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